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  1. -20C when I got up at 6, now at 10am -18.5C , sunny, calm and wall to wall blue sky. It's absolutely perfect (until you go outside).
  2. I did not sleep well last night, so today I feel tired and bummed out. I see a lot of people on here with the flu and being tired is a bit selfish of me. Like the doctor on TV says, take plenty of fluids, get rest and call me in the morning. I truly hope you are all feeling well again soon.
  3. Hope it's time to say "Well done"! Good to hear that it went well! Keep up the good fight! A walk is always good for us! You are a blessing saying such things, Jim Bow! (I really mean it) ! ............... For to morrow I will make may main issue to get out and start at my daily walks again. Health and physical activity often go hand in hand. Because of Jim Bow's wonderful intention I will try to smile to every person I meet ... Best wishes to all! Hi everyone. Yesterday my yoga instructor informed us that the hardest part of a yoga pose is the smile. Today I am going to smile! :)
  4. rac2011. Your list is good I agree with Trace, don't take on too much at once. My "push" is "personal fitness". Maybe that could work for you by keeping active. If your depression is persistent then you should seek medical or professional help. I suffered for years not knowing what was wrong with me. At least you have an idea what you are up against. Mental health is like physical health, sometimes you need medication and therapy. Actually, mental health is physical health. If your brain has a problem then it will spread to the rest of the body. You need to take care of your whole body. Body, mind and soul. I am a Christian, I believe in karma too. I practice yoga and that helps my soul. Yoga also helps my body and mind. I think I am rambling on a bit, but good health is a package deal. Sign up for yoga and give it a try. I am not sure if you are male or female, either way, yoga is for everyone. When you do yoga you will feel beautiful and that's a great feeling! Put "feeling beautiful" at the top of your list. Take Care!
  5. Hello astryr. I agree with Trace, take a list. Make your list obvious. Take a pencil or pen and check off the items as they get covered. Take notes on any recommendations. If you are like me, once you leave the office the whole encounter seems like a weird dream or something you can't completely remember. I think this happens to me because of nerves. I add to my list as I think of things for the next appointment. I actually use my iPhone and make my list right in the calendar. I hope this sounds like a good idea for you as it sure works for me. Especially if you have something like sexual problems that are hard to talk about. If it's on the list it is hard to ignore. I'd rather talk about the weather than my problems, so you can see how this works for me (the weather is not on the list). Good Luck!
  6. Meironne, I am sorry for your stress-full situation. I lost my father last year to a stroke he had 7 years prior. I am truly sorry your Mom is not well, and especially for the grief it is causing you and your Dad. Please consider going to your therapy session. I think it would be good to talk to a professional and get an understanding of what you are feeling. I am no expert on any of this but from my experience you need support now for the long haul. I wish you the very best. I will pray for you and your family. God Bless & Take Care!
  7. lipstickdreams, I take a list to every doctor appointment I have. In fact I have a psychiatrist appointment today and I have the list on my iPhone calendar. Also I gained weight on Luvox over a 2 year period so I can relate to your anguish. See if there is anything your doctor can suggest to help you lose weight. Depending on your circumstances maybe an alternative Medication can be tried, especially if you are not happy with the psychiatric results you are getting. Different meds work differently on different people and it takes some trial and error to find the right prescription. With regard to gaining weight, I can offer some ideas that might help. In my case my willpower is ZERO against eating junk food. If I have junk in the house I am 100% sure of eating it. Start with buying healthy food. Don't buy junk, buy vegetables and fruits, when you have a craving grab an apple, orange or celery. I have been able to shed a ton of weight by changing my diet. I lost over 4 lbs (2Kg) on a 3 week trip to Asia. Some of their food was gross (icky), but the stuff I liked was actually healthy. I am no expert so do your own research but I have a theory that white is bad. White bread, flour, sugar, salt.... If your doctor gives the OK try joining a gym. I see overweight to morbidly obese people at the gym I attend and I applaud their courage to step up to the challenge. It is NOT easy. Losing weight is NOT EASY. I remember that every time I eat. I was diagnosed as being obese. I changed doctors, medications and eating habits. I am now at my ideal weight. It took about 3 years to achieve. It was not easy nor was it cheap. Hmmm, sorry for the rant. Take a list and a pen or pencil to stroke off the items on the list. Make the list obvious. The doctor has seen lists before. Don't leave before you have checked off everything you want to cover. I get so nervous at a doctor my blood pressure jumps and my mind goes blank. The list is my reality check. Good Luck and take care of yourself.
