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  1. Self employed in a field that requires lots of ambition. There was no option for my line of work on the poll.
  2. almostbrokenI always say fine, even after 5 coronary stents. Sometimes I'm not so fine but i am stuck with the same lie.
  3. onlinefitnesstrainer24Yikes, I think the younger you are the more adversely you would be affected by witnessing anything like that. It must have been embarrassing! I am a dad and grampa a brother and husband. As you mature and make your way through life you will find yourself become immune to most sexual embarrassment. Your parents changed your diaper and saw your bare bottom. I once had surgery on my testicle, I was horrified! Next time it was a hernia in the groin, and I got shaved down there by a crazy female nurse!!! The last 2 months it has been heart artery repair and I've had my groin shaved twice. I'm wearing long sleeve shirts because this nurse thought my lower arm was too hairy. I now have a half shaved arm. Women in childbirth, there are 4-6 people watching. I wish we could all walk around naked and get over the silly notion about are private parts, it would sure help with unwarranted anxiety! I think we worry too much!
  4. clar123I've tried lots of drugs to get the right one. I am not a doctor so I suggest you follow the doctors advice and give it a try. The unfortunate thing is that you may be a bit unsettled during the initial treatment. I can only think there must have been a valid reason for your doctor to try the new drug. Try asking point blank, why change? Is she getting paid by the drug company? Don't forget to be respectful with your doctor.... if you can. Let us know what happens. Take Care!
  5. blackandblueDon't worry about anyone but yourself until you feel comfortable with the situation. If you are on an antidepressant, there is a fair chance that the meds will affect your sexual response. Worry about that if it happens, until then use your head and common sense to guide you! Alcohol is not a good mix, my suggestion is avoid any other drugs. You will be fine, I am sure! Take Care!
  6. KeepinOnDon't be afraid of trying a new AD. It took me a long time and too many drugs to remember until I found one that worked for me. Weight gain can sneak up on you so that is one that requires you to make sure you don't change your diet. Why not try keeping a food log? Or, possibly try cutting back about 10% on your serving sizes. That will help! For Sexual problems, if you experience any at all, they sometimes go away a bit over time. Stick to the main focus of getting better and making a mental health recovery. Where I live it takes months to see a real psychiatrist so if you are not satisfied by your doctor's LAME response to what he likes (SSRI) then I suggest you put in the request for a mental health professional. Good Luck!
  7. If the Lex is working for you, I'd stick with it and add something to off set the ED....Good luck! Thanks and at this stage that is my plan. I go to my doctor on Monday to talk with her. I feel better on the Lex, I really do and the thought of changing, new side effects, something possibly not working seems so stupid to me given the ease at which we could just correct the sexual side-effects. I have a free sample pack of Cialis so I am going to take that before the appointment at least once to see how I do with it, if it works for me etc. If it is solves the issue and I don't experience the horrible side-effects of temporary blindness (DAMN) I will most likely push for a script of it to go with the Lex. Thanks for the support. :) watchdogLet us know how the Cialis is working. I have a similar problem but can't take the ED drugs. BTW I don't think you will go blind, but a headache is not out of the question. Sorry dear, not tonight, I have a headache, actually 2 of them! Good Luck!
  8. I am so ****** cold right now I should be oozing T out of the pores! Sorry, its not working for me!
  9. BrodonI'm on 90 mg of cymbalta.... I wouldn't suggest changing your dose without first talking to your prescribing doc!
  10. Wow to all above. This is a crazy problem. For me, the sex thing affects both me and my wife of 34 years. If you think taking any antidepressant is hard on your love life you should try adding in some heart drugs. Taking 90mg of Cymbalta for many years had a bit of a toll on my ability to orgasm. Over time it seems to get a bit better. I recently had some heart trouble, although I thought I was healthy, I learned otherwise. All the exercise, yoga and healthy eating has only kept me alive long enough to find out that I have advanced coronary artery disease..... OK, I must take these pills in order to stay alive. As depressing as this may seem, while in the cardiac ward I saw lots of people way worse than me. Luckily I am on Cymbalta and have my depression under control. The heart drugs are a known cause of depression. I was warned about the side effects of depression but not about the impotence that has resulted. My libido is ok, but the rest of it is broken. I now understand why my doctor warned me to NOT take viagra and related drugs while on nitroglycerin spray. He casually said BTW, do NOT take viagra, cialis etc. Sure doc! No I'm not depressed but I am very disappointed in how my sex life has ended. I love my wife and we have always been very close in the bedroom. Of course I have talked with her, but for some reason I seem to be able to blather in public on this forum about how difficult it is to talk about something so personal as my own impotence. I just can't fully explain to me or my wife what exactly has happened to me. My ego took a major hit and I am deflated.
  11. bettybooperYou better check in with your prescribing doctor before meddling with your meds. I've been on cymbalta for about 5 years now and I am on a high dose of 90 mg. I seem fine for life on the stuff. Do NOT be ashamed of depression or the need for an anti-depressant. I suggest you keep on the prescribed dose and try to carry on until you see your doctor. As far as death, I am sure everyone thinks about how they will die and when, but it's not so good to think about making it happen. Life is precious. I am watching a very young family member fight for life against deadly cancer. It's tough not to think about the possibility of death in that case, but do not cheat yourself the chance for happiness. Get help to keep on track and push those evil thoughts out of your mind. I'm sure you have a lot of happiness ahead. Make it happen!
  12. The election doesn't have the right answer to the the question for me :) I voted for the first choice, relationship is better. I still consider myself as a mental health patient under treatment for depression and anxiety. I would also say that I am still in the middle of treatment..... Is there ever an end to treatment for long term depression? It doesn't look like it for me. Personally, I would be scared to death if I was told to stop taking my AD meds. My security blanket I guess, it seems to be still working.
