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  1. I like coffee I don't drink tea my dear.. er no wait that's wrong 

    I like my toast well done on one side

    As you can hear in my accent when I talk

    I'm an Englishman on the sidewalk... um I mean pavement :laugh:



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    2. hocico


      Ummm I might have cheated a teeny tiny bit and used a still from chariots of fire 😊 (❤️ that film)  I am growing a moustache though and I do have a boater 😆

      :hugs:did you have an enjoyable walk? :smile:

      I went for a walk too, when I got back to the car park there was a Waitrose delivery guy having a fag so I as I wandered past I pointed my finger at him like a highwayman and went "stand and delivery your loo roll" 😂

    3. Nightjar


      Hocico, you're bonkers! But then all the best people are 😊

      I didn't get out for that walk yesterday! I got caught up in all of the housework that needed doing...but today the weather is still lovely in six dots and I'm gonna get out there for my walkies 😁

    4. hocico


      Aw thanks 😊  yes I agree.. but then I am a bit biased 😁

      Yay! 😃 glad the 🌞 is still shining in 6 dots, hope you have a lovely time stretching your leggies and getting some vitamin D. 

      Hocico is currently just having some rooibos and reading his book, he is also thinking about a walk shortly as the 🌞 is shining in many dots too 😊 

      Kind regards,

      Mr Hocico




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