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  1. Wellbutrin works in waves for me. Sometimes it gives me enough energy to do things around the house, then for a while it doesn't. I don't understand it, unless my depression varies from down to really down then back up to just down again.

    In your case, I suspect that your depression is getting worse. This is something you really need to mention to your psychiatrist. Of course the psychiatrist will explain it to your mom anyway since he will need to explain the change in medication. So you might as well mention it to your mom. It might even help telling your mom, because she might schedule an appointment sooner with the psychiatrist. And the sooner you see the psychiatrist about this, the better for you.

  2. I went through periods of drinking rum while on effexor. Mostly I would get the cravings late at night when I was up alone and couldn't sleep. After starting Wellbutrin, I read that one shouldn't drink while on effexor so I stopped. I don't know why one isn't supposed to drink while on effexor, but the idea of liver damage is unpleasant. Sure, I would like to die, but not in a slow and painful manner.

  3. I gained at least 70 lbs on effexor. I was already too thin, and so I'm only slightly overweight now. Most people would consider me average. The weight gain was due to effexor taking care of my IBS, which had caused me to be very thin due to not keeping enough food down to absorb the nutrients I guess, and also due to the strong sugar cravings I get. I stabilized my weight when they added Wellbutrin to my drug cocktail.

  4. Hello everyone,

    I just signed up tonight. I have major depressive disorder and PTSD. I developed depression in Iraq in 2007, got sent home because they didn't want to keep me on suicide watch, and then got kicked out of the army. I would have preferred to stay in, but I was on enough effexor that I didn't care enough to fight it. Occasionally I see a psychiatrist at the VA, but they at least make sure that I get medication.

    I've been with 3 different counselors at the VA. One left, one told me not to come back until I was willing to make changes, and I recently stopped seeing the third because she kept complaining that I wasn't making an effort to get better and she sent an email to the psychiatrist suggesting that my meds be changed since I was so depressed. I didn't appreciate that, because I like my effexor. Not only it helps with anxiety, but it helps with my IBS.

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