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  1. Thank you for the replies... For me its like this... My fiance has had her fun and battles in the past. She knows many people both guys and girls. Everyone in her family has noticed the HUGE change she has made since being with me. This makes me feel very good about that, but my past in relationships has been horrible. Every girlfriend i have had has cheated on me and that hurt leads me to think that my fiance will do the same. She constantly checks her phone at txts or Facebook. I found myself trying to see who it was she was txtn or what profile she was looking at. She noticed it also and confronted me about it. She says she would never cheat on me. Keep in mund that we are getting married and have spent a good amount of time and money on preporations. Like she told me, " if i didnt love you, you think i would be planning this wedding or have gotten my dress already?' She also works out with a group of mostly guys that she says are friends... I look nothing like these guys and i get intimidated by what they have that i dont. I mentioned this and her response was " what guys and girls are there is the least of my worries". Its not that i dont trust her, I dont trust them. (if that makes any sense). We used to see each other everynight, but that has now changed to mainly weekends due to work schedules. I do love her with all my heart and i cant wait to be her hubby, but i know that these insecurities that i hold have been pushing her away... We argue over stupid stuff mostly cause I ask her something that does not need to be asked. Please help me.... Our wedding is in May, and Im just wishing and praying everyday that we will last. thank you, Steve
  2. Bizarro, This was a couple of weeks ago when that incident happened and lately we have been doing good. She said what she needed to say and moved on from it, i was the dumb one that started it all by telling her that dream. After really sitting down and thinking about it, im very lucky to have someone like her that puts up with me and still wants to marry me after all that i have put her through. That really changed my thoughts on to finding help and changing my ways we can both be happy and have a long lasting marriage.
  3. Hello, Just wondering on how to get rid of insecurities in a relationship. Any one else deal with them and if so what did you do that helped out? Thank you in advance, Steve
  4. I apologize for not responding sooner, but i have been busy. As for the wedding plans, everything is going smooth, but these thoughts still hit me.we have talked about these thoughts and she assures me that the things in my head will not happen... I had a dream the other night that she was pregnant and we had a baby, but the thought of the baby not being mine hit me... I asked her about it later that night and she was very upset that i would ask such a thing... She says i bring up the past alot and she doesn't like that, she has had a rough past with drugs and thank god she has been drug free for 6 years... She doesn't mention anything else about her past, however i have seen and heard about the guys she has dated in the past and it scares me to death that someone will come along and take her away from me even though she has assured me of this not happening... Plz help
  5. Hello, As the title says. Next year I am getting married to the girl of my dreams. I love her with all my heart and from the time I met her I knew she was the one.... However, with my history of being hurt by ex's, I have that thought in my head that she will do the same. She has assured me that it would never happen, but just the thinking about it makes me hurt. I should also note that I have had a history of depression that was settled for quite awhile until my father passed away this January 3 days before my birthday. Am I the only one that has these feelings at times? How can I rid of these thoughts? I thank you for any and all suggestions to rid these thoughts. Thank You, Steve
  6. Thank you all... This girl that i speak of is really the only one that i've told about my depression and she is the only that actually gives a d*** and listens. My own family doesn't know about any of this cause I know that if I tell them, all they will say is "its all in your head"... I spill my guts out to her and she is always there with arms wide open waiting, something i havent had in a long time. It feels good to actually have someone that cares and listens and wont make a big deal out of the way i'm feeling.
  7. Does anybody else know what they want in their life? I know that i want to be married and have kids and i feel that I have met the girl for that. She makes me very happy when we are with each other, but she says she is not ready for a relationship... I have the gut feeling that she is the one for me. I have never met anyone like her before... All the relationships I have had in the past have ended with my heart broken and with this girl, I feel she will never put me through that pain. She says she cares for me just as much as I do for her. I just feel like I'm trying my hardest to move to a relationship with her but nothing is happening. I respect her and am patiently waiting until she is ready... I feel that there is no other girl that would make me happy such as this one.... What does everyone else think?
  8. Tracy B, Thats exactly how i feel as well. It really hurts to put your all into a relationship just to have your heart smashed and stomped on. I admit that some things were not perfect but not every relationship is. I have tried to move on and open myself up again, but It like my guard is up cause im truly afraid to get hurt again. I've been really trying to keep myself occupied, such as playing baseball again, but baseball only lasts so long. I get home and the pain and hurt slowly starts coming back.
  9. My head is spinning so much right now with all that going on... I try to be a good person but it seems like it goes unseen or ignored. Monday night i was at my breaking point not knowing what else to do with myself...
  10. So last night i had probly the worst nightmare i've had in a while. I had shot myself and i saw my own funeral. Why am I getting these dreams so often and so heavy?! its driving me crazy
  11. Ivy, Yes, I used to spend the night with my ex quite a bit, but I never was lonely when i would leave. She used to fall asleep in my arms with her head on my chest. She said she felt so safe in my arms, but yet she dumos me. As for the nightmares, im not on any meds at all... Just my mind going crazy i guess.
  12. Once again, thank u all for the suggestions. If anybody can help me on this... Couple of nights ago I had those worst nightmare I've ever had. In the nightmare I ended up shooting myself...I've never had thoughts of suicide and this totally freaked me out. Any ideas for that being in my nightmare?
  13. Thank you all for the suggestions. I've been having very intense dreams/nightmares as well. Some are so realistic that i wake up sweating or in tears. I'm really not sure what the cuase of all these are but they are some of the most intense I have ever had, and i'd really like to end these.
  14. Ok, That makes me feel better about taking them. Since its available over the counter I would prefer that. Thank You
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