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  1. To clarify, I've had hearing loss and a bit of ringing in my ears for some time now. The dropping sensation I have is definitely like an elevator dropping or coming over a Ferris wheel. It happens when I am totally stationary which is the weirdest thing. It's triggered by things I see when watching tv our around people. Usually associated with others being hurt or scared. Since taking Wellbutrin this sensation isn't as strong as it was. My reference to my BP being lower was just that it seems lower at the doctors office (that's when it usually spikes). Keep in mind I have been on this drug for about a month.
  2. Hi. I have this issue that's slowly getting worse. I wold like to hear from others with the same problem. My problem, certain events cause me to have an instant, intense falling or dropping sensation. The intense feeling of an elevator dropping. I think its anxiety. I get this from fairly simple and everyday events. A little kid falling down for example, even if they don't get injured. Watching a show like Home Alone, where bad things happen to bad guys will even do it. Watching any movie where someone gets injured. This falling sensation is taking over my existence. I have previously suffered from depression and over the years have taken a varied list of SSRI and SNRI drugs. The last few years I have been off all antidepressants and doing mostly great. I've had several anxious events happen in the last year. Number one, the falling sensation which is progressively getting worse. Number two, as an advanced scuba diver I felt extremely anxious on a couple of my dives. Enough so, I felt like I was starving for air. Not a welcome feeling 25 metres below the surface. Number three, I have white coat elevated blood pressure. My blood pressure can get high the very second a nurse or doctor says they will be taking my BP. When I take it myself at home, it is always lower, but even at home I can stress myself while taking my own BP if I think about the doctor. After several years of going to 6 month checkups, without any medications, I recently asked my psychiatrist for medication. My guidelines, nothing to make me fat, or cause sexual disruptions. I'm now on Wellbutrin for over a month at 300 mg of Wellbutrin XL (generic Bupropion). The falling sensation has eased somewhat so far, but the sleeping, or lack of sleeping is really bad. I feel smarter and more energetic, but lucky if I can get 5 or 6 hours of sleep per night, even if using prescribed sleeping pills (zolpidem). That's my story. How prevalent is this falling sensation? Just me or what? The only side effect so far have been a slight increase in ringing in my ears, lower blood pressure, higher sex drive and way more intense orgasms. I'm just baffled by that. Something good! Thanks for reading and listening.
  3. c4n4y Did you find the nausea subsided any with the lower dose of 5 mg? I quit taking 10 mg because it felt like my stomach was going to burn out of me. Very uncomfortable. I did find that was the only bad effect and the improvement in my MDD & Anxiety was good. I recently started taking it again because I was so bothered by the falling/dropping sensation from my anxiety. I have tried anti nausea pills and Gaviscon antacid to help, but nothing really stops the stomach issue completely. I find the sexual effects of Trintellex to be minimal, but not zero. I was also bothered by finishing the job. I must say that my falling/dropping sensation was gone in 2 days, maybe I could use a lower dose and avoid the side effects. I'll. talk to my doc about that soon.
  4. When I discontinued Cymbalta it took months to feel normal sexually. It's been over 18 months without medication. In the last few months I have had much worse anxiety than anything previously experienced. I still have a stash of Cymbalta (as per agreement with psychiatrist) so if I felt the need before my next appointment I could start taking them again. After 4 days I could not orgasm normally. In 6 days I felt much less anxiety. After a couple weeks of unable to get sexual release I quit Cymbalta. I also had started back on the Wellbutrin at 150mg, but thats not cutting the anxiety alone anymore. It sure helped with my desires though. Mix great desire with impossible resolution and you have frustration. Anxiety and frustration. Cymbalta makes it so hard to finish. I just shake like I'm having tremors or becoming possessed by demons. Sometimes while trying to get there, I lose all pleasurable feelings and it becomes an annoying sensation. I can go for a while with a good feeling and then it switches to uncomfortable, it is so bizarre. Speaking of bizarre Vanta, you should never feel bad telling your doctor that you cant orgasm because of a medication, I am sure your doctor has heard it before. My doctor was quick to admit that it is a common problem and yet they don't know why. Best of luck to you and any others with this problem.
