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  1. Today went well even though I was a bit nervous and frustrated that I had to put all of the cats stuff away. She wasn't happy! And if she's not happy, I'm not happy lol. Anyway, it's full steam ahead for operation ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ. I am officially reaching ESCAPE VELOCITY 😆
  2. I know how stressful it is to uproot and have to move and leave everything that is comforting and familiar. It's been my life story. Of course, it's especially hard when you are ill, physically and/or mentally. Can you stay with your good friend, your landlord until you get settled somewhere else? Or with another good friend?? OK, so maybe you'll have to live in a crappier neighbourhood, but as harsh as this may sound, you will get used to it. There are always positives to be found in all situations. You may have an amazing neighbour or meet a kid who needs mentoring over there. You are my mentor here and I would be very, very sad without you. You've helped me from the very beginning. Of course, ultimately it's your choice to stay or to go and noone can take that away from you, but you say that actually, you are happy right now. I feel you have more living to do mark. With the exception of your work (photos) don't worry for a second about any of your other possessions. You can dump the lot if it's easier to move without them. You are the most precious thing to think about. If you can get another roof over your head, why not continue? love you
  3. (((((@MarkintheDark))))) We've got your back if you want to share more
  4. I've run the gauntlet of emotions today. I've felt alone, lost and like I miss my family even though I can never be close to them. Also, very tired, have been running around trying to get house sorted for viewings and driving long distances to see houses. Moving is all consuming I find.
  5. Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly. OMG, the bit when Mr Darcy strides across the meadow through the morning mist in his dressing gown!!! Swoon 😍
  6. You're not going there Sober. You're coming with us. We're all in this together n we're gonna be ok, k?
  7. Yep, I think I agree with you 😔
  8. OMG I had a nightmare about some 'frenemies' from the past. It was really bad. It ended up where I was in the middle of a circle of them and I was sat on the floor. I couldn't escape and they were just laying into me with insults. Then, as I tried to leave one in particular was shouting "Come back and fight" and I was like "F*ck off" I ain't interested. It was horrible, I felt awful in it and I have a feeling that if I'd stayed 'frenemies' with them that may have actually happened eventually. So, maybe I had a lucky escape 😥but I'm finding it hard to trust anyone these days. Is anyone trustworthy out there? 😔
  9. The swallows swooping and sweeping around in the park, catching flies. Got chatting to an old fella who loves them too and we stood together gawping at them for a bit 😃
  10. I hope you feel better after a good cry
  11. I faced one of my biggest fears today and now I'm thinking, Jesus all of that worry and fear and when I actually face the thing. ...not so bad really 😮
  12. @MarkintheDark That's a beautiful tribute. Thankyou for sharing with us
  13. UK: 23:48 Goodnight DF family. Love you lots
  14. I gotta give Noah a call, see if the ark is ready
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