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  1. I didn't do too bad today on 5 hour's sleep. I had waves of anxiety but also waves of enjoyment I got outside for a bit and was semi productive. Thats a win for me Nite folks
  2. Have you been shovelling today or have you given up the ghost?
  3. 7011 steps at the local lake. I did three laps round. First lap, I enjoyed, second lap, I felt anxious and third lap was ok. That just about sums up my life I think
  4. Rough night. I don't know what stories narc mom has been telling about me but I can hazard a guess. I saw a family member today I haven't seen in years and I got the impression that he thought I was a complete hermit or something... I could be wrong here but narc mom tells all kinds of stories. The things he was saying were strange and didn't seem to make sense. It did seem like he held the belief I was a hermit. I know she loved telling that story for a good while so maybe he does think like that. And he seemed confused when I said I was moving away. ...Also kept saying strange things about me leaving the city and not going too far haha
  5. I don't think they feel as bad as us lot but I think that they paint a picture of life being great when its far from it. I think the majority of people are pretending
  6. Not much peace here at mom's as usual. She's always calling people in to do this or that for her. I rarely do that and I normally spend most of my time alone. Its not so easy for me. This week hasn't been so bad though. I feel relieved to be away from my neighbours. They are completely under my skin. I am planning to go back there today though to do some yoga and take a bath. Have a good Saturday everyone.
  7. Good to hear you are feeling better cherry
  8. That's really sad Epic. Sorry to hear that
  9. Yeah, I'm full of it when giving advice to others, but I have many, many issues in my own life which I haven't been able to 'fix' Saying that, I don't find your advice condescending at all and it doesn't feel like you are poking your nose in, so that's good You seem to give advice respectfully. I try to do the same Sorry to hear that you often think of ending it. I've experienced periods where that happens too. FWIW you are appreciated here and I hope today is a good one for you
  10. Wanna Live (in) Caravan (So I can move whenever I want)
  11. 6799 steps. I didn't feel like it today, but once I got started, I enjoyed it. OMG the sun shone directly at me for a minute. I felt like dropping to my knees and worshipping the sun god RAA
  12. So I did the deed. I was nervous about it but I got it done. I gave a reason - that it wasn't helping my sleeping issues... So I wasn't just blunt and saying bye with no explanation.... Anyway, she probably won't buy what I said but that's hers to deal with I've been questioning its helpfulness for weeks now. I don't want to give anyone any more money when I don't actually want to be there. I was feeling obliged to go.
  13. We've had fog here today which is pretty unusual. It was quite extreme aswell
  14. Cool. I've gained a few pounds this last week and I'm not too pleased about it... I don't know whether to make myself do a full session of yoga tomorrow or just go for a walk. Hmmmm. Today, I basically ate all day, it was mom's birthday. I feel uncomfortable with my extra pounds
  15. I want to let my therapist go today Can anyone give me tips on how to word the message. It will be a text I was thinking of saying... Hi....I would like to finish the counselling sessions. Thank you for all of your help. .. It seems a bit short and like I'm brutally ending a relationship. It does feel like a relationship that I'm sort of stuck in. But I want out. And I don't think I should feel obliged to explain myself. Any ideas on other ways to word it that may be a little less brutal? I don't want to suck up or sugar coat it though Thanks, NJ
  16. I get it too. I used to take pride in my appearance but now, many of my clothes are worn out and I do the bare minimum to be presentable. Its so strange how life can do a 180 on you.
  17. Quickly got ready after breakfast.. Drove to drive through for a hot chocolate... Then into town... Parked and spoke to solicitor... Then walked into town, went to the bank, the chemist and the bakery.... Drove to the park to enjoy the sunset for 15 minutes, then to mine to put out recycling and pick up some paperwork. Finally, back at mom's now. Had a little chat with everyone and played with my sister's new kitten... Currently relaxing ... Will do meditation in a bit before bed.
  18. 8044 steps today around town and two laps around the small local park.. It was good. Proud of myself for getting it together today after last night, getting some stuff done and getting some steps in.
  19. Hey, I'll join you for the lobotomy. We can go in together
  20. Not true. You provide valuable support for many people here. You don't realise how much we appreciate you! You sober.
  21. Morning all. I couldn't get to sleep till 3am last night after that effing therapy session. I was disturbed by it. Have to go to town today aswell to collect an order... Sometimes it helps to be busier when I'm tired though so fingers crossed I'll manage well enough. Thinking of knocking therapy on the head again. Anyone else given up on therapy/their therapist?
  22. Hi Bulga. Are you leaving us? I'd be sad to see you go. I really enjoy your posts
  23. Caring for animals makes you a decent human being, not a mess. You do you sober, you're great as you are. And so am I. Eff u therapy! I think I'd rather stay demented if that's what I am
  24. Hmm, its not really what I want to learn about. I'm far more interested in energy healing than talk therapy. I felt like crying and not in a good way.. I felt like I was being told off for being who I am. She wasn't happy with my non disclosure. She doesn't get the right to my soul just because she's got a degree. I know plenty of idiots with those Myself included
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