  5. MurseHog. I take cymbalta, wellbutrin and androgel (plus a pile of other stuff for heart and pain management). I have never had any anger issues, even since starting Wellbutrin 300 mg a bit less than a year ago. I did have super low T at one point (many years ago) so that is at least under control now. I take 4 pumps a day and seem to be fine. I have heard of "roid rage" from steroid abuse. Is your testosterone level too high? What are you using for replacement? The adding of SSRI or SNRI may cure your mood issues but chances are it could affect your libido and sexual ability. If that matters to you then you need to bring this up with your prescribing doctor. Good luck!
  6. Sounds like a cool app! I have an iPhone so I can't have the great experience. hint hint
  7. I slept in! Yay, I'm trying to recover from too much work and not enough sleep. What's in store for today? Clean my wife's car and my pickup. I might even have dinner on the table when she gets home tonight! <3
  8. I think that PSSD is real. It may not always be permanent but in some people it quite likely is. My experience, SNRI for years, Cymbalta up to 90 mg. Sex was barely ok with medical intervention. I had delayed orgasms and it usually required additional help to come after intercourse. Finally I quit Cymbalta for a year. My orgasms were by now weak and only one twitch but they still gave me some satisfaction. After a year of being off it, I had to go back on Cymbalta. At the initial does of 30 mg for one week I was having sexual dysfunction worse than ever. I moved to 60 mg as per instructions after the first week and I never orgasmed again, even back at 30 mg. I was given additional Wellbutrin 300 mg and it made my libido rise but not my penis. Hours of actual wife or self stimulation was no help, I could not get off. By now I am using penis injections for erections. They are awesome and give the best wood in years!! My wife is happy, I am not so much. After intercourse it is a ritual to try by hand. Most times all that happens is something weird and embarrassing to describe. I get twitching in my legs and toes intense sensation but no orgasm. After a point my organ is so extremely sensitive we have to quit. I am ready the next day to try it again as my libido is doing fine. Nothing really changes and I never orgasm or ejaculate. My next experiment was to see how long I would be off cymbalta before I could orgasm. The answer is about 1 week with no Cymbalta but still taking the Wellbutrin. Within one week off Cymbalta I have the original sadness I was taking the drug for. I feel good taking Cymbalta other than the sexual side effects.
  9. Kiesha, you have the same symptoms as I have with Cymbalta. I started Cymbalta 5 years ago and at the time it didn't **** the big OH, just delayed it. I started at 30 mg, then went to the "therapeutic dose" 60 mg for a long time. Finally I was on 90 mg and it did slightly more harm to the big OH. Eventually I asked to get off Cymbalta and had a great year of sex (just kidding). When I had to go back onto Cymbalta, starting again at 30mg, I had diminished sensation during orgasm. When I went to 60 mg after a week of being on the 30 mg startup dose, I lost all ability to orgasm. *** I though! When I complained to the psychiatrist he prescribed Wellbutrin 300 xl to take with the Cymbalta. It definitely helped me feel the need for sex but did not cure the cymbalta-gasm dilemma. My family doctor said I may have to make a choice for one or the other. Drug or sex, um, feel good up there, or, feel good down there. Now, we are talking about a doctor that hasn't had this happen to him yet. Even taking the Cymbalta at 30 or 60 mg along with the Wellbutrin, I have a desire for sexual satisfaction. The more times I fail at finishing during intercourse or alone, the more frustrated I become. It is like I become obsessed with the desire to come. I am currently just taking 30 mg of Cymbalta along with Wellbutrin and my psychiatrist is fine with that. I can stop Cymbalta completely for a few days with no sign of depression, crying or orgasm returning. My latest experiment is going off Cymbalta long enough to come. It's taking about 5 or more days for my ability to return which is about the same time it takes to feel sad about the stupidest things. Kiesha I totally agree with you, when on Cymbalta (also an SNRI class as Effexor is) I could be mortally wounded by the genitals and feel no pain. It's actually like the poor bits are already cut off from my body, that's how dead the sensation is. My difference is the lack of sensation is becoming the thing I am most obsessed about, the desire to "try again" is like a snowball rolling down the mountain. It just keeps getting bigger and faster! Nothing like obsessing about your next big OH, and never getting it. Keisha when you said "Initially I am so doped up that I could loose my naughty bits and not even know it" It struck me like a brick and prompted my response. My difference, Wellbutrin, which drives up the desire, and that is it!
