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  1. 😩 wow, I'm getting tired really early these days. It's 20:47 in the UK and I'm off to bed.... Can't wait to be asleep! Nite DF family
  2. Thankyou for sharing this again and showing us the completed circle. It didn't seem that long because it was interesting and entertaining to read. I believe you have a lot to say and you come across as more than a little bit spiritual to me. Those are two really good things I know about you just from reading this thread. I wouldn't shrug off the connection you had with this lady. It sounded good and like you did actually connect with her. If it can happen once, then it can happen again with another person as long as you are putting yourself out there (if and when you are able). Just some thoughts. Hugs
  3. UK: 20:59 Goodnight my lovelies. Sending goodnight wishes and lots of love to you all. Hope you sleep well
  4. Hmmm I've just finished an entire packet of chocolate digestive biscuits. Do you have these in America? So, I'm not doing so well presently lol. I'm gaining back the couple of pounds I've lost as usual. I'm thinking I will start with a fast day this Friday and I will have: One bowl cereal One low calorie sandwich for lunch and one calorie sandwich for dinner And that's it. I feel quite excited about that now. Does anyone want to try this on Friday with me? I will perhaps include exercise in the day also for maximum weight loss. I'll either do yoga or a walk. Toodles
  5. @watalife Your picture has arrived! It usually takes a day or so to appear. It looks great and has come up twice, bargain! Thanks for the picture and good morning wishes!!
  6. I hope that some day, the things that remind you of your mom will make you smile and be a precious memory to you hugs
  7. I dreamt I was watching Michael Jackson busking on the street but his act was like a carnival. The carnival continued into a big warehouse type building and I went upstairs to use the toilet. When I looked in the mirror I saw I was wearing a really cool, knee length, black and white dress. The white parts of my dress were fluorescent under the lights and my hair and makeup looked really good. That's about it, but it was nice. I was feeling really good in it 🙂
  8. Yes, this sounds exactly like me. Left to my own devices I'm very likely to be late. It doesn't matter how important the thing is I'm supposed to be on time for. It's not something that's related to depression/anxiety, it's just me. I have a weird relationship with time. It stretches and shrinks, warps and wefts. It feels a bit like it's beyond my control. Perhaps it's just me that is warped lol. Atra, have an amazing time. The important thing is that we never give up. Someone wise once said we are only defeated when we give up and you haven't, you are still going forward. Stay strong Nightjar
  9. Early night for me. 20:19. Sometimes bed is just the best place to be.. Wishing you all a good night 😴
  10. Did 90 minutes walk today. Not much yesterday and I gained a pound back grrrr. I'm in this weird twilight zone where I lose two, gain one, gain another one, then start all over again.....lose two etc. Anyway, pretty good day today. The weather was beautiful for walking. I managed to avoid a strong chip shop temptation after my walk, came home and made pasta. Go me. Don't know if I will lose tomorrow. Think I might stay the same as I haven't been too restrictive with my food intake today but it's possible I guess. Fingers crossed. I've been thinking about maybe trying a bit of fasting again. Sort of a 5, 2 thing. But I'm thinking more like 6,1 lol. I'm not getting very far currently so maybe if things don't improve I'll start with the fasting.
  11. I can feel a little bubble of determination coming up with regards to this. I didn't really feel like walking much today but I did about 10,000 steps (I think) or an hour and half's walking. It felt good as I got into it. On days like today, losing weight feels doable. It's when I am left to my own routine and devices I function best with diet and exercise. When I'm around others all day or am up against it with stress I find it much harder. Anyway, today was good. My goal at the moment is two pounds weight loss a week but I would be happy enough with one pound a week loss and I'm not gonna beat myself up about it. Would be good to knuckle down with this now and see some good results in the next three months. I haven't been focused on doing this for a while but I'm gonna start again from now. @evalynn and @sober4lifeWell done on all of your achievements so far....you've stuck at this consistently and for a long time. You both deserve a big pat on the back!! nightjar
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