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  1. Vanis I definitely know how you feel. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed or if I take a sleeping pill or not. My internal chime rings at 1:30 to 3:00 am and I know the real alarm is set for 5:30am. It makes for a long night that's short on sleep.
  2. Jakewolf4 Welcome to DF. Keep posting and keep in touch. Depression and self worth are hard to understand. Your feeling of seeing no future is a sad one that I have occasionally experienced as well. I too, have no intention of ******* myself (hope you are on the same page) but I have had thoughts like "no hope for my future". Please realize that when you think those thoughts it may be caused by the depression or even the drugs you have been prescribed. It's scary ! I want to live, I want to enjoy life. I have seen what suicide can do to a family and it is very sad. I'm not trying to guilt you or anything like that but suicide is terrible and permanent pain on your family and even class mates. If you even have the slightest feeling that you will harm yourself PLEASE seek help immediately. I wish you the best and hope you find some comfort and help here on DF. Take Care!
  3. Meirionne You are more "normal" than you realize. What you describe is what many of us (me for sure) feel on an ongoing basis. I too have a great family. Wife, children and grandchildren. I share your exact feelings with depression. I am starting to think my depression is worse in winter from lack of daylight. I am going to try "light therapy" next winter and see if that helps. I discussed this with my psychiatrist yesterday and he said there is no point starting light therapy this late in the winter. I do feel like I need to double my meds (which is to say that my meds seem to be only 1/2 working). I have a surgery booked that makes the phyciatrist reluctant to change meds for about 6 weeks. I'm going to fight this one through by trying to relax and go to the gym more often as well as sharing my problems here. I hope you are able to find some relief by talking things over with us. God bless you and your family. Take care!
  4. On my down days it lasts all day long. Good thing for me it's not every day. As far as anxiety, it comes and goes with happenings in my life.
  5. Zarraz Welcome to DF. I think you have made a good start on your journey of recovery by seeking help when you recognized a problem. I share a lot of your symptoms especially procrastination. I wish you well and pray for your speedy recovery.
  6. My depression has made me feel more faith in god. Sounds strange but true and I don't understand why.
  7. I am grateful for my family which I love and adore. I have a beautiful wife and 2 great kids, 2 great inlaw kids and 2 absolutely adorable baby granddaughters. I am thankful that I can live a comfortable life regardless of the weather outside.
  8. No. I don't hate myself. I have some irrational ideas and thoughts that make no sense though. But I definitely don't hate myself. I am disturbed by the amount of people that are saying yes to this poll. I hope that every one looks into their soul and sees that glimmer of hope that I know we all have. Regardless of your situation there are people on this forum that truly care. Take care every one and give yourself a loving hug!
  9. ThisTreeHasFallen I never really had any upset stomach when taking cymbalta with even a small amount of food. I take it a breakfast and sometimes only eat a grapefuit and a few cashews. No problems.
  10. Hi everyone I'm 56 and semi ********.... Oh I mean semi- retired. lol (my favorite line). I could have any job I wanted but unfortunately I probably couldn't cope with full time. I'm sorta tied to a family farm where I work seasonally which suits me fine. My wife is full time and she is getting stressed by work and that is really bothering me. If you met me you would think I had the world by the tail, great wife, nice (adult) kids, grandchildren, nice home etc. I have it all! Including a bit of depression, anxiety and sexual dysfunction. I would even consider that I have above average intelligence, but obviously not enough to outthink my brain shortcomings. Depression is like my shadow following me, always close by. Since I've been on AD's I can actually say I like myself. I treat people better and actually care about others. My temper is well controlled, I feel in control of my anger and emotions. Life is pretty good, actually pretty fantastic. I'm glad to be alive! Hope every one 40+ is too! I also vote for a 40+ private forum that could be read be members only. Wouldn't that be sweet? Regards to all the oldies !
  11. Uksteve When you take 120mg of cymbalta that are the stronger side effects that you notice? I've been on cymbalta for 2 years and there are many days I feel like I need more - especially lately. I asked my Dr about getting off cymbalta because I was feeling good. Now I'm freaking out about stuff and I have yet to change my dose. ie thinking about stopping cymbalta has me stressed. Your input would be valuable to me. Regards.
  12. Kateach Some time has passed since your post, if you are still active on the forum I would like to hear how your are doing with cymbalta. I'm on 60mg and think I may need a higher dose or something else / additional. Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I love Jack Reacher, I'll try the Sixth Man. Thanks Mom!
  14. Solarflare, sorry you have to choose between depression and orgasm. I too struggle with this and most days cymbalta solving depression wins out while sexuality comes last or not at all.
  15. deojison1 I would like to cheer you up and welcome you to DF. I certainly am no expert on cymbalta side effects, although I should be, because I seem to get them all. Seriously though, I would like to share some of the things that have helped me get back to my normal weight. I think even if cymbalta has made you gain weight that there is hope for you while continuing on cymbalta. The first thing you should do is to either join a gym or find a yoga studio near by. If you are new to yoga take a beginner class. Do Not have any fears about body shape or size. Some of my instructors have been little, and some not so little. The students in class vary from petite to large. As a male I always feel self conscious in a class of mostly women . Yoga is a relaxing and healthy form of exercise. It helps with breathing and it has made a difference in other activities I do. Part one gym or yoga, maybe both. I have a personal trainer that helps me but that is not cheap. If you can't afford that check online for exercises you can do at home. Part two. Change the food you eat. I quit eating bread, pasta, potato chips, soda and most junk food. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Snack on healthy foods like apples and oranges, celery and carrots. Now my junk foods are cashews, seeds and nuts. Never buy the junk candy / chips in the store because if you are like me the temptation is to much to overcome. Shop wisely. Eat lots of protein. That is available in nuts, seeds,lentils, beans, meats, fish and one of my breakfast favourites a protein fruit smoothie. If you buy protein powder from some place like walmart, costco or a fitness place - that's a good start. Mix the powder with some juice or water and add frozen fruit & berries in a blender. Fruit smoothies last me all morning and even longer with some healthy snacks along the way. Read labels on the food you buy, and avoid over processed foods with chemical sounding names in them. One trainer told me her cupboards were bare but her fridge was full. Avoid high sodium levels in processed and canned foods like soup. Learn to make your own soup (internet & trial and error). Be resourceful. Example; cut up one rotisserie chicken from supermarket, one huge pan, water, carrots, celery, onion, brown rice noodles, pepper, corn.... soup. Avoid refined corn sweeteners, chemical sweeteners, (protein mix shopping you must read labels). Mass food producers don't care about your health, their products are quite often not healthy. This post is too long already, but I wish you the best and look forward to your comments.
