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  1. jj2 I must agree with Lindahurt that self medication (changing doses) is not a good idea. The best plan is to always talk to your prescriber about any issues with a drug. As it is still winter, I hope you have found some help with your SAD. I can relate to your problem with SAD as I seem to develop deeper depression after returning from a winter vacation. It happens every time. This becomes an even bigger issue with jetlag and moving back 14 time zones. I never have trouble going ahead on the clock but always coming home. I am not sure if thats because the vacation is over or the effect of my circadian rhythm being out of whack in combination with less sunlight. Best wishes!
  2. Thanks Jacqui and best of luck. Let us know how you make out.
  3. I am being treated for low testosterone as well as depression. I would like to know how many other guys reading this forum have this problem. Please tell us your story. I am currently taking a prescribed testosterone supplement "Andriol" and antidepressant "Cymbalta" in conjunction with "Zopiclone" for a sleep aid. I have used 3 different testosterone prescriptions and none of them are (in my opinion) great. I have used many antidepressants as well and they all have their pros and cons. Has anyone reading this forum been successfully treated for the conditions of hypogonadism (low testosterone) and depression, anxiety and sleep disorder. It's hard to know what is causing the symptoms and side effects.
  4. peacockYBC, I have similar problems with cymbalta, especially after going off gluten. I eat a steady diet of nuts and seeds including peanuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I also eat lots of fruit and vegetables like celery, broccoli and cauliflower just to name a few. When all else fails I occasionally use a stool softener.
  5. Henrithecat, Have you ever tried cymbalta on it's own? That is what I am currently using and I would like a decrease in adverse sexual effects. The possibility of improvement by adding wellbutrin is intriguing to me. I look forward to your reply.
  6. I am a guy and I have experienced similar feelings when I have started several antidepressants. I get a weird sensation for a week or two that goes away completely after being on the meds for a while. I end up with a certain amount of deadening of sensation after a period of time that persists after I am on the medication. Although I am not an expert I would suspect your genitals are re-acquiring their original sensations and should feel normal after a period of time. Good luck and please keep us informed.
  7. Hi. I suffered from a lot of abdominal discomfort over the years. After a week in Mexico I seemed a lot better. How many people get a cure from diarrhoea by going to Mexico? After a complete accounting of my diet before my trip I came up with the culprit to my problem, it was bread. I have been tested for celiac, the test came back negative. I still don't eat bread except for turkey stuffing once a year, and for that I pay dearly. What's in the bread that causes my problems? maybe yeast, or gluten or just wheat. For the most part I avoid most gluten sources and my gastric problems are pretty much cured. As far as depression or anxiety I have found no difference. The same is true for my ability to sleep, no better. My life is confusing.
  8. Good question. I have never experienced an increase in sexual desire or function while on an antidepressant. I have experienced varying negative effects to my sexual function on all of my antidepressant meds both past and present. I have always had to weigh these adverse effects with the positive benefits of the treatment. My questions are: are there any effective antidepressants that don't cause some form of sexual function change? (if so which ones) is it worth sexual dysfunction to you from medication to effectively treat depression and anxiety?
  9. I am no expert, but when I have changed meds in the same class I had no problem. You have changed to a different drug group "tetracyclic antidepressant" which I have never taken. My former GP discussed prescribing this med for me once, he claimed it to be very effective and having low sexual adverse effects. I seem to be the person that acquires all of the side effects listed on a medication, and that includes the rare ones too. All you can do is have some faith that it will help and hope for the best. It seems that anti depressant medication prescribing is like a trial and error formula. You may need to try several meds before you hit the one that's right for you. You may also have to accept mild side effects for your overall wellbeing. Best wishes!
  10. Before I ever took an ssri or other anti depressant i was prescribed elavil (name seems like evil) for insomnia. It really did nothing for me at the dose I took other than give me a dry mouth. I eventually got a real sleeping pill that worked.
