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  1. Hi, I recently started taking Lyrica at 150mg / day and I have completely lost the ability to feel sexual pleasure including orgasm. I also take Cymbalta (90mg / day) and have been on Cymbalta for a few years. I guess what the cymbalta didn't take away the Lyrica did. Anyone out there with advise on these 2 drugs combined? I also take L-tryptophan 1500 mg and melatonin to help with sleep.
  2. I took Luvox for a couple of years and it didn't hurt my sex too much at all. The reason I quit was weight gain. It always seems to be something! I have found though that in time some adverse effects do go away. Good Luck!
  3. Toyeboy I agree with Tamer, if you can stick it out you may find the side effects lessen over time. I had teeth grinding though and that never did change. On to a new drug. That is why they have so many different ADs! Best of all talk to your doctor and explain the problem. Good Luck!
  4. lovespell86 I am sorry you have had such bad luck with guys! I won't get into the sex thing too much but it is really tough when a guy gets shut down after fooling around without knowing the whole picture of your past Any serious and descent guy would have the respect to understand where you are coming from and put a little effort into gaining your trust and confidence. As a medicated person with mental illness I can tell you from my experience that trying to explain your situation including your current mental health may not have resonated with this great guy. I say this as a great guy myself. I did not understand mental health issues until I lived through depression, anxiety and seeing a phyciatrist all first hand. Friends and family don't get it for the most part until it happens to them. I'd like to come out to everyone but I don't have the confidence to do that. If you find a nice guy and he can understand your abuse, depression and anxiety then he should be able to understand that sex is not on the top of your list. I suggest that you don't pursue this relationship unless the guy calls you back. Try to make yourself happy first! If you need a relationship then take it slow and protect yourself. You have to know what you want before you can ask for it. Also, from my experience anti-depressants all seem to have some sort of sexual side effects. For me this has been lower desire, ability and sensation. It sucks. I wish you luck, you are off to a good start by ridding yourself of a bad relationship. Take Care!
  5. Hi. I've been taking Cymbalta for a few years and it has never seemed to affect my weight. I am also taking Lyrica and it definitely has a calming effect which I like. Every other AD I have tried has had some drawback from teeth grinding to weight gain. It's hard to find the right drug that hits the root of the problem. Good Luck in your quest!
  6. That is amazing. I'm glad you were able to get back on a drug that works for you. It's very disruptive to change meds or even dosages as it usually changes how you feel in a bad or uncomfortable way. I've had at least 5 different drugs for depression with some for only a short time. It is amazing how some work and some just don't. Good luck !
  7. dwarf20 I've been taking Cymbalta for about 2 years and over that time I have lost about 30 lbs. It's not been easy though and I can't really say if being on Cymbalta has made it easier or more difficult. I have made a special effort to be active and exercise in the last 2 years. Previous to that I was on Luvox and that is how I gained the 30 extra pounds. There is more to achieving mental health than simply taking medication. While the right medication was a starting point for me, it is a constant battle to exercise and keep my life on track. Best wishes for your healthy recovery!
  8. Violet31. Good times, glad you had fun!
  9. Hi 40+. I'm just checking in to let you know I'm still alive and well. Onmyown I pay a fortune for internet as I live in a rural area. I also don't get the fastest speed either... it's like turtle net. It's just the price I pay to live in the boonies.
  10. ranter. Weather here is not good for outdoor activity as it's raining and +3C. I feel like hibernating :coophaha: . +24C Monday! yippee Have a good weekend everyone!