  16. OnMeds Thanks for making me smile. Good luck on Lamotrigine. I used it for a while and thankfully for me it did not cause larger breasts or a rash. I thought it caused ringing ears but since I switched to something else my ears still ring. Keep us informed on your progress! :)
  17. BreakMyFall I have the same feeling as you have with respect to getting out of bed. No matter how good or bad my sleep, it is never easy for me to get up in the morning. After a bad sleep, I go through the day like a zombie on auto pilot, I am just so tired. But come to bedtime I still can get to sleep. I use zopiclone to help out with sleep but still feel tired in the morning. Most nights one pill gets me through to about 2am, not when I want to wake up either!
  18. Dry mouth has beed a side effect that I get from every AD I have taken. Some times are worse than others even on the same medication. Dry mouth seems to vary from day to day like the weather. When I get up in the night for the toilet i always get a drink to wet my mouth. Unfortunately the time I seem most thirsty is just before bed. Not a good time to chug a litre of water and then expect to sleep all night.
  19. I guess Wellbutrin isn't for me then. I already have sleep problems with the Cymbalta so it's unlikely that Wellbutrin would be of any use for me. I wouldn't mind some positive sexual side effects not to mention a bit more zip that people claim to get from Wellbutrin.
  20. I think every family has some one that suffers from some form of mental illness. Any person or family that thinks they haven't got any mental illness probably has a lack of communication. In my family it doesn't get talked about. Here I am, living proof.
  21. I too love eating but over several years have been able to control my weight by changing the food that I consume. I have switched my comfort food from chips and the like to fruits, vegetables and nuts. A sweet treat for me is raisins. But carrot sticks, celery and other raw vegetables make a good snack while reading. I have a tv but seldom watch it because tv advertisements make me hungry. They advertise everything you should avoid. Weight loss involves more than diet change, it requires a lifestyle change which includes exercise as simple as a walk after dinner. I look in the mirror for motivation. I wish you luck!
  22. I would be interested in trying Weelbutrin, I am currently on cymbalta with zopiclone for sleeping. Would Wellbutrin add any zip in my motivation. As it is, even I feel like I am lazy and currently no where approaching any self motivation. I can't imagine what others think. I have a Dr appointment in a week, any suggestions? Thanks
  23. I am PRO medication, they definitely help me. I am somewhat confused by the recent media reports that indicate that antidepressants are no better than placebo. How can that be? Maybe brushing without toothpaste works just as well? I think not.
  24. Avian86 Forgive me if my next comment offends you. Sometimes women defy male comprehension and understanding. I've been married 32 years to the best women. There's still times I don't know what's going on with her. She's the same with me I guess. We treat each other well and with total respect and trust. After 32 years there is no doubt about our love, and I know how lucky I am for that. Somehow you have to deal with the mysterious part of her that you will never understand. Good luck with your relationship and concentrate on the what you know and understand, I am sure the rest will fall in place. Happy Times!
  25. Why does the gel make you sick? I am on the injections for Testosterone replacement, and they make my mood go on a rollercoaster. I am going to try the gel or the patches soon enough. My levels were depleted after chronic opioid treatment therapy for chronic pain levels and im only 25! Avian86 The first product I used was Testim gel. It has a scent that eventually saturated my clothing. I eventually could smell it everywhere and even taste it. My wife could even smell the scent in my freshly laundered clothing. I eventually tried Androgel, and I found no improvement with my symptoms. I searched out a new doctor and he prescribed me Andriol capsules (2 pills twice daily). They need to be taken with food containing fat. I eat nuts & fruit at brakfast and a regular meal in the evening. Usually you have some fat in your evening meal, cheese, salad oil, fried food or something suitable. After a year or two (with low blood available T) my doctor suggested I go back on Androgel. You have to rub this goo all over your shoulders in the morning (after a shower) and let it dry. So I put it on and would worry about it transferring to my personal trainer (female) or wife or children. When you sweat it come through your shirt (I am sure). At the time I switched from Andriol capsules to Androgel I was doing 1 full hour on the exercise bike at 132 heart rate. It had taken me over a year to achieve that intensity on the exercise bike and I lost it in a month. I also felt like I was retaining fluid on the Androgel. In my opinion the gel is just gross. It's like covering your body with the alcohol gel hand sanitizer, cold and messy. Wash your hands with soap and water and make sure you use a different towel than anyone else in the house or you may transfer it to a female or child. All of the above and then there is intimate contact in bed, wear a shiirt. My doctor actually suggested I apply the gel at the gym after showering, I said "you have got to be kidding!", but he was serious. I actually wanted to try injections and he wouldn't let me..... so I stick to the oral capsules. If you swim, sweat or shower after application of the gel, it's just a pain! I would sweat so much in hot yoga my shirt would be slippery with the gel...
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