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  1. Angel, Love your name :) My heart goes out to you lovely. Your Doc sounds like an a******, I would defiitely be transferring. I wouldn't put up with that. You know how you feel and your body is your best guide. I'm saddened to hear your Doc was that rude.. :( Hang in there, and if you're interested in the metaphysical aspect of dis-ease, look up Louise L Hay's spiritual interpretation of dis-ease. The thyroid is all about 'when is it going to be my turn?' Hope this resonates. Take care xxx
  2. Flashquish, I'm intrigued, that the meds seem to help with your dep, OCD and panic, but not the anxiety? I thought panic was worse thana anxiety, and that anxiety normally coincided with OCD. How do you not experience panic but experience anxiety? Just curious :)
  3. Hi there, You have very good insight. I personally think a 60% reduction is pretty good, however it's up to YOU and how YOU feel. Meds definitely help, but it also requires a change in the way we talk to ourselves, possible lifestyle changes we may need to make, and willpower. For me medication takes my anxiety down A LOT, but they don't help me with depression, that is a process I need to work on myself... an inner journey that medication cannot alone help with. However, the anxiety for me is the biggest and hardest thing to control without medication (just the way I'm wired I think) so the medications help take my anxiety from about a 8-9/10 to a 0. I'm currently taking 20mg of escitalopram, because I've just recently been through some very stressful situations. I'm normally on 10mg. Hope this helps, Amanda
  4. PERFECT, COMPLETELY AGREE. Sorry to hear of your pain and grieving. This advice is priceless though. I would be looking up the 7 stages of grief too, see if this helps Hugs, Amanda
  5. What is it you really want to do? Can you work less hours and still manage financially? You're very welcome, I'm happy if it's helping :)
  6. P.S. I take 20mg lex, at first it made me reeeeeally tired, like in the first 2 weeks, but I was also dealing with pregnancy , which totally contributed to my fatigue. Go see your GP, and if they are any good, will help. You could change meds but I'd personally take tiredness over excessive anxiety any day and I think lexapro (which is the same as escitalopram), is a really effective medication!
  7. Yes. Get your iron levels checked. 10mg of lex is a low dose, and though it can make you feel more tired this normally subsides after your body has got used to the medication. 5 months is awhile, I shouldn't think this would be making you more tired. I would have blood tests just to find out how your thyroid is functioning, as well as iron levels, both of which can contribute to tiredness. Also, remember this. Depression literally stops us in our tracks. It is so we can STOP, REASSESS, and if necessary MAKE CHANGES. We cannot do these things if we are still running a million miles an hour (if this is our normal pace, as mine is when not depressed, lol). Hope this helps, take it easy, rest more.. And remember, depression does drain you physically. Plus you are working, i presume full time? That's enough to make even non depressed people tired! Hugs, Amanda
  8. Hey there, if effexor was working, why the switch? I would go back to your Dr and ask to be changed back, explaining that you've had no relief. 10 weeks is long enough to know whether a medication is helping. Hang in there, Hugs, Amanda xx
  9. Hi there, I have spent many years experimenting with different natural remedies. I am a qualified reflexologist, aromatherapist and massage therapist, and I can honestly say massage is wonderfully relaxing, and beneficial for not only the physical body but the emotional/mental body as well. Reflexology I find even better for anxiety, stress and general wellbeing. Regular treatments is key, if you can afford them and find a good therapist. I have also experimented with several diets, herbal remedies and the like. I resisted medication for years thinking that if something was natural it was better. I have learned this is not necessarily the case. I now find a healthy balance between natural and orthodox works for me. I take medication for my anxiety/depression as it helps to readjust my brain chemicals which get way out of whack when I'm under stress.. Also being a woman I know my hormones affect how I'm feeling, so the medication helps balance everything out. I still however get regular gentle exercise, try eating well, take some herbal/mineral supplements as and when required (ensuring they do not contraindicate my medication, and give myself reflexology treatments and use essential oils. When I get a full time job I will try and get regular reflexology treatments as they make me feel better. Hope this helps, sorry if it's a bit muddled, my heads in a bit of a fog. Please PM if you want more info Hugs, Amanda xx
  10. Hey guys thanks so much. I do.enjoy music especially while walking. I love music actually but what I need to do is things with my hands.. im a real kinesthetic learner and just need the distraction of using my hands to distract myself and shift my focus I tried knitting once but found it really hard. I would love to paint just random stuff as I'm not overly artistic. I love reading and writing but find with my brain fog as bad as it is right now reading anything is a challenge. Still I could get back into it if I found some good books. Id also love to learn the piano. I'm a massage therapist, among other things, and found when I was massaging full time at a day spa it was a fantastic distraction. . Thoughts melt away. Thanks heaps for your help, keep the ideas coming :)
  11. Hey guys, i just wanted to know what you all use as coping strategies for getting through the daily grind of depression. How do you handle losing your brain and not being able to think straight? How do you continue on without being sure you are even making any progress? Any ideas/ tips/ advice appreciated. Hugs, Amanda xx
  12. Ella, You sound like a gorgeous girl (and you are, cause I can see your pic :) ).. Lovely to meet you.. I too can totally relate to how you're feeling. I go through severe, intense episodes of depression and am currently experiencing one right now.. they normally last a year or so. How were you diagnosed with asperger's if you don't mind me asking? How does this affect you/ your life? You play the piano, oh my! I've been wanting to learn the piano for aaaages! But firstly, I don't have one. And secondly, I can't afford to buy one lol. Can't really afford lessons either. I am thinking about buying a keyboard and going from there.. What coping strategies do you have in place for your depression and anxiety? I too feel very lonely and find that depression on a whole is a very lonely, isolating experience and no one can understand it unless they've experienced it before I can totally 100% relate to the fact that no one would know I was feeling like this unless I told them, I hide it well. I think that's actually a plus because if we walked around and went to work expressing exactly how we felt day in and day out, it wouldn't be a very pleasant experience for us or anyone else. I think it's good that no one else can tell, that way, people think you're ok and managing, which is a very good thing. The alternative could involve people telling you you need to get help, and thinking you're crazy, which wouldn't be nice. I hope this post is a little helpful, and if not, I at least want you to know you're not alone :) Hugs, Amanda xx
  13. hey there, whilst I don't suffer from an eating disorder myself, I do binge often, particularly on sweet food, esp lollies! Please don't be so hard on yourself or condemn yourself based on the result of a test! Depression etc often causes us to seek comfort in the form of food. Go easy Amanda xx
  14. Wow, I like this very much :) Yeah I agree with you 100%. While I sometimes find it hard not to think about the fact I have depression and wallow in it I do still try to do the things I want to do, and if I don't know what I want (whic happens often), I just go with the flow and try to stay involved, active and engaged in life. What an awesome attitude, I like this! Do you find you just spontaneously get better, without realising at the time ? Or without knowing why exactly?
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