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  1. Aw, that's lovely. I'm feeling the love. Me too! Me too! I love you all tooπŸ’ž
  2. I missed queenieπŸ‘Έ What did you think of her speech? Did she do well?? πŸ‘‘
  3. I haven't seen this but it sounds pretty hardcore. You can make a sun salutation very easy or very hard depending on what version you do and how many reps. A good teacher will show you different versions of every yoga posture so that it suits your needs and a bad one will push you into things that are painful or too difficult... Yeah, you should definitely adapt to suit your needs in my opinion. I use yoga as my main workout and so a hard sun salutation is welcomed. Sounds like you want to work on your flexibility and soothe muscles, back etc and you get a good workout in other ways, so perhaps concentrate on the stretchy poses you would associate with a yoga warm up or cool down? Definitely don't do something if it's painful and look for different versions of postures if you can, maybe even look for another teacher if they're not provided. Yoga can be very gentle or very hard all depending on what level you are working at. I've been plugging away at this for 20 years now so it comes naturally for me to do most of it. For a beginner, no way, unless you're a dancer or something it takes time to build up flexibility and to be comfortable in the postures. You must look after your back and muscles and ease into things. It is worth the effort though. You will see results and it can make you feel fantastic ☺️
  4. Not technically today but sort of...I had a dream about my old cat and we were snuggling. I found a couple of her hairs yesterday on some old clothes... She's the never ending fur monster!! πŸˆπŸ‘ΉπŸˆ
  5. He's a very angry man. Always complaining about everything. He has complained about me in the past but he had the wrong end of the stick with what he was complaining about. I put him straight on that. I just think he's angry at everyone and everything a lot of the time and this includes me! πŸ˜ πŸ™„ Sometimes I swear I feel his fury coming through the walls 😣😣😣
  6. Little sweeping noises coming from nearby garden. Gentle swoosh of traffic. Weird generator - gentle hum. Chirpy cheep cheeps in the trees. Tick tock of the clock. Someone giving a little whistle outside and those loud little wood pigeons booming out their tunes.
  7. Me too. No more greasy food. I felt ill last night 🀒 I can't handle it anymore.
  8. Have depression paralysis this evening. It's been a while since I've had this. It's not so bad I suppose. It's kinda like, oh shall I......? Should I...... ? Nah, can't. Paralysed. Case closed.
  9. My shouty neighbour. I hear him ranting on the phone quite a lot and I always feel like he's ranting at me 😯 when he's doing it.
  10. So far, personal grooming and some laundry. Feel a bit lost this afternoon. Ima sit in the garden for a bit. Maybe I'll see some sign of life πŸ¦πŸŒ»πŸƒ
  11. I do geriyoga 2 dvd with Katy Appleton. I would highly recommend Katy, she's an amazing teacher. The dvd is in sections: full body warm up/sun and moon salutation/strength/bliss/relaxation πŸ’• It's about an hour and a half in total 🌻
  12. Yoga sesh last night and an hour queuing for supermarket - Does that count? I was really tired last night and ready for bed but I put sloth to bed with a box set and got my yoga mat out 😜 Warm up and sun salutation were sleepy and blissful. Strength and balance sections were tough and I wanted to stop. Pushed through though and the relaxation session at the end was lovely. I could feel that deep relaxation you get with a proper workout. Usually I leave enough time between my sessions where I have fully recovered and don't have to work too hard. These yoga sessions are improving my quality of life ten fold. I haven't practiced this much in a long time. When I push through and have to work harder I'm guessing I'm improving my stamina (?) Is it good to exercise when you are struggling a bit? Is this how champions are made? πŸ€”
  13. Erm, aiming for an hour and a half walking today. Just have to do play time with mini lion first and a bit of cleaning later so I have plenty of time for walkies βŒšπŸ‘πŸ€”
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