  11. I'm not sure if it's age related or drug related but I also have tinnitus. I am currently on cymbalta but the problem started quite a while back. I think I really noticed it when on Lamactal (lamotrigine). The ringing is especially noticeable in quiet times but even now as I type with the radio on I hear the ringing just fine.
  12. I used lamictial for a while (can't remember exactly how long) It actually worked pretty well once I got up in dosage (can't remember the exact dose). I never really felt comfortable on a drug that might causse a deadly rash. Maybe it wasn't doing much for my anxiety. Eventually I asked to change because of ringing in my ears. I still have the ringing so I guess it was something else. While taking it I never had any other adverse effects like sexual dysfunction, which was a first for me with a depression / anxiety med. Usually if you read the adverse effects part on the pill box, 99% of that applies to me.
  13. Paxil was the first AD I was prescribed. I was on it for 6 months or so. During this time my mood improved but I always felt like I was a zombie in a dream. My thinking was unclear and made me at risk for injury at work.
  14. I used it for a few months and my main reason for quitting was clenching and grinding my teeth. Whatever the reason I could not control this action and even found myself thinking a beat or song and clenching my teeth to the beat in my head. Result, sore jaw, teeth and gums. I also increased night time teeth grinding for which I already wear a night guard. As soon as I told my psychiatrist he switched my meds. Ended up on Cymbalta and it took a while to control the clenching.
  15. Hi desert760, I am on cymbalta and have sexual related side effects (mostly desire and satisfaction). I am very interested in how you progress after you stop taking it. I have found the sexual side effects to change a little over the time I have taken cymbalta. In general it seems to be worse the longer I take it. My desire is mostly zero and attempts are generally quite disappointing. I am considering this very day on whether I need to discontinue taking it or not but am worried about being overwhelmed by depression and anxiety. Your experience would be very helpful, Good luck.
  16. Velthir, how have you been since you quit cymbalta? I have just joined this forum and read your posts. I too am on cymbalta and zopiclone. I can not sleep well without zopiclone. In fact no matter how tired I am when my head hits the pillow my mind comes to life. I also wake up in the middle of the night and maybe take 1 more (or 1/2) 7.5mg tablet and go back to bed. It is very difficult to be productive during the day when I am tired. In fact the more tired I feel the more depressed I feel about not feeling well. I have talked to my psychiatrist about quitting cymbalta and he laid out a schedule for me to follow. Truthfully though, I am afraid to go off of it for fear of withdrawal symptoms. Also after 2 years on these 2 drugs I am not sure if my sex life will ever return. I am not sure if this is an age or drug related issue. I am feeling really uncertain right now of what is the right thing for me.
  17. I take my cymbalta in the morning and it's always with food. The one time I took it on an empty stomach I thought I was going to die. It seemed like it burned ***** right through me. I have tried taking it with my evening meal and it kept me awake.
  18. Countryman, are you still on 30mg? It's been a while since you last posted so how about an update.
  19. I have been on cymbalta for almost 2 years and I have lost about 25 lbs. I don't believe the weight loss was from cymbalta but more from joining a gym, working out more and taking up yoga. The reason I had 25 lbs to shed was mainly due to taking fluvoxamine for 2 years. During those 2 years on fluvoxamine I definitely put on some fat and that was the main reason for discontinuing fluvoxamine.
  20. Hi. I am new to this forum but have been treated for anxiety and depression for about 5 years. The first 2 years I was on fluvoxamine (Luvox trade name) and quit because of weight gain and I thought I didn't need it. So eventually I tried cipralex and I immediately started clenching my teeth and grinding at night (I am already wearing a night guard for grinding). I then tried Cymbalta and immediately felt better. I continued to have sleep trouble and I am now taking zopiclone at bedtime. So the short answer is Yes I have taken cipralex/lexapro before cymbalta. It did not work for me.
  21. I have trouble sleeping on a good day. Since taking cymbalta I believe my sleeping has become worse. I am currently taking zopiclone at bedtime and that helps. I have been on both drugs for 2 years.
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