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  1. I'm not sure, that is a possibility. I remember paranoia at lower doses, but now I just feel downright anxiety.
  2. I've been taking Prozac for 3 years, started on 10mg, went to 20mg, and now i've been on 40mg for at least a month. I went from 20mg to 40mg because I was feeling no positive effects whatsoever, and so my doctor wanted to start by increasing the dosage. On 40mg, I feel completely insane. No appetite, increased anxiety, etc... I'm meeting with my doctor this week to wane off it, it's making things worse. Anyway, my concern is that although they're all slightly different, should I even try another SSRI? I've been looking into Zoloft and Lexapro, things like that, but they're so similar to each other, I just don't even want to try anymore. What I really need is a prescription of Valium, as this always helped me considerably. (I suffer from both Depression & Anxiety). Any opinions or similar experiences? I'd love to come back some day saying "Yeah Prozac only made things worse for me but medication X was really helpful!" Thanks in advance for any responses. :) -- Angoisse
  3. This is true to some extent for everyone dealing with a mental illness, we all tend to focus on the negative, which usually comes from the past. That's why living in the present moment is so important.
  4. In the words of Rafiki: "Oh Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it." But in all seriousness, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. My depression is worse in the morning, as everyone's different. At night I feel at peace, safe under the blanket that is the night sky. Stars have always given me hope. I also keep busy on the computer, play games, etc... When you're stuck in a negative thinking cycle, keeping your mind occupied for long periods of time is a very good solution. :) Keep us updated. We're here for you :) --Angoisse
  5. What medication did you end up with? just curious :) Sorry to hear about all this, I'm going through a break up too. It's hell :( --Angoisse
  6. Anyone else just feel amazing after crying? I don't cry often, it takes a lot to get me to cry. But once I do, I feel so much better, and at peace.
  7. Brain Fog -- Absolutely! After months of depression and anxiety, I feel out of sorts, unreal, and even my vision starts becoming affected. It's a bit derealizing, but I'm usually able to get out of it. Brain Fog is most likely a result of low-self esteem, which is a part of your depression. It would go away if the depression would!
  8. I'm 18, have a lovely girlfriend, caring parents, and I'm studying Linguistics at a Uni, and I suffer from both depression and anxiety, as of 3-4 years. It's on and off. Just thought I'd share cause we seem pretty similar here. I empathize completely with your symptoms, only mine include anxiety too, so I never feel relaxed, I worry all day, and the physical symptoms are borderline unbearable. Today was a lot better though, I've slowing been re-training my brain, thought wise. I try to catch myself when I'm in that "negative thinking cycle". Also, I take 40mg of Prozac, which I like to think helps. I've taken valium in the past for my anxiety, and it really helped. Something I haven't done in a very long time which I plan on restarting soon is meditation, it's probably the key for beating mental illnesses, and it's just being overlooked, but that's just my opinion. Just thought I'd share. :) -- Angoisse
  9. Yes, I've been there! Some things that really help me are: 1) Valium - I don't like depending on medications, but it can make all the difference depending on how bad your anxiety is. 2)Meditation - There are too many benefits here to count, it makes you relaxed, happy, and in control of your thoughts and feelings 3) Exercise - When I'm producing too much adrenaline, it's important I give it somewhere to go! 4) Socialization - I hate socializing when I'm depressed/anxious, but when I force myself to do it, I usually feel a lot better! I've beaten this completely in the past, to 100% cured. Only reason I'm back now may be due to my medication (40mg Prozac, and no Benzodiazepenes). Good luck in all your endeavors, from what you say, you seem pretty strong. Take care! -- Angoisse
  10. Sorry to hear about your struggles. Like AquaViolet said, we can't diagnose you. But we are all here for you in all the support you need!! One thing you can always do is just familiarize yourself online with the symptoms and causes, and if they line up, it might not be a bad idea to see a doctor. Best of luck!
  11. Hey Barak, I've never been on any MAOI's, just SSRI's. From what I've heard, they do have those limitations as you already know, as well as side effects, just like any other medication. Some people really find that when nothing else works, their MAOI "saved their life". I do think that MAOI's have a more powerful effect than SSRI's/TCA's. etc.. But just remember that it's a medication, and it can't solve all your problems!! Take Care, -- Angoisse
  12. Depression and Anxiety are a dangerous mix. When the anxiety leaves, you're depressed, when you're depression leaves, you're anxious, etc... All of this comes from the vicious cycle of anxiety/depression. We often want a "quick fix", wanting things like "I wish there was a simple and fast solution which will permanently delete my anxiety!" The unfortunate reality is, this sort of wishful thinking only adds fuel to the fire. We are too "in our heads", we are producing copious amounts of cortisol, and it seems like there's nothing we can do about it. Well let me tell you something: Anxiety is curable. There are so many things that help. 1) Psychotherapy 2) Medication 3) Self Help and Alternate Treatments I can't diagnose or treat you, I am not a doctor, but I DO deal with anxiety, and I've beaten it in the past. I can PM you for additional help if you'd like. I'm here for you. This is curable. You aren't alone :) --Angoisse
  13. There's actually been talk of blood tests that can be done to see whether or not one's depression stems from a physical/chemical imbalance, or simply a poor thinking habit/cycle. Kind of exciting to think about! In the mean time, just remember that either way there's a lot of things you can do to help yourself, and we're all here for you of course. :) <3 -- Angoisse
  14. The simple desire for things to have order and organization is certainly 100% normal, and shows little to no indication for OCD. I will say that women as opposed to men seem to care more about how things are arranged, it's simply brain chemistry. Remember that none of us are able to diagnose you, and that it's important to see a mental health professional if you feel like it's something that's interfering with your day-to-day life. This may seem like overly given advice, but professional help is nothing to be ashamed of! A fuller list of symptoms might also be needed in diagnosing you. Best of luck <3 -- Angoisse
  15. Absolutely! Especially since morning's can be more difficult.
  16. Zoloft, like any SSRI medication, can be used off-label for a number of anxiety disorders, although it could unfortunately increase anxiety in some patients. For me, I take a similar SSRI fluoxetine, and have been considering taking Zoloft for depression/anxiety. I'll have to do some more research on it, best of luck! --Angoisse
  17. Now as much as the title of the topic may have caught your attention, this of course is not genuine desire of mine. The point I wish to make here is that, right when I finally start feeling not so bad, and I start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel -- depression/anxiety set in. It's if though my mind is saying "You sure you want to escape, only to be here again some day?" I guess in simple terms, I'm unable to let go of my mental distress for fear of relapse and poor thinking skills. Any one have any advice or relation to this topic? Just curious! --Angoisse
  18. Maybe it's agoraphobia, but I hate the idea of being out and having a panic attack or something scares me!
  19. I seem to be in a very unsure place. I've been suffering from obsessive thoughts, but not for that long. For this reason, I put "not sure".
  20. My girlfriend tickling me :) It's the little things in life.
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