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  1. Showered and washed hair, got some forms from post office, filled out online form, booked a viewing, called estate agent, collected parcel for new house owner chatted with my neighbour, tidied up garden, vacuumed upstairs and rinsed my recycling. And now, bed
  2. Hey gang, today's not so bad though sleep was pretty awful last night after my angry motor got running yesterday. I was miserable. I've been bit tired but busy and busy is usually helpful to my mood. Lots of bits n bobs to sort for the moving deadline (7th June). Just one more mow. Lol. Started looking for houses again and going to see one on Monday. I don't think it will be long now and I'll get one
  3. Yep, yep.... I've got a system which works for me now though....I leave wild patches for the insects so it's good for them and good for me... I also only mow the rest of it once a month which is a win win for all concerned
  4. I'm seething with hatred again.....not good. It adds up and adds up and then it's pure hatred inside for you know who. Escape feeling more and more important.
  5. Morning duck I'm glad you're ok..How was the storm?
  6. Took a shower and then I was an .....anxious couch potato
  7. I gotta get outta here. Its sucking the life out of me, every single day.
  8. I believe in you. You can do whatever you put your mind to. Whatever it is you wish for, know that you are worthy of getting it!
  9. Feel crushed today from all of the ongoing verbal batterings from family. Didn't have a great sleep after the argument and so very tired aswell.
  10. Took recycling to depot. Visited storage facility and checked it out. Emailed back and forth with solicitor and mover throughout the day. Called my dad. Did a little bit of shopping. Filled out storage form. Had a row with narc mom. And now, time for bed
  11. Yeah, I know you're right... I'm trying not to be pessimistic coz it gets me down but having a bit of balance and not placing everything in one basket is definitely helpful just in case
  12. I just lost it with her. ... I tell her about the storage place I've chosen and she tells me, well how much is it, it's up to me which one you use, I will phone them to find out if you don't tell me etc etc. I argue. Daft I know, narcs never back down but for some reason, I do. In the end I scream at her 'Leave me alone'. ..That about sums it up I think. She wants to control every single thing I do financially. She went out. I think she was scared. Good. She's not used to me arguing or shouting or screaming. The majority of the time, I keep everything pushed down so as not to upset her and I don't tell her anything at all to stop her interfering. I couldn't avoid telling her this because she booked my mover. I shouldn't have even let her do that. It always ends in power trips by her and me feeling completely demoralised. Ah well It's done now.
  13. Hi gangthings are still looking positive for the sale of my house. It's getting more definite now. Looks like I'll be moving out in 2 weeks. I'm still undecided about my next move but at least a huge chunk of escape from Alcatraz is about to be done. I'm gonna be celebrating once this is finished. 100% What a freaking journey this has been
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