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  1. M of P I have tried acupuncture and it's not so bad. You can keep your eyes closed and not even see the needles. It is a bit freaky but it helped my pain. Chinese have used it for years and I'm open to anything that has any track record... I don't mean needle tracks lol I agree it is not an appealing thought.
  2. no movies for me until I finish the hunger games books, then the movie...
  3. Ha! it's +9C and sunny. Car washes are busy! Freezing rain and up to 2 cm of snow tomorrow. The weather is like my mood these days. yoyoyoyo!
  4. The cost of medical treatment and drugs we need to feel "normal". That really bugs me today!
  5. I had a followup Doctor appointment today and surprise surprise my testosterone is below "low" (while on replacement therapy). No wonder I feel so underwhelmed. All you ladies with menopause i feel your pain. I try not to post on here when I feel in the dumps but today I can't help myself. When the doctor told me my testosterone was in the toilet he's lucky I didn't cry. I've been exercising, eating healthy (even lost weight ) and been taking hormone treatment too. I got a month of new T (gel) and I'll see if I can get my T up. It's unbelievable what hormones can do to your mind. I'm bummed out in no mans land :(
  6. Got a doctor appointment today, then office work. I'd rather be reading Hunger Games.... I feel LAZY, that pretty much sums it up for today.
  7. -5C right now and expecting sun and +4C A nice change from 2 days of cloud and rain/snow.
  8. I loved that series, it is really good and a total pageturner! I find sleeping problems are often a sign there's something up with my mental health. Lately I started going to bed earlier, I don't know if this is an age thing!! I tend to wake up early no matter what time I went to bed, so now I go to bed early too, and it works great! I do like naps too. But only when I have 2 hours to spare, as that seems to be my standard nap length. So usually just at the weekend. shyboots. Sleep problems are a sure sign of mental health problems. Basically that's how I was diagnosed by my GP. My ability to fall asleep or sleep through the night sucks. What's even worse is the tired feel in in the morning and all day after a restless night.
  9. Joey. What did your doctore recommend? For me taking it at night seemed worse for sleep. Although I slept after I took my pills this morning at breakfast. I went back and slept till noon. I'm exhausted today after missing a nights sleep 2 nights ago. I'm not sure if splitting the dose will make a difference. Even the pharmacist may have some tips. Take care. & welcome to DF
  10. I never slept 2 nights ago and last night I took the full dose of zopiclone and slept great. At 6 am I made my wife breakfast and sent her off to work, then I wen back to bed and slept until noon. I don't get it. Now I'm way behind on my work and sitting here trying to figure out what's happening.
  11. Trace, sorry you're having a bad day. If you have a plan for a restaurant then you should work towards it and make it happen. Until then hoard some cash to make it happen. Good Luck and be sure you look after yourself.
  12. Thanks M of P. Hope you are feeling better and the migraines leave you alone. I can't imagine how painful a migraine is, I do know they are really bad though. I am fortunate to have never had the experience. Look after yourself, Take care.
  13. It's Monday today and if feels like it. The weather is windy cold and rainy. It's -1C so guess what, the rain is freezing. My radio antenna on my car was covered with 1cm of ice when I got home. Yesterday we had a long talk with son and daughter in law. That caused a sleepless night for me. We know where we stand with them now, that should help. They are having a hard time and they feel we don't care. Of course we do care but it must be an age / generation gap. They are getting counselling so I hope we can get back on track. They still have bad feelings about stuff that happened 2 years ago, it's hard to remember the dumb things I may have said that far back, luckily for me they are mad at my wife too. That's not going so well for my wife as she (or I) did nothing intentional. Sometimes it hard to keep everyone happy and maintain your sanity. For me it's too late, and for my dear wife the anxiety is building to unbearable levels. She's seeing a therapist on Thursday. It's disturbing how fast things can deteriorate and result in anxiety and mental illness. Ok I said it, mental illness. The stigma in our society over mental health sucks, and the medical care our society provides is woefully inadequate. How can you tell I'm having a less than stellar day? I'm going to sit in front of the fireplace and read some "hunger games" If you read this post thanks for listening to me rant. I feel like an ***** saying all this here but I feel better already. Thanks again. One last thing, did you guys ever notice the little triangle in the bottom right corner of the window where you type posts, I finally figured out that you can drag the input box to make it larger. I'm on a "mac" so if you use "Windows" I can't say if it's in the same spot. It took me 209 posts to clue in. Mid 50's and getting smarter! Yippee!
  14. We won't see a crocus here until May. All sun deprived people need to take vitamin D. I also take calcium. I am faithfully taking all my med and vitamins. It all helps me feel better. Vitamin D is proven to strengthen your immune system. I seldom get a cold. Wow, because there your spring is so cold. I usually stay healthy and rarely get a cold because I swim every other day in an outdoor swimming-pool and go to sauna afterwards, but since January I´ve been hit with a couple of very nasty flues. I haven´t been able to exercise the way I need to for my depression, but have started taking long walks. It´s cold, snowy and windy. What a country. Violet31. Where I live can be cold but we do not have earthquakes, seldom have tornadoes and for the most part life is good. Just cold in the winter. We don't have geothermal heating here either so houses are well built, well insulated and heated with natural gas, electric or oil. :Coopbeach:
  15. M of P I am shocked at how blurry the writing is when I remove my glasses. Maybe that's why I don't wear a watch. I may be in denial :) It's important to take eye vitamins. They prevent oxidization of your eye retina etc. it was described to me in the context of cutting an apple in half and sprinkle crushed vitamin c on one half and compare the two halves in one hour. Of course this has not stopped my vision decline in "old age". :)
  16. How's the hunger games going? How's the sleep going? I'm not sure what a sleep aid drug would do long term if anything Leila. It is an awesome book. I'm just getting into it but so far is excellent. My whole family loves it.
  17. Rosegirl, I always try to check in, even from my iPhone but sometimes replying from my phone is tough. By the time I get half done typing I forgot what the topic was. LOL It's not really that bad, just slow. ALSO, I have heard that phrase daughter are forever.... It's true in my case. She was a bridezilla so we should have seen it coming. Crying at the church because the priest would not do it her way. The priest was a bit of a jerk though. My son, not dancing with his mother (my wife). They were just going to dance and bridezilla called him away. My wife was devastated and in tears. She has put this all behind her and the "happy couple" find every opportunity to exclude us. My son told me to not phone so much, and now we are accused of not being there for them. All I can say is what the eff? hope that is not offensive :) Apparently they are spending Easter with her family that actually cares for them. Good Times!
  18. Meirionne, for the most part I agree with you on the politicians. What really bothers me is how much money I spend on essentials. I have prescription drug insurance that covers 80% and I'm still spending almost $200 per month. I take some "non Rx" stuff that is doctor prescribed but not actually a prescription. Thank God for my wife's drug plan through her work that covers my prescriptions like antidepressants, sleeping pills and hormones.
  19. iphone. I quit wearing a watch when co-workers kept asking me the time. You know your shift is over when the other guys show up to take your place.
  20. I have not slept now for years without a sleep aid drug. What does that mean for my long term health?
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