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  1. juebug01 I'm on cynbalta too. I've been on it for 2 years and its been pretty good so far. I can honestly say I feel like a different person. That is good! BTW I just went from 60 to 90 mg and it seems to be working better again after suffering from depression in February after returning from vacation. Good Luck!
  2. It takes a long time for your body to get accustomed to the cymbalta. I felt better immediately which was great. In general any anti-depressant should be given a couple of month for a chance to see improvement. That may even be a couple of months at full dose. I'm sure the guy that invented this stuff never tested it on himself :)
  3. Missme How long have you been taking Cymbalta? I've been on it for 2 years and I find it has helped my memory and concentration. Maybe you are confusing the depression symptoms with the Cymbalta. You will need to be on the drug for at least a month before you can really judge, and I think it took even longer to reach full benefits for me. Good Luck.
  4. Hey all you rainy day people! I'm getting sunshine and I would love to send some warm rays through cyberspace! +14 today and +18 tomorrow means the snow :snowunsure: is almost history in Saskatchewan Canada. How many of you have tried Light Box Therapy? I'm curious how it works for DF users. I'm planning on getting a light box by the end of summer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Meirionne, you have a very pretty name. You have people like me that care for you. I'd love to share my sunny day with you! I feel great and hope I can make your day better. I hope you feel better soon.
  6. T on C Sorry you got denied Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. Lawyers disgust me, I'm not sure what to say but you have my thoughts and prayers. I'm beaming you some good karma ------->>> ((((T on C))))
  7. jul, welcome. Depression hurts! I don't know how mental illness causes so much physical pain. I have experienced every ache and pain known and behold it was all caused by depression. If you like Monty Python then you are confirmed as mentally ill! lol I wish you a speedy recovery. You are a lucky woman to have God and a loving husband. You are better off than you even realize! Take Care!
  8. Anthony, welcome! This is a great place and I wish you the very best. Congrats on being clean! There's lots of help on DF. If you feel like you are losing the battle please get professional help. In my opinion mental health issues should not be dealt with alone. I hope you at least have a reliable friend or loved one that is there for support. Take Care!
  9. Vanessa, welcome to DF. You sure have it together dear! I am so glad you're getting the help you deserve. You can be my friend any day! Take Care and God bless!
  10. Golden77 welcome to DF. You are definitely having a bad time. I have a relative that shares your problems of getting pregnant and having miscarriages. It's very heartbreaking and emotional. This may seem like a lame idea, I hope you don't think so. Have you ever though of volunteering at some sort of community organization for impoverished or disadvantaged people? I have found that no matter how bad my life may seem to me, it is unbelievably better than many people that live in my community. If you can get your mind off of your own problems I am sure that you will find yourself in a better situation. You may also help some needy people along the way. If this sounds like a good idea to you please talk to a clergy member of your church, hospital volunteers or community organizations for ideas on how to help others while helping yourself. Keep in mind that only a few hours a week is enough to make a difference. Best wishes and take care!
  11. Hi conneticutmom and welcome to DF. My wife put up with me for a long time before I got the help I didn't know I needed. I had anger management issues according to my wife. Turns out I have mental health issues alright! Depression and anxiety. I've been on meds for 4+ years (I think) and I am a new guy. If someone told me I had psychiatric problems I would probably have laughed. It sounds to me that your husband is in denial of his needs. It took me a long time to find the meds that work for me, and even now that I have found something that works it's still evolving. Some guys hate doctors and it doesn't help if the first prescription doesn't work as expected, or has some bad or especially sexual side effects. I am, and always will be mentally ill. I am prepared to take medication for life if needed. This could be the same case for your husband. I hope you can some how get him to see the light, to see that he needs treatment. I don't know how you will accomplish this. Would your husband go for counselling with you? You have a lot at stake and guys can be stubborn. If he won't go for counselling as a couple you need to get help yourself. Do whatever it takes! I hope he gets help and I hope that you can get your life and relationship back on track. Take Care!
  12. Pandora7704 welcome to DF. There are a few tests you can take to rate for depression. On DF there is the Zung depression test. Check it out and see your doctor. Kindest regards!
  13. Bsummers. Welcome to DF. This is a great place for information. It's also an awesome place to find comfort and support. I hope you find the warm fuzzy feeling that is lurking on these pages! Take Care!
  14. Hi Reckener11, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. You have been through a lot and losing your job is a real heart breaker. It sounds to me like you have a pretty good handle on interpreting your feelings and emotions. I'm no expert but i would suggest that you seek professional help through your family doctor. Depending on where you live and the availability of mental health care, maybe your doctor could recommend some form of treatment. God bless and please take care of yourself.
  15. HeartALot1 I am a guy as my avatar name would suggest but I am NOT crazy! I hope I can help you with some of my personal experiences below. I can tell you both depression and medication can both cause a man erectile dysfunction, as well as decreased, or, no desire for a person that he truly loves. That does not necessarily mean that's the problem in your situation. There are times that I've had no desire, or, no ability. I have also experienced the inability to climax. These things are not really predictable, nor are they always consistent. They're definitely always frustrating. Human sexuality is initiated by your brain's action involving hormones. If one link in the chain of command is broken then the results can be disappointing. Quite often fixing one thing with medication can break the chain of command somewhere else. In summary, when any, or all of these things happen to a guy it can be devastating to his self confidence. Add performance anxiety to the mixture and it's pretty much a mess. If any of the above is your guys problem then he needs to speak to his doctor. Thats about as difficult as taking a viagra prescription to the female pharmacist. Love is complicated and it's sure not easy. I hope it helps!
