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  1. Aw, he likes you ❤️ Can you share where you live sober? I'd love to know so I can look up your animals and climate etc. And, of course I'll pop in when I'm rich, famous and travelling around the world. 😁🌍👍
  2. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do either 🤷‍♀️ Not sure I could cope with wearing a mask all day 😳
  3. 7 thoughts by nightjar 1. Having a feline sleeping at the bottom of your bed is like having a soft, strong anchor to bring you back to the world of wakefulness in the morning 🤔 2. I stroked a little dead bee yesterday 🤔 He had a soft little head 😁 3. If I'm about to die any time soon I'd be scared of the process but I think probably fine with it. 🤔 4. My family are each and every one little nuclear bombs, ready to nuke everything and everyone at a moments notice 😬 5. I think the weather may have now turned for the winter ❄️ 6. My gardening skills are improving. I actually enjoyed mowing yesterday for the first time and it looks great out there. 7. I still hate hoovering 😑
  4. I know. I dont like going 😬 I hate taking medicine and I don't like being told what to do. I haven't even registered here yet 😬 I think I should probably go. Maybe it will be OK 🙄 Thankyou sober. You are a good friend 🏵️ I have a habit of putting everything down to anxiety and never getting it checked out 😏
  5. Thankyou. I have been thinking about going to the doctor but waiting to see if it passes. I get low blood pressure sometimes which can make me dizzy. It happens when I do too much and I've been pushing myself a lot lately. I might go anyway just to have a check up 👍
  6. Yep, or too low maybe? I tend to get lower than average blood pressure. I definitely don't feel good 😬
  7. I'm hoping I feel OK today. I still had a racing heart and dizziness yesterday when I tried to do physical work. Then a horrible headache later on. I'm putting it down to exhaustion. I'm hoping I'm not permanently ill with some kind of chronic illness 😬
  8. My cats are my babies. I'm sure yours are the same. It hurts like hell to lose one. I'm sorry to hear that Siam is gone. I'm certain she will never be forgotten and that she had a wonderful life with you
  9. I'm having a lovely walkie. I've just stopped for a rest in the sun. I've been feeling on the edge of ill as I've mentioned (I don't know what, exhaustion maybe)This R&R is really helping 👍 This may be the last sunny day of the year. I should be mowing the bleeding lawn but fck it I'm enjoying myself in the sunshine 😁☀️😎
  10. 😁😁😁 Thanks 2deep..that sounds like good advice to me. Sober said the same, which was good advice too 😂 I appreciate it
  11. Feeling a bit better here. Fingers crossed, the racing heart and dizziness has stopped. I took it really easy for a couple of days. It was great. I'm feeling ready to get back to things a bit now. It was a good reminder that rest is very necessary.
  12. Oliver, the musical 1968 version. I cried happy tears watching this yesterday 😂 The human characters are so fantastical they almost seem animated. Brilliant. I don't usually like musicals but bloody hell, when they are done like this they are a masterpiece.
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