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  1. Today ended up being a bad one. I haven't fallen out with my dad for a while but I asked him a really simple favour and he refused. I was really upset by it and we didn't speak for the journey home. Sometimes I just want a little bit of love and/or support. Is that too much to ask? Guess so I'm viewing houses in the country tomorrow so hopefully that will cheer me up though we have snow forecast and the driving conditions are a bit worrying I'm thinking I'm just gonna go for it anyway.
  2. Wow, that's great news! So good that you have that under your belt. Congratulations
  3. I think you'll make a great pet parent!! I agree, it's a really good way to go, to adopt an older pet. The two loves of my life have been older rescue kitties and we couldn't have loved each other more I do have thoughts about being cat free in the future so that I can travel more (if it's possible) but we'll see... I don't seem to last long without a cat... I start combing the streets to meet with them
  4. Just sat down after valuation. I was a bit nervous but not too bad. I think I hid my nerves quite well. I barely interact with humans at all at this point so I guess that just doing that is weird at the moment. I didn't mind him being in the house though, he was decent. I liked him. I don't feel too exhausted but I reckon I could do with a good rest so gonna make some food and watch a film.
  5. Thanks sober. My heart was pounding just before so I did some deep breathing and it seemed to sort me out. Why my heart was pounding I don't know. God knows what I was nervous about. It wasn't the cleanliness of the house, that's for sure He said it was perfect. It better bloody be after being cleaned for a week
  6. Amen to that. Hope I can resume my howling activities in the near future
  7. The thin walls in this house. This house is warm and comfortable and it looks pretty good but the walls? Man, they're like tissue paper. I can hear every word of my neighbours conversations and they are not loud people. At all. After 9pm I feel like I have to be as quiet as a mouse because I know they are all early risers next door and by my just moving around in my house I'll be keeping them awake. My neighbour's alarm wakes me up in the morning and I can actually hear his shower through the wall. I don't play music to any kind of enjoyable level at any time of the day coz I know I'll be annoying them, it's as if it's playing in their room Think that's about it for now
  8. Well, it's less than yesterday. Ive been resting a bit coz I really feel the need after my week of manic cleaning. I still have more to do but it should be just couple of hours and then I'm ready for the valuation tomorrow. Ima watch a film first and then finish off my mammoth cleaning session. I think I've just about covered every inch, except for the oven
  9. Wow sweetie, that's tough. I had my divorce three years ago. I had to sell our house, experience crippling isolation, be on shaky ground financially and go through a break up simultaneously. Some days I thought I would have a stroke or a fit or something. It was very difficult but I didn't have that stroke, I got through it and did what I had to. That's all we can do. Just remember that although you will have some very painful days, every day you will heal a little bit more until one day, you will think of him and it just won't hurt anymore NJ
  10. Full sesh of yoga this eve. The yoga unicorn was pleased
  11. Yay! BAMF loves us too!! Love you back BAMF
  12. @sober4lifeWell I just checked out modular homes quickly and they look fairly sizeable to me. Don't forget I live in the UK where we are squashed in like sardines in tiny little houses
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