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  1. wintergrace good luck on Tuesday. I don't always go out every day, but most days I have to leave the house, I always feel better for it. I especially like being outside in the sunshine even if its only walking or driving. It's winter here and it makes it difficult to get out as much as I would like. Take care and poke your nose out the door for a breath or two. I hope it brightens your day!
  2. Pearson. Sorry things kinda got out of hand with your brother. Did you ever think your mental health may be genetic? I'm no expert but I can see my problems in some of my siblings. It could be your brother already knows how you feel. If he doesn't know I guess that's good for him. I had no idea or care about mental health until I had problems. Depression is hard to understand even when you've got it, not to mention understanding it when you don't have it. ( hope that makes sense). The stigma of mental health will never go away because the average person doesn't understand what depression and anxiety (in my case) really are. Hope you feel better soon. Take care :)
  3. -28.7C it's just a bit nippy, great weather for making ice cubes out doors though!
  4. If I have OCD it is the limited version.... I have a thing about public wash rooms, hand washing and washroom door knobs. This also extends to shopping carts and other things that people touch. I have some other weird quirks, but don't care to share them today.
  5. I switched with out any problems. I was on Lexapro (I think) and went straight to 60mg of Cymbalta. That was 2 years ago. I also take zopiclone at night to sleep. I still have some off times, but overall cymbalta works great for me. I hope it works great for you too! Take Care
  6. D3vo are lexapro and abilify helping you? Why both drugs? How about side effects?
  7. crazyguy

    Dbt Therapy

    I'm on cymbalta for depression and anxiety and zopiclone to help me sleep. I'm doing pretty well right now realizing that nothing is perfect. I've tried several other ADs in the past but cymbalta seems the best for me so far. I was diagnosed with depression over 5 years ago and have come to realize I have had this as far back as high school. I made it to my late 40s before I ever got help. I'm lucky my wife stuck with me because I have had some very moody times. She always told me I needed anger managent. Who knew? On ADs I'm like a different guy, no rage.
  8. Scotty I asked my psychiatrist about adding Wellbutrin to my Cymbalta and he told me it would increase my anxiety. I'd love to try it though.
  9. I feel somehow better knowing I'm not the only one that gets what I call "dumb ideas". For example, some one special phones when not expected and I think it might be bad news. Of course totally unfounded. Or my wife on her daily work commute. I'm not sure how to deal with these thoughts when they pop in for a visit.
  10. Fangirl. I usually trust my first impression / instinct. If you're not feeling well about your initial appointment with your therapist maybe that's a sign. With regard to an associated therapist / psychiatrist clinic; it sounds like a good idea to me. One thing I always wonder, what is contained in the communication between my MD and psychiatrist? As far as I can tell in my case there is not much. If they are communicating about me they do a good job of hiding it! Please keep us informed. Good luck.
  11. Trace, you are impressive and what a great attitude. Now to address Jacqui41's question. I have done it all from farming to web design instructor, including work in the oil patch drilling for oil and gas. I'm taking it a bit easier now and spend my extra hours working on fitness, reading and a bit of farming. If I had unlimited resources I would love to travel the world.
  12. Lexapro made me grind my teeth. I already wear a night guard for grinding (not sure if it's anxiety)... but Lexapro made my whole head hurt I was grinding so much. I moved onto to something newer and better. That was a few meds ago.
  13. crazyguy

    Dbt Therapy

    D3vo I had to google it. Wikipedia has a good explanation of DBT. No I'm not part of DBT, but when I read the article I realized I am covering a lot of the points in DBT. For me it's things like yoga (that covers a lot of points in ACCEPTS & IMPROVE for example). Another thing that helps me is this forum. Positive help for others, I am not alone, and I could be far worse. Actually the "I could be far worse" thing is pretty obvious just walking down the street. Everyone on this forum has access to internet, I see people every day on the street with no home let alone a computer or internet access . While that is very disturbing to me, it puts my gripes into perspective. Anyhow, DBT sounds like a great program and I'm glad it's working for you. Maybe talking about it here will help others!
  14. M of P I was a whiz at math in 1970's and now I use my fingers and toes. The only logs I know are in my fireplace. All of this because I never used it in my field of work. I doubt I could even re- learn it now. It's harder to learn the older you get. Best advise: learn it while you can! lol have fun passing that one on.
  15. Clarissa. Welcome to DF. I checked your blog. The main page works ok, but any links i clicked did not work, including the "read more". If you can't figure out the blog send me a Personal Message. I have played with wordpress on my site and when you are self hosting it can be hard to configure. Good luck on fixing that !
  16. Jacqui41, a friend of mine is on a weight watchers program where he weighs the food etc. He tells me that fruits and vegetables are free foods. ( you can eat as much of that as you want). I get hungry at bedtime regardless of what I eat. Sometimes a have (1/4cup) lightly salted peanuts (I rub the salt off ). I find if I eat baked goods like bread for a snack it permanently sticks to my ribs ... as fat. I can't remember if you are in North America or Europe... but Quinoa (pronounce Keen-wah) is high in protein and better than potatoes or even rice. Have you tried Quinoa? My best tip is don't go down the junk food isle while shopping. If you don't buy the bad stuff you can't eat it at home. I have zero will power to resist eating junk if it's in the house. Good Luck!
  17. I am up to 5. That's less than 1 a year. I did not understand depression until I lived in it, so I guess I don't expect any one else too either. Yes it's a dirty little secret.
  18. Bleedingheart Good news, glad to hear that positive attitude! Take Care
  19. Spaceman Seek professional help and take care. Please keep us posted.
  20. Meirionne have you tried yoga? It sure helps me stay active flexible and relax. It helps me control my breathing at anxious times like when I get my blood pressure taken (which freaks me out). I don't have high BP until I see the doctor Since practicing yoga I can control my breathing and even slow down my brain and body to a relaxed state. You also meet some great people in yoga, many of which are looking for the same thing as you and me! Kindest regards. Namaste.
  21. jacqui41 how are you doing? I'm no expert on nutrition but I have read that the older you get the more protein you should eat. I work on that principle in my diet and it seems to be working. I find that protein helps fill the void and bring satisfaction. I'm not sure how old you are but maybe that would work for you . I try to find protein form all forms not just meat. Beans, lentils nuts and seeds as well as protein smoothies made with fruit and protein powder work for me. i know how hard it is to shed weight, the older I get the harder it is. I hope you are doing well, take care!
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