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  1. Today is struggly. I didn't want to move from the couch but had to come and get food. Also, have to be ready for more fun and games tomorrow re: the move so I had to make sure I washed my hair. I feel knackered but here goes, I gotta go buy a couple of things to eat
  2. Yup, I feel like this too. It's so complicated to try to do it the 'right' way. I just wanna pack the car and go too
  3. I did more today than I usually do in a week Called to arrange vaccine Changed the bed Put washing away Cleaned mirrors, mini lion window and windowsill Cooked a meal Packed stuff up for charity Cleaned bathroom sink Did all dishes Cleaned bottom of fridge inside Scrubbed kitchen sink Took stuff to charity Viisited 2 supermarkets Went for a drive Tidied up If I didn't know myself better I'd say I was manic. But I know it's a hormonal thing.... Hopefully tomorrow will be more restful. I literally haven't stopped all day. If this is what normal people do every day then I don't know how they manage it. Surely they must be secretly exhausted?
  4. 9235. Blissful walk today. About the only thing that made me feel better today
  5. OMG, rough day today. My tarot cards said I needed rest and boy, were they right. I've been so irritable around people. It was the wrong day to have a day out with my dad
  6. You can do anything you want to do sober. I believe in you
  7. Having my covid vaccine next Tuesday! I'll probably whip myself into a nice little anxious mess for it, I expect.... And frighten myself about potential side effects
  8. I've had many addictions in my life. I've cracked a few (nicotine, caffeine) but my addictive behaviour has found other outlets(!) I still have a big sugar addiction. For me, I stop when I stop. There will come a point, usually after a binge, where I don't want to do it again.... And then I stop for a bit. Ok, after that, the desire for sugar comes back and the cycle repeats... I do it again, then I stop, over and over. But I think I learn a little bit more each time about my triggers and my moods and about whether or not, the addiction actually helps me feel good. I know that stress is my trigger numero uno and whenever I am really stressed the scales start creeping up from the extra sugary calories I eat. I also know that if I avoid keeping too much sugar in the house I just won't eat it. I also know that if I allow myself to have some in moderation it can be helpful in stopping binges.... But it still keeps the addiction alive. I have been cold turkey but the addictive tendency is still alive in me and until that is gone, I will always be addicted to something My motto is damage limitation. I know my addiction is bad for my body so I try to keep the numbers down ie: I try to limit my consumption as much as I can.
  9. @Depressedgurl007@Depressedgurl007 I'm sure you're not a horrible person, parent or wife. Having to cope with a job, child and husband day in/day out is a big deal. You just needed a break, that's all. I hope today finds you feeling a bit better
  10. @watalife I think we should all do what we can, while we can. We need our good times to get us through the hard times. I say, go for it and do something you will enjoy. If it's alone, it still counts and it can still be fun I find it a good confidence boost to do things by myself...Also, I find I usually chat with others at some point. I do find it possible to enjoy activities alone If I had the cash and a good babysitter for mini lion I would definitely go away for a few days by myself
  11. Oh, definitely go somewhere. Since I got mini lion I haven't had a single holiday I'd love to stay in a country hotel for a couple of weeks with top notch food and cozy rooms and go exploring on day trips most days.. Have plenty of chillax time too. I wouldn't want to do it on my own though. How about you wata? What would you like to do?
  12. 10520. Didn't enjoy my walk today which is unusual. Maybe it was just tiredness. I am pretty knackered at the minute but I thought it was important for me to go anyway to keep the stress under control. I didn't like going in the middle of the day either, there was too much going on out there for my liking.... Building going on everywhere Anyway, I took a photo on my walk today. I managed to find a bit of land the builders haven't got hold of yet Pic in gallery
  13. Will nightjar ever escape from Alcatraz? Update in 2 weeks......
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