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  1. I wouldn't worry about those questions. In fact, I wouldn't even feel obliged to give them that information. It's personal to you and nobody else's business. Personally, I feel it wise to share that information with very few people and only with people who have taken the time to earn your trust. They just don't need to know. You're not a danger to them and so they don't need to know about it. Practicing silence and yoga might be challenging for some but it shouldn't exacerbate mental health issues. In fact, it should do the opposite. If you happen to faint or something for whatever reason, then at that point you can tell the doctor if you take medication. But only then. And there's no reason you should faint unless they starve you (don't think they would?) Just my thoughts on it. Nightjar
  2. The cool people are the originals. The unique ones with minds of their own. Leaders not followers. That means you. 😊
  3. Had an extra special countryside walk yesterday. It was beautiful. Well worth the effort. I've cleared my schedule today to get a proper yoga workout in. Not feeling motivated but will hopefully get it done 😊
  4. That's lovely to hear. I feel the same. I feel like we are one big unhappy family!
  5. Goodnight guys. Sending love to everyone here... Thankyou guys for being there for me and thankyou all for pulling together since mark's passing. I think he would be proud of how we've supported each other. We must keep supporting each other and never give up. We can do this thing together. We shall never surrender - Winston Churchill.
  6. I just don't want to do anything today. I will. Just don't want to. I overdid it yesterday. It's never a good idea. I crash and burn aftewards.
  7. You matter to us. You matter to me. You mattered to mark. You don't have to pretend to be ok here at least. Wishing you a better day today
  8. Your house sounds lovely. I get that your mind can't be at peace. Mine can't either but I do have glimpses of peace. If everyone took a good look in there they would realise they have exactly the same thing going on: Constant chatter and lots of negativity. Some of us have a more active mind and a more pronounced sense of unease than others but everyone has it. I find it very difficult to switch off at home. My mind is scanning constantly, beep beep, this needs doing, beep beep how am I gonna manage that? beep beep why is the cat looking sad? beep etc etc. So, I find that my relaxation and opportunity to switch off these days happens away from home. I think walking has been my greatest ally. I know it's been a big part of your life too. Here's wishing us all some peace. Lots of love.
  9. I know what you mean and I do it too. Because there really is so much to do right?! Especially for you I imagine because it sounds like you've got a bit of land and a sizeable home. It's lovely to have space to move around in and call your own but it's also a handful. I've got a tiny house, a small garden and a cat who thinks it's a human child to look after(!) and it's just about all I can do to manage. When I say manage I mean I keep it in pretty good order, it's not immaculate. Doing is addictive I think. The more you do, the more you find to do. This can be especially true with housework. You could spend your whole life cleaning the house and there would always be a crumb and a hair on the carpet. It never ends. This is why I think it's important to make time for just 'being'. Oh, easier said than done, definitely but oh, so worth it. I meant to find time for 'doing' and 'being' today and I failed miserably. I've been at it with the housework all day. Zero yoga. Some days however I succeed in spending time just 'being' and it keeps me relatively sane in a mad world. It gives your mind a rest and your body a chance to rest too. I find the only way I can achieve it is to spend time sitting or walking in nature or through yoga and meditation. The rest of the time 'you tube,' housework, my cat child, my crazy mother and/or my to do list swallow me whole. It's important to make time to relax. It's not always possible I know. We're all trying to achieve it as best we can. I think we can all find time to try. I can't always relax when I walk. I don't always enjoy yoga. Sometimes there's not enough hours in the day but life just ain't worth lIving without a sense of rest and relaxation and enjoyment. We should strive for it I think (note to self).
  10. I did an intense yoga warm up and full sun salutation on Sunday evening. I started late: 8:30 pm but it was still good and I'm glad I stuck to my goal that day even though I didn't complete the full workout as planned. I'm headed to the lake later on to do an hours walk. It's gonna be muddy as hell but I think I can take it. I don't mind the mud too much. Just call me Worzel.
  11. I don't know. His threads still being active means that he lives on in some way. His wisdom lIves on in those posts. I certainly wouldn't want to see his photos taken down. He put them there so that his loved ones would be remembered. Let's not have a discussion about this here though. That would be disrespectful I think. Of course if a mod takes action it is their call. Let's leave it there ok?
  12. Feel really sad about markinthedark. I miss him already. His was the first name I looked for. I wonder if he really knew what he meant to us. He was there for me during one of the hardest times in my life and I will never forget that. I really hope he was OK. I'm sorry. To him, to me and to all of us here. It shouldn't have been so bad for him. It shouldn't be this bad for any of us. We should take better care of each other. His messages were so comforting to me. I loved the way he would share the every day details with us. It kind of made everything OK for some reason. I know he was going through hell but somehow his to do list made life seem manageable. He managed against the odds. He shaved in the face of adversity and I love him for that. I had a lot in common with him with a love of photography and cats. A love of language too I think. We both had a narcissistic mother. For all those who say that this is not real life, they are wrong. This is real. These people and the bonds here are real. The pain I feel now is real. It makes me sad to think that DF was down on the day he seemed to have left. I really hope that didn't influence his decision and that he was able to communicate with his best friends to the end. I want to do something in mark's memory but I need to think it through first. I'm going to light a candle for him tonight but I want to do something more substantial too. Lots of love everyone Nightjar
  13. I'm so sorry Adam. I'm glad that he had your support before he left us. He needed every bit of support he could get. Thankyou for being such a good friend to him. Love to you and love to Dave. I will never forget him. He meant a lot to me.
  14. Oh God. This is such sad news. I loved Mark. At least we know that he is no longer suffering. There is no more suffering for him now. And that thought will bring me some peace. Wishing peace to all of you who loved and knew him here. He helped me so much and he helped a great deal of others. Mark, I'm glad you are at peace now. Thankyou for all that you did for me. I hope it was peaceful for you before you went and I will never forget you. I will speak of you often Nightjar
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