  11. I wish internet was free, you know available to everyone like air!
  12. MofP Trade weather ? yes! BUT it's slightly harder to exercise in hot weather, or at least harder to get motivated! You know I don't really like exercise, but the first thing my shrink asks me is .... yes, he askes me about my yoga practices. Yoga is like a religion to ones own self. You dedicate an intention in class (privately) and honour yourself in your practice. It's a great way to spend 75 to 90 minutes to lift your body and soul from the daily grind. If you are fat or skinny, athletic or clumsy you will fit in a yoga class. In yoga you push your body only as far as you can. If you can't hold a pose for a long time then you just do what you can. It's all about you! I urge everyone that is depressed to at least give yoga a fair try. For me it helps conquer my depression about as much as the Cymbalta. Okay, enough of my blathering. Namaste
  13. Mommell Sorry to hear of your fall. I am currently taking Cymbalta at 90mg all in the morning. When I was on Paxil I had bad coordination and that was one of the main reasons I quit the drug. Getting back to Cymbalta I do have a slight upset in my balance when standing on one foot (as in yoga). I am not sure if this is a result of the drug or something else but either way I judge the benefits of Cymbalta to outweigh any current side effects after being on the drug for 2 years. I do still have depressed episodes but I am able to completely handle them now. Most of the time I am better than "normal". I'm not sure if Cymbalta dosage is related to body weight or not but depending on your weight that might have some influence on your dose. I weight about 83.5 kg. For some reason I seem to have a high resistance to most drugs and usually end up on the "higher" dose. One thing I have felt, the longer I've been on Cymbalta the more normal I feel. When I went from 60 mgs to 90 mgs I felt a bit strange again but that only lasted about 3 weeks. Good luck at your next appointment! I see my shrink in one month and look forward to informing him I feel great, I hope you are able to do the same soon.
  14. For me the symptoms are many. Body pain and aches are the worst. It's the feeling of physical pain for no reason physical but all reasons mental.
  15. Sorry to hear that. I would still encourage you to tough it out for a few months to see if things improve. (((((Good luck!)))))
  16. mommell, I felt spaced out on PAXIL, not fun. Some ADs aren't compatible with some people and Paxil was one of those drugs for me. Hope things works out soon.
  17. JonnySoze, what's the unfortunate part? 40+ doesn't mean dead you know, 40+ means smarter than the young ones. The advantage of life takes a lifetime to acquire, we're not done yet.
  18. Thanks everyone. I continue to read this forum and get the love and caring from all of you. While I may not have time to always reply or comment on posts I do send my love and prayers back to every single post. I purposely try and keep myself busy and find it the best way to preserve my sanity these days. I'm trying to get to yoga 3 days a week and gym exercises 2 days. That pretty much consumes any spare time in my day. Last week was bad, this week is better and next week will be great! Maybe the weather will finally turn around here. I got our patio furniture out one beautiful Saturday a while back and the weather has been miserable cold windy and snowy ever since. As I shake my head in disbelief. LOL I want to sit outside and read a book in the sun on a Saturday afternoon, it will happen soon! God bless you all! Please take care of yourselves.
  19. Violet31, thanks for your caring. I may be frozen, lol with -10 overnight which is a bit on the cool side. The good news it's light by 5:30am. I try to read this forum often but I'm so busy now I don't always get time to check in.
  20. solo bear the best approach is to be honest about how you feel. Make sure you tell the doctor everything. There is nothing to be ashamed of no matter how hard it may seem to "fess up" you need to get it all out in the open. Make notes and take them to the appointment. Good Luck!
  21. -3C and snowing. Its spring here but you would never know it by the weather.
  22. Hi everyone, sorry to be away so much. I've felt like a yoyo lately and last week I felt like I hit the ground on the way down. As I've discussed previously I'm on hormone replacement and some days I feel just wacky. I went to the GP last week and found out that I need to continue on the new T gel (same dose) for 6 months to achieve an equilibrium. I felt like crying all the way home. It's one of the few times that I felt self harm lurking in my thoughts. I know I don't want to go there so I try not to let those evil thoughts in. Thankfully, I feel better so far this week. It's going to be a long 6 months if I continue to feel like I did last week. All you 40+ pals, take note that hormones can mess your body and mind! If you are middle aged and hit menopause, or mAnopause, you might not realize what's cracking you up. When I changed over to the T gel treatment I experienced dreams that not only ruined my nights but also affected me all day. I just can't imagine where the weird dreams came from out of the blue. Thankfully they have gone away the last few nights. Now for the bad news, it's snowing. lol I thought spring was here and I was lazy for not taking off my snow tires. BUT, no, I am smarter than many! As I drive along sure footed on the slushy ice I feel pretty smart (in a sort of lazy way). Take care everyone!
  23. mommell Hi, I'm on cymbalta 90mg. It works pretty good for me but there are still times when I DO get depressed. I have some other medical problems and visiting my GP always makes me crash. I started cymbalta at 60 mg from an SSRI and at that time I noticed almost immediate improvement. When I went from 60 to 90 mg the improvement was a long time coming. Constipation is my main side effect. Good luck and please keep us informed. Take Care!
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