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  1. I have not slept now for years without a sleep aid drug. What does that mean for my long term health?
  2. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to sleep in with my wife. If she doesn't eat garlic at supper we might have a good time! ;)
  3. I'm feeling OK. A bit tired though. The fact that I don't have pain and aches from depression means my stuff is working. My mood is good, and once I am done eating I'm going for a long walk. Happy Weekend everyone!
  4. I watched the movie Driven on iTunes and was entertained, but also disgusted with visual graphic violence. When the movie was over my wife and I looked at each other in disgust wondering what we wasted two hours of our life on. The ending was crappy. Don't waste your time!
  5. Onmyown. I'm glad you have not lost all faith. A child in college is a pretty great source of pride. I have two adult children. My daughter (married) and 2 baby girls. and a son (married) that won't speak to us for some reason. It appears we have offended his wife, my daughter in law. It all started with "don't phone me so often, we have our own life". Evidently it's impossible to keep them happy. Now "we don't care". While he thinks we don't love him, I know better. At least my daughter accepts our love. I hope you both get along well. The worst part of this whole mess is watching my wife suffer from the rejection of our baby. I may be hurt, disappointed, sad, whatever but my wife is deeply hurt. I keep trying to keep her positive but it's not really working. We live in a crazy world.
  6. Violet31. That one hellov an incentive to run, a polar bear chase! Godspeed! I'm enduring great weather here today +18c
  7. Onmyown. Is there any church or community group that you can get help? I wish there was something I could do to help. You have my thoughts and prayers! :)
  8. H & M I guess every one has some kind of burden to carry or guilt to live with. I hope you 2 can both find comfort in your lives. Life can be so complicated these days. Seeking opinions on DF is a good idea anytime you have doubts. I wish you both the best. Good luck!
  9. Rosegirl I'm checking in on iPhone so gotta be short. I'm thinking of you and praying for your health. Please eat something healthy and take care of yourself. :). God bless!
  10. I feel like $1,000,000.00! although I did not win the lottery.
  11. Me too! I seem to be doing better than everyone else that I know (I don't mean on DF). So I have no problem living with the guilt of doing fantastic!!
  12. leila24, I'm reading the hunger games so I'm not bored yet. I just started it so I have been able to put it down at night. It's looking good so far and may cause me to spend more time reading than I should :)
  13. Happy Friday! Happy weekend!
  14. Trace, my aunt was allergic to the sun. She had a hard time but also had a pretty good life. She enjoyed family and lots of activities through adaptation and comprimise. Guess what was her most amazing gift? She had the softest skin. Enjoy your day! I'm going to enjoy the wind that comes with the warm sunny skies of the Canadian prairies in March despite the dust in my eyes! God Bless!
  15. You guys! I'm sorry M of P - it seems like some bug is going around. Take care and get well soon. ((((((M of P)))))) JarrodM, try to focus on something good. Like the sunny day or the nourishing rain. Just go for coffee or tea even if it is by yourself. There's always smiley, pretty people at a coffee shop nearby, just go soak up some of their karma, just because you can!! They won't miss it! Give yourself a lift and make yourself feel good! Take Care you guys it Friday and I'm stuck in a hotel for the weekend. I'd rather be home but since the house need cleaning I'm going to enjoy the hotel!! Positive thoughts :)
  16. moderphilistine, I guess I blew that answer. For clarification, would you be "out" at home around your husband & daughter? Being active in GLBT community as a volunteer for projects, or fundraisers would be great. Can you do that with out being drawn in on a deeper more personal level once you become close to that special someone? You tell me, no actually you need to tell yourself. I have mental health problems. I can not walk into a candy store without becoming a little piggy, therefore I don't go there. I have very little self control. I am lucky I have been able to minimize exposure to my weaknesses and rely on my strength. I also work on making me a better me, by trying to be stronger especially at they weak spots. I still stay out of the candy store. Enough rambling from me, what do you think?
  17. moderphilistine Welcome to DF. It's easy to second guess ourselves. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that stuff right? I am a straight guy and happily married too, but even I have wondered, what's it like? I will never find out and I am prepared to live with that. As for you, that decision is your's to make. Here's some food for thought. You could come to an agreement with your husband to enjoy some kinky queer erotic role playing between the two of you. You dream it up together and hope for the best. BUT, if that backfires you have to live with the results. God only knows what could change in the dynamic of the relationship you have together. You both made vows to each other based on the norms of your church and society. Many guys nowadays think watching two women is a turn on. These guys don't think about the consequences of having the love of their life cheating, not to mention exposing them to disease. By breaking your vows you are going to hurt someone. Your daughter, your husband or you! All of the above. My best advise, if you create a queer identity, keep it in your mind. Enjoy what you have and dream about your fantasies. Please take care!
  18. leila24 I don't fall asleep easily. Consequently I take zopiclone at night. I have tried all the sleep hygiene things you can come up with. I have a few things to help myself sleep besides pills. No TV in the evening, no caffeine after morning, earplugs in hotels, sometimes earplugs at home, reading before bed. It may sound like I bore myself to sleep but if that's what it is, it seems to help a bit. Take Care!
  19. FYI I increased cymbalta from 60mg to 90mg taken in the morning (as I had before). I am feeling better now!
  20. I'm taking 90mg of cymbalta and feel much better. It's like the 60mg does started to wear off. Hope that doesn't happen again!
  21. laurelb Last night i retired a couple pair of jeans. They no longer fit. The weight loss I have managed while being on cymbalta is probably over 30 pounds in 2 years. I dug out some old jeans that still look good and am wearing them now. My wife told me to go buy new ones! I don't think so, I want to wear these ones out first.... My point is that Cymbalta did not cause me weight gain like the previous drug Luvox (fluvoxamine) did. I managed to lose a pile of weight by eating healthy and exercise. That in itself is anti depressing! BTW I am on 90 mg now. Good luck!
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