  13. maintainin Sorry to hear about your sleep problems. When I started cymbalta I needed sleeping pills. I was on them for years, finally I got off the Zopiclone and my Pdoc put me on L-Tryptophan. It took months if not longer to get the results of a restful sleep from the tryptophan but it finally happened. Cymbalta really seems to work for me, I am on 90mg though. I also have the odd bad day and I think that's normal. Considering I have had some other health problems, and a young member of my family has cancer, I seem to be pretty stable. I wish Cymbalta could do something for my severe hate for winter!!!! :) Have a nice day
  14. I live in Canada and Cymbalta is ****** expensive here too. I look forward to a generic version but until then I am forced to bite the bullet. Luckily my wifes insurance covers 80%. In Canada we have many generic drug formulations but not for new expensive drugs like Cymbalta or Viagra. Anyhow, 90mg/month is expensive for me. I pay (between me and insurance) $236 per month for 102 30 mg pills and I take 3 per day. My cost is $49.35/month insurance pays the rest.
  15. I've been on Cymbalta for several years. Current dose is 90 mgs which seems to be the sweet spot for me. I also take L-tryptophan at bedtime to help with sleeping. I feel pretty good considering the crazy things that have been going on in my life, and family. Once I became accustomed to Cymbalta I can't really tell that I have any bad or unusual feelings. I am still as (if not more) compassionate towards others. Maybe I am even more likely to donate money to a good cause or show kindness to a stranger. If I could find one fault that I would like to change it's my abrupt reaction to my wife's computer problems :) I have no idea why the wifi turned off, but that's the first thing to check when you don't have internet! Seriously though, I feel pretty good!
  16. Lately, one person helps me. My wife. The comfort of hugging and burying my nose into her neck, inhaling her sweet smell. Just having her there for me when I need her. I hope she feels the same !
  17. Awm I'm not trans, gay or anything just a normal crazy guy with screwed up hormones for some unknown reason. Low testosterone has cause me so much grief with depression and mood that it's not even close to funny. I can so relate to your problems with jacked around erstrogen levels. I have too much estrogen for a guy. I had small amounts of body hair and super soft skin. My hands are softer than my wife's if you can believe that. I developed little boobs and had screwed up sex drive from low T. I felt like a women with PMS. I was a Biotch! Maybe you need to see someone that can make sure you are getting all the right hormones. As I have found taking testosterone, there is more to hormone treatment than popping pills or rubbing on gel. Regular blood tests are needed to monitor your levels. Maybe you need some antidepressants to get you on track. If you take the same stuff as I do you will get even bigger breasts! I am serious, get back to see a specialist and get your life on track. Also, you've got a wife that must really care for you since she's still around. I suspect that the feeling is mutual as you are still there too. Maybe she'll be happy with your transformation, if not keep the respect. I truly hope everything works out for you. Take Care!
  18. Yay :) well done! I've been on 60mg for about 8 weeks now and i'm nearly there. Only waking up once in the night now, and apart from really weird dreams/nightmares I feel a bit better loopylou74 Glad you are feeling better. I have never slept well but that happened before Cymbalta. I used zopiclone but finally quit because I think it was worsening my depression and definitely gave me a rash. Now I take 1500 MG of L Tryptophan before bed and some melatonin. Those 2 drugs seem to be helping some. L Tryptophan is an amino acid but in Canada you need a prescription, Meletonin is over the counter. Another thing I was going to try but haven't yet is Dimenhydrinate (travel sickness pills) No guarantees on those as I have heard mixed reviews. Good luck!
  19. ATucker We need to trade meds! Enjoy it while it lasts!
  20. My psychiatrist tried some of my pills and now he won't prescribe them to me anymore. We're both feeling better now!

  21. phalseuphoria I am not sure about too many other pain medications. The Lyrica is used specifically for nerve pain and one of the only other medications for that happens to be Cymbalta which I am already taking for depression. So maybe it's a combination of everything I am currently taking which includes Naprpoxen that is making the Lyrica side effect worse. I've also previously tried Gabapentin which did not help. So the Lyrica seems to make it impossible to enjoy sex or have an orgasm. It just kinda feels ok but nothing happens, ever. Well, actually, you just get tired of doing it and think that maybe next time it'll work but it never does. No excitement and no release. It's enough to make a guy depressed, oops, too late for that! They need a "Black Box Warning" Do not attempt sexual relations while taking Lyrica or depression will result. hehehe Seriously, they could feed this stuff to sex offenders.
  22. I'm being especially bugged by the side effects of Lyrica - the drug I recently started taking to control the pain from a pinched nerve. The pain control is about 30% the side effect is about 100% Maybe doctors should try this stuff out themselves before they are allowed to prescribe the stuff!
  23. Ssoftw It cant hurt to ask why you didn't get the 45 minutes but do it in a non confrontational way. You could wait till the end of the second session and see what time it ends. If he ends the second session early I would definitely ask.
  24. Just so everyone knows I am still alive and mostly well. I thought I would pop in to say Hi to everyone! This summer I ended up with a pinched nerve and I am now taking Lyrica to help with the pain. I am also on anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants. Ad all of that to the 90 mg of Cymbalta and I feel like a zombie with a sore shoulder. Otherwise life is great and I have enjoyed a great summer here in Canada and wish summer would stay around until Christmas! We had lots of warm weather this summer which allowed us to enjoy our northern lakes with family and friends. The absence of mosquitos for the most part made the summer that much better. My question to everyone in this 40+ group; Do you ever get sick and tired of hiding your mental illness from people whether it be family or friends? I sure do. I wish we could tell the world and they would understand, don't you ?
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