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  1. Goodnight everybody. Thanks for all of your support today So tired, wishing everyone good night's sleep
  2. Hey sober, that sounds great. And yeah, I've found these organisations to be really helpful in the past.
  3. Hugs. I'm sure you're right about them prioritising the physical stuff. It's not the worst thing though is it, as you know. I'm definitely gonna be on it with the lawyer on Monday. I was hoping for help with getting some money from the centre but also emotional support and potential physical support if she starts with the stalking again. I just wanna speak to someone who gets it. I realise that amazing therapists and abuse centre people are probably quite rare but I'm hoping for a gem. If they're crap, I'll jog on..... Not really wanting to be placed in a shelter if that was the impression I gave though that could be tempting I'm guessing that you needed to be placed somewhere but couldn't get anything?
  4. Hi EB. I appreciate the offer to help. But confused about what you are suggesting? The abuse centre helps women get emotional support for abuse to recover and get away. They can help me get anything I'm entitled to money wise, also help from police with stalking etc. .... It's them I would be getting support from, not family
  5. Ok, I called them but I gotta call back Monday. Lol.
  6. Trying to build up courage to call the abuse centre
  7. I'm not being funny guys, but when you tell someone no, you're not ok and they smirk, it's a bit effed up isn't it? Sis just came into living room where I'm still on floor and said you ok? I said no. She said ......nothing. But she smirked. Then left. Kinda similar to a NM response.
  8. Oooh, so irritable today around my sister. I am in desperate need for my own space. I haven't had any in a year now. She can be very insensitive, inattentive and extremely moody. Add to this the fact that I am exhausted, down and without the energy to lighten the mood. It's normally me who has to cheer her up whenever we are together. Anyway, I'm getting ready for floor now Yes, that's right, floor, not bed. One day closer to being in my own space I guess. Lawyers simply ignored my call this week and email last week but we will get there, I'm sure. Nite my loves
  9. Trying to stay positive even though I am up against it. Ever the optimist, even when depressed. I'm feeling down today, not awful, just down. I got some cleaning done at my sister's and got myself fully bathed so that's a positive for the day. It might have been good for me to have a rest day but I rarely feel good resting the whole day. I've come out for a tiny little walk. Feeling particularly bad about the fact that I can't put petrol in the car I think. Maybe that is something that I can't compromise on and may have to spend some of the emergency fund. At any rate, it would be good for me not to drive for at least a week anyway to try and get more foot healing done Will think on it
  10. Yeah, we have those. I mean my sister will most likely feed me but I can't take the piss. If I want to access a food bank I will have to get in touch with some sort of authority I'm sure I will survive. Petrol wise though, I'm not gonna be driving too much, that's for sure.
  11. Unsurprisingly, a bad night. I got some sleep so I figure it's better than nothing. If I can figure out how to get food till I can work/claim something I'll be ok I gotta stop buying coffees, I gotta stop drinking so much tea ....I gotta stop getting expensive hair products and get the cheapest etc etc
  12. Yay duck! I'm glad to hear you are doing better
  13. New development with me. NM has now stopped supporting me financially. I'm gonna have to cancel therapy and basically live off my sister's scraps. I can't work on one foot or claim anything. Oh, what a loving mother she is
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