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  1. Grace. My doc won't put me on Wellbutrin because he feels it would make me nervous or more anxious.
  2. Hi. I suggest you see your doc and discuss options. I'm on Cymbalta and I believe it is approved for fibromyalgia. It has helped my depression and body pain alot. As for the sleeping issue, you need to see a doctor and possibly get something to help you sleep. Don't be afraid of modern medicine however backwards it seems, there is help available if you can hang in to find the right combination.
  3. I have tried as many or more ADs and finally ended up on Cymbalta. It works well for me and has minimal side effects. The sexual side effects have tended to diminish over time (2 years) and are not even bothersome now. Good luck.
  4. Body pain, moody, withdrawn, self loathing and loss of sexual desire. lol wouldn't you love to be my wife? That's why I always take my Cymbalta.
  5. I laughed at 2 young men in the gym locker room talking about a former class mate that ballooned to 300 pounds because he has a computer job and he let himself go to pan. These guys were quite animated and when I snickered they said "oh hope your not in computers" . No, I thought, that's why I quit the office job and got a job in the "oil patch" as a rig hand.
  6. I love reading. I also love working out with weights and exercise equipment at the gym as well as doing yoga. I am working on getting my body into shape, or at least looking like I am in shape.
  7. Knighter Welcome to DF. Your climax problem is not unusual with cymbalta. It might improve over time. I've been on cymbalta for several years and it does get better but not right away. Please talk to your doctor before taking any herbal treatments as they are not always compatible with drugs. The last thing you want is to cause some sort of interaction. Depending on your age and sexual relationship I would recommend just letting it go for a few weeks or months to see if things improve. You know the saying "time heals all wounds" may actually transfer to healing this side effect as well. I have found it takes many months for the body to adjust to the sexual effects of cymbalta. Good luck and I hope your depression is improved.
  8. Eye contact is very difficult for me. I'll try some of the tips above and see if it helps. I'm not sure why I feel shy about eye contact, it's definitely worse since I have been depressed. It still contuse on anti depressants so maybe it is a partly the drug. I especially must look down to speak to someone which really makes no sense.
  9. ranter Strenuous exercise is better that just walking but you have to tailor that with you ability and fitness level. You have to walk before you can run! I finally got on track by hiring a personal trainer and while it is expensive so are the drugs I'm taking. I'm working on getting (me) better. There's days that I have to drag myself to the gym or to yoga but I always feel better after my session of exercise no matter what it is. Sore muscles feel good compared to a depressed mind.
  10. M of P I've been busy lately and haven't check in here much. Hope everything goes good for you. Best of luck!
  11. I keep it private. I only recently told my adult kids. My daughter was glad to know as she was suffering postpartum and her doctor asked if there was any depression in the family. So you should at least tell the kids if they are old enough. But the only other person that knows is my wife. I know it's probably wrong to hide or be ashamed of but it's just the way I feel.
  12. Finished the hunger games last week and it was a great read. On to something else but not sure what.
  13. Story of my life. I can't get to sleep most nights and when I do it's not deep sleeping. I also wake up way too early. I have even used earplugs which help me stay asleep especially when I am in a hotel. My meds are cymbalta for depression and zopiclone for sleep.
  14. If you keep staring at her it might creep her out and others too. Try starting out with a simple "hello" or "how do you like this class ?" If your tongue get tied and you studder your words or screw up then just say "awe I'm nervous" or "I'm shy" and blush. No harm. See what she says. Good luck.
  15. Meirionne & Violet31 Night mouth guards are bite pads that are supposed to be worn at night as you sleep. There are also mouth guards for day use, though. These guards are usually made of high-grade plastic and should fit the teeth or mouth perfectly. This device keeps the upper teeth from grinding with the lower teeth, offering an instant solution to teeth clenching problems. These things are available custom made for your teeth by dentists or from over the counter at drugs stores. The over the counter ones are heated and then pressed into your teeth (I believe). Very similar to a sports mouth guard that you fit at home.
  16. My dentist cringes every time I go in. Of course I wear my night guard.... without it I would have no teeth.
  17. 40+ people. How many of you grind your teeth at night? Just curious as I saw that as a symptom of stress today on a mental health brochure. My whole family grinds :)
  18. PinkyOH Sorry to hear of your situation. I'm a "guy" and I just want you to know that all guys are not like your husband. I hope you can find some guidance on this forum to help you in your situation. Take care!
  19. guitarnascar Hey I have low T and it may even be the cause of my psychiatric problems. Both problems surfaced about the same time. I am now 56. Curing low T isn't all that easy as it's hard to get the dose that makes you feel perfect. You need to make sure you have a doctor that understands the aging male and hormone levels. My ex-doctor thought I was okay and my "expert" doctor knows better. He said "I'm not surprised that you're not feeling well" Hmmm. If you have low T the choices are topical gel or something else that doesn't work. Hormones and psychiatry share the same trial and error art of medicine. Good luck!
  20. guitarfan1977 I hope soon you can look back on this day and see that all the rejection letters were a blessing that allowed you to get the best job in the world. I have seen this exact thing in my family. Take care until then!
  21. onmyown, sorry I took so long to comment back. If I read this forum on my iPhone I get lost after a few lines. Tell me about gas prices! I live in a rural area and it amazes me how much farther it is for people to come from the city to visit me than for me to drive into the city to visit them. Actually when I say me, I'm referring to me and my wife. This just gets back to having friends in a over anxious over speeded world where every one is flat out running. It makes my relationship with my wife that much more important. We try to keep ourselves happy and work out from there. Good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep in touch with. I hope you are feeling better today because it's Monday....TGIM !
  22. beetlejuice Try to be yourself, however that is. My best advice for meeting people is in everyday places like through mutual friends, interest clubs (hobbies), gym, grocery store (everyone needs food) and churches etc. It's hard to be outgoing when you aren't. I am way less outgoing when not on my antidepressant. If you can find something you enjoy doing that includes groups it will be easy to meet people. I met my wife through friends and ultimately through her brother. The bar, is in my opinion the least likely place to meet "Miss Right". As far as starting a conversation, I can't say what might work for you, but usually polite and passive get me into more conversations. I have to get to know someone before I could ever flirt (or I'd have to be drunk and obnoxious). The one thing that is good to keep in mind is that there are a lot of single and lonely people out in the world (yes young females ) . They need you to find them! I am mid 50s and my 26 year old trainer at the gym is a knockout, single and looking to meet a nice guy. She's having trouble too! You are not alone in this seemingly lonely world. Good Luck!
  23. M of P Good luck with the dork employer. I had a boss like that once. He fired me for insubordination when i complained about my pay check bouncing or arriving over a week late. The place eventually went under so no big loss. By that time I had a better job. Life is like that, some times you have to go through knee deep poop to get to the green grass across the pasture. Good days ahead !
  24. Birgisson Good luck, I think it's pretty common as I have similar issues with Cymbalta. It gets a bit better over time but it never went away completely (for me)
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