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  1. Not sure if I'm keeping everything together. I just want us all to stay together as much as poss
  2. Feeling icky this afternoon...Tired, beating myself up, I don't know. All of the above. This thing with DF is driving me a little bit nuts aswell. I come here for support and now I've been taking on what feels like too much responsibility......Anyway, that other place is there with a couple of members posting....I think I will leave it at that. I've done my best but everything feels more complicated with members and myself all over the place. What's the moral of the story? Don't try? don't get involved? Don't know..We have two places to meet though.. Maybe it will turn out to be a positive in the long run.
  3. I don't know. It's well moderated, so possibly not. Lol
  4. If you look under 'recent' in the newbie section you should find it there. NJ
  5. Hey guys. I'm still waiting to hear about getting this spam sorted.....As it's ongoing, and people here are dropping like flies, I thought I'd suggest a place we could all meet instead before we lose our community completely.... I've joined up at 7 cups of tea....It looks very big and is a different format to DF but it looks very supportive and active. My name is Nightjar101 there. If anyone else would like to come along and have a look, please do, it would be nice to keep a bit of our community together if we really do have to move on. It could save us from being complete newbies again. Hugs I posted a new thread in the new section called Refuge for DF members. hope it helps
  6. Good morning duck. Hope you have a lovely sleep
  7. Icky day today with NM. Ick. Need to dial down the contact again.. Nite buds. Hope everyone is having a decent enough Sunday..
  8. You're the backbone of this place sober. It will never be the same without you. Thankyou for everything you've done for us
  9. The NHS gives quite clear guidelines about that if you want to check it out online
  10. Yep, lots of parks with walls in the UK. We're short on space I guess, so parks can be quite small and walled in.
  11. Well done on getting your jabs done. You're one ahead of me. It wasn't easy for me to go in and get mine either. The first one was in a place I couldn't reach due to driving anxiety and then they just stopped calling me in for them. I scheduled my own appointments when I found somewhere I could get to
  12. So I just got locked in the park!! I stumbled across some refugees from Russia in there who were also locked in ....And then we were rescued (helped over the wall) by two Ukrainian refugees. ...Oh, and there was a rabbit along for the ride. You couldn't make it up
  13. I just had my second ever covid jab Thought it might be helpful in my attempt to rejoin the human race......Dunno how that's gonna work out though lol
  14. Got some noise from next door tonight. The old fella is rocking out. Lol. Hope I can get off to sleep early enough. Nite buds
  15. I do find meditation helpful, yoga and walking especially but, yep it's making yourself do these things isn't it? I'm having a run of no yoga at the minute. When I'm into it I try and do at least one yoga session a week which helps. It's chilly in the house as heating prices are astronomical here at present and it's not conducive to yoga practice Maybe that's an excuse but it's a good one
  16. Hey duck, that sounds good. I hope you find it helpful. I'm a bit better today after getting a bit more sleep. Hugs
  17. Got a bit panicky earlier. I was just so spaced out from lack of sleep. It wasn't too bad as panicky-ness goes. I'm in bed at 8pm What a pain in the a$$. But I'm willing to do anything to try and get a decent night's sleep. Nite homies
  18. Nice one surf. I underestimate and distrust doctors a lot of the time, but I hear sometimes they can be quite helpful Glad it was worth seeing them for your back. Hopefully, you can get some good results for the r. cuff too
  19. Yikes. But, yeah, I hear you It's not easy for anyone and we're on level hard.
  20. I officially applied for the volunteer role just now. None of it is ever as easy as you think it's gonna be is it? Anyway, I reckon I'd enjoy it if I get it and it should help me get out there a bit again. It's a start. In other news, I've been sleeping for longer spells but then waking up too late in the night to get back off to sleep again before morning so another tired one today. On the upside I think sleeping for a longer period in one go is progress I've also stayed away from the sugar.. Anxiety is still here as always. Has anyone successfully treated their anxiety with anything??? I'm all ears.
  21. I like crime stories, naps and little visits to DF to help me feel ok about the crime stories and naps
  22. I'm in control coz I'm too far away to harass at my place and I've blocked her on my phone. The minute I get too close and vulnerable, I'm in trouble. She will pounce. With distance and my phone blocked I can see her when I choose and when I have enough bandwidth to deal. It's nice to be able to have some contact - she is my mother after all but I have to be vigilant with keeping distance, physically and emotionally. Sad but true.
  23. Bit tired today. Could've done without having an NM 'inspection' at my place but we got a few jobs done (She is very practical) and actually had quite a nice afternoon It does happen on occasion... Especially when I don't ever speak to her on the phone hehe
  24. ....FYI Still waiting on the spam busting powers......I pm'd again today. Shouldn't be too long and hopefully a few of us will be able to get those spammers launched into space
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