  16. Stupidly, after this event, I took him back as I did not want the guilt of his death on my hands. This was in January 2011 and I remained fully aware for the rest of our relationship that it was built on fear rather than of true love. In September 2011 I started university and almost immediately met my current partner. I felt real honest love (if it truly exists) for the very first time with this guy, the response and chemistry was instant for both of us. He is smart, ambitious, funny, good looking and caring. I finally found the courage to break it off with my first boyfriend, and although he struggled, and is still struggling with his issues of depression, he seems to be getting over the break up. However- something inside me has snapped, and I have now become someone who is a stranger to myself- a monster. This began in December 2011 after enjoying a happy couple of months with my new boyfriend whilst adjusting to university life. Whether it is dealing with the trauma of being constantly anxious over my ex's welfare or the pressure that comes from leaving a loving home to move to university, I don't know. All I can say is that all the light and meaning in my life seems to have been switched off. Time seems to now pass in an absolute blur- I can't believe we're halfway through March. I have no interest whatsoever in things I used to enjoy... reading, socializing with friends, watching Coronation Street, going to the pub with my dad...even spending time with my boyfriend. I have spent the vast majority of every day for the past four months feeling like a zombie, not wanting to socialize or engage with anything. If I can go two or three hours without crying, it's a miracle. What is even more difficult than dealing with the overwhelming sadness is dealing with the complete lack of happiness or anything joyful. For example, the love I have for my boyfriend seems to have completely disappeared- even though he is an amazing guy who before all this kicked in felt as if he'd set my world alight. I wake up next to him nearly every morning and feel absolutely nothing. The only times I manage to feel anything at all is if he takes my mind fully off it by distracting me, and even then I will remind myself of my anxiety after about five minutes and the emptiness returns. It has got to the point now in everyday life that I feel as if I am just a shell, merely existing and not actually living- I have no hesitation in saying I feel half dead. I cannot take enjoyment from life any more at all, the world seems so grey and pointless. My faith, which before all this was pretty strong, has now all but vanished. I just feel like I would be better off not here at all, I am simply a burden on others. My thoughts are constantly racing and I have had to deal with some pretty bad existential crises, that have been so stressful that I have broken out in hives. I simply don't know what I'm doing here anymore. I feel like all this is a terrible nightmare and I can't seem to wake myself up. firstdayofmylife I would like you to know that real honest love does truly exist! Sometimes it takes a long time to recognize when you are absolutely with the right person. I remember (after many years of marriage) that it clicked - I had 100% for sure married the right woman. Up until then I had always been pretty sure. Sounds to me like you are going to get the help you need, the help to get back on track. I'm pretty sure once you get things straightened out that you will feel back to your normal self. You sound like a very smart young gal and I wish you the very best for a speedy recovery back to the life you enjoy!
  17. Ixrayu06 welcome to DF. Proactive is good when it comes to looking after yourself. It took me (and my doctor) a long time to figure out my problem. Funny thing is, you listed many of my symptoms. I had body aches in places I didn't know I had! Good Luck!
  18. msheartdg. There's 863692 topics? No wonder I'm confused. Here I thought it was my age! lol Welcome and best wishes!
  19. WalkingDead Welcome to DF Frank. I like the fact that exercise is on your list as I think it's under-rated! In fact, you have a few excellent points listed before "medication". Take Care!
  20. 31Springs. Welcome to DF. I also take Cymbalta and it has proven to be pretty effective for my depression and anxiety. I wish you success in your treatment. Keep us informed!
  21. Twitchy. You are very fortunate to have such an observant doctor and understanding husband. I am very happy that you are able to receive treatment, and I sure hope it is effective! Mental illness can definitely have genetic links from what I have read. I think everyone would like to know the answer to "why me?" God only knows why, whether it be mental illness or cancer or multiple sclerosis or sudden accidental death. I have depression and anxiety and I am not underprivileged, unemployed or divorced. I live in a community where the wife of one of the most wealthy entrepreneurs sufferers from depression. We are talking multi millionaires. Depression and other forms of mental illness do not discriminate. Lucky us! You sound like a survivor to me. Good luck with the treatment and please take care!
  22. Violet31, What is winter like in Iceland? You are farther north than I am so I understand the darkness must be long but how cold does it get there? How hot in the summer? Thanks
  23. Sunny today and high +5C. Snow is melting and spring is coming! yippee
  24. HI Crazyguy-I've used a small Sunbeam "Happy light" before and it helped get me going during those dark hours up here. Well worth a try. Sunbeam also has lightbulbs you can purchase. T on C, thanks for the info! Do you just use the light during the winter or all year round? (like on cloudy days) Did getting light in the morning help with sleeping at night?
  25. Stuarachel, what kind of places do you go out to meet people? Have you tried joining a gym? or a club that interests you like travel or music? Personally I am not looking to meet a new partner as I have been married for 32 years but I see plenty of opportunities to meet new people every day. Maybe you have to try thinking outside the box, change the places you try meeting people.
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