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  1. Thank you Trace very very much for your thoughtful reply! my problem is that it's a small school, and there are only a few girls in the class, which form this group. so she doesn't have the option of making other friends unfortunately. They tend to ignore her, not be mean to her, which tells me that they don't dislike her, but don't care for her. I think it's that she's not as outgoing as they are, so thought that possibly she could learn that? I don't know really Thanks again Maryam
  2. Hi everyone! My daughter has all her life loved socializing and being around people, she's been among a group of girls since 2nd grade (she's in 4th now), lately, she seems sooooo depressed, so when I had a heart to heart talk with her, she told me that the girls in the group are excluding her, they team up with eachother and leaver her out, they have playdates but never invite her, she tries so hard to join in their conversations, but they don't pay much attention to her, they care about eachother's feelings but not about hers. just a background on her: she is 9, chubby, extremely naive and pure, kind of quiet, I think those facts may contribute to their not liking her. I've been suspecting that, since some of her teachers told me that they felt she didn't really belong in the group. she is becoming more and more isolated from them, playdates became less and less until they disappeared. she is so very depressed, especially that her joy of life is to be around people and to socialize. when I was a child (and until now), I've had a hard time blending in groups. usually everyone talks and I'm the listener, so I never really had a social life, I don't get invited often, but I do well in one to one relationships. I talk well when with just one person, and so does she. I suspect that I have mild Aspergers because of my social issues. it never really bothered me too much, since I'm a loner and enjoy myself's company. but that doesn't apply to her. I don't really know what's different about her personality which makes it hard for them to accept her, but I need advice on how to teach her to become likable, and should I speak to her friends or have the teachers speak to them about her? or would that harm her more? I would appreciate any help/ advice. Thanks for reading :) Maryam
  3. Hello everyone! I am a single parent of 2 children 11 & 9, I've had an extremely down period, my thoughts are so mixed up for some reason, and one thing that I find very strange is that lately, every single decision I've made has turned out to be wrong! and also every dish that I've cooked was a failure! I end up spending my time blaming myself and can't get my mind out of the blame cycle. anyone been there? any thoughts? Thanks for reading :) Maryam
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