  8. This is a good test to review occasionally, thanks!
  9. addict1968, It's best not to look at the side effects list of a drug as that will cause worse anxiety. Keep an eye on how you feel and even keep a journal. Some adverse effects go away as you become accustomed to the drug. Hope you are feeling like new soon. Take Care!
  10. Hi JCKustom. I think any illness can bring on depression. The body as a whole is a complicated ecosystem that nobody really understands. My depression is worse when I have other physical problems. Hope this helps, Take Care.
  11. Rik_Head_Black_Dog In my unofficial non-expert opinion as a mental health patient I would say you need to wait a bit longer to be sure Citalopram is not working. If it doesn't end up working for you that would not rule out other SSRIs from working. I think 4-6 weeks at full dose would be an appropriate time to expect improvement. Take Care.
  12. Mysticmiki what dose are you on? I'm on 60 and it sure doesn't help me sleep.
  13. AquaViolet, my daughter did that lots during school. She was (and still is) a perfectionist. I think the stress off success and being a genius is very hard on her. I didn't realize that thumb scratching (until raw) was a mental health problem.
  14. I recognized my depression later in life and I am currently getting treatment. I think I have achieved all of my earlier expectations and dreams. When I look back it seems like it was easy, but in reality it was not. I created unpleasant times for my family because of my mood and anger for many years. I'm sorry I did not get help sooner which would have spared my wife and children (and me) some not so pleasant memories. I think they survived my times of rage and anger but I feel guilty just the same. With treatment and faith I know I will do better. How this will all roll out in my future is a mystery. I have dreams of travelling the world. My plan is to stay healthy and active so I can fulfill my dreams for the future.
  15. I was raised Roman Catholic but got married in a Protestant church. Since I don't subscribe to RC doctrine on birth control I don't attend RC church either. I think there are pros and cons to almost every church and the cons mostly keep me away from formal worship. BUT I do have a deep faith in Christianity which helps rule my life. I think all religions worship the same God so I am happy for anyone who believes in a supreme creator. God bless everyone!
  16. Hardwood everywhere except the bathroom where I would have tile. Carpet is a haven for dirt, dust and allergens. Achoo ! As for comfy warm feet, I stay with sox, slippers. It's easier to chase dust bunnies with a vacuum on card flooring.
  17. Addict1968,I don't know where you live, but, it may take a long time to see a psychiatrist. In my case it took over 6 months and I was already in treatment with my GP. I wish you the very best when you do get an appointment. I remember my first appointment with the psychiatrist, it was a bit intimidating. Forms to fill and the feeling of being seen in the office by someone. The uneasiness all goes away. Get help and you will not regret it Take Care!
  18. mankinduk. I know the feeling you described as I have hit bottom after my last two vacations. In my cases there was a lot of jet lag with 14 hours of time zone change. Also I had returned from tropical beach vacations to arctic winter conditions and short daylight hours. It takes me a few weeks to get my body clock back to normal but I got very depressed during that time. I don't know how to prevent this problem other that not coming back Seriously though, I would also be interested in hearing other opinions on post vacation depression. I think next winter I am getting a light box to help fight SAD it might help with post vacation depression blues. My psychiatrist has already suggested a light box for next winter. After returning from vacation this year I stayed active at the gym and yoga. I also avoided napping during the day, and spent as much time as possible in the sun. I take an antidepressant already so I don't know what more I could do.
  19. I am recovering from surgery. I hurt physically but feel pretty good mentally. I think my physical discomfort has helped me forget about my mental health issues. Sometimes dwelling on my anxiety and depression feed the problem. I have no guilt today when I sit around and relax.
  20. imaman. Way to go! Sounds like you are having some tough times. I would like to let you know that there are people that care for you. I hope you can get help soon and get your job and life back on track. Take Care!
  21. What a blessing to have 32 years with the love of your life. I wish you many many more. Lindahurt Lindahurt thank you very much. I appreciate you caring thoughts. Your testimony of your wonderful relationship with your wife will bless many. We need to hear things like this. Lindahurt Thanks! :)
  22. You have what truly matters, Crazyguy. And I wish you ongoing happiness. I have not been ready to be in a meaningful relationship for some time. I
  23. You have what truly matters, Crazyguy. And I wish you ongoing happiness. I have not been ready to be in a meaningful relationship for some time. I
  24. What a blessing to have 32 years with the love of your life. I wish you many many more. Lindahurt Lindahurt thank you very much. I appreciate you caring thoughts.
  25. I've been married happily for 32 years. Despite my recent mental health there is nothing changing our commitment and love for each other. We have 2 great children, 2 great children in law and 2 perfect grandchildren. I wish for everyone to have such a wonderful loving family.
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