  10. I take 300 mg of Wellbutrin XL (along with a bit of Cymbalta) and I can have a few drinks with no problems other than getting slightly tipsy. Every time I see my cardiologist I have to fill in a form... which asks the same questions as the last time. How many drinks of alcohol ? Answering social drinking does NOT cut it for an answer. 7 drinks per week or less does ! I'm sure I average far less than 7 per week over a month or year.
  11. Getting told not to work tomorrow would lead me to believe I had lost my sense of reality ... or my job! LOL, A day off is definitely a happy thing!
  12. I was finally diagnosed with depression before I discovered that I had developed severe hypogonadism. Even whilst taking Androgel it seems that I still need an antidepressant to keep me happy. Looking back over the years I think I may have always had a bit of a problem particularly with control of anger and temper. Now my main symptom is increased sadness to the point of crying about silly things. This is not how any guy wants to feel. Unfortunately my Cymbalta is playing havoc with one of the things that I want from my testosterone. So, I have skipped the Cymbalta now for 4 days (but still taking the Wellbutrin) and I could have cried watching the news on tv tonight.
  13. Cymbalta is worth a try but truthfully it likely won't do anything for your pain but it should help your depression caused by the pain (my non expert opinion). I have, in the past, tried Lyrica and Tramadol as well and it did nothing for nerve pain in my shoulder. Lyrica made me feel like I was losing my memory. I also used Tramadol and it was not very effective either. Your doctor just doesn't wan't to get you on a stronger narcotic (in my opinion) if something else will work for you. There's nothing to lose from trying Cymbalta though, so good luck. Cymbalta sure works good for my sadness but it does cause some side effects with my love life. Getting back to pain control, I am using Dilaudid along with Tylenol and Ibuprofen to control arthritis in my hands and wrists. Dilaudid side effects are scary though and I'm totally scared about the addictive aspect of narcotic pain meds. Narcotics also cause drowsiness and withdrawl symptoms that are terrible. Therefore starting at the least dangerous and working up is the best policy regardless of what worked for me or anyone else. Good luck !
  14. You know Corbin, when I was 18, I had friends that were girls and friends that were guys. I hung around with guys mostly, but I could talk to girls all day long. I never really got the urge to ask a girl out until long after high school. Eventually I did just that. I think in your case you need to just carry on with life whether it be, in school or work, be the best you can be at what you want. Cultivate friends not based on gender, but on their quality characteristics as human beings, as friends. Don't be in a rush to categorize yourself. I think we live in a world of "too much information" and "too much social pressure". Whatever your sexual orientation is, people will accept you for being you. You have to accept you for being who you are. Until you know the answer, carry on. Best of all Good Luck!
  15. Wow, you have a right to be scared! I'm on Cymbalta, which by the way is not an SSRI but an SNRI. It sounds to me (a person with multiple allergies) that you are more likely allergic to some component in the actual pill. Talk to a pharmacist about what common ingredients are in these to drugs. Titanium dioxide and all the other things. I found that 30 mg Cymbalta has a different dye than 60 mg Cymbalta. I now take 2 - 30 mg Cymbalta pills. Also, any chance you had a reaction to something else unrelated? If not, there are lots of other medications that can give the same result. It's just like Tylenol and Advil, they both lower pain. Good luck and keep working for an improved emotional state! If you can't find a suitable drug consider asking your doctor about rTMS. Good luck!
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