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  1. okay, Thank you :) I will be sure to maybe let my mom know that if I start eating too much, to just let me know type thing. we do have a lot of veggies and fruits around so I'm sure I could munch on those if the hunger hits... also I love to walk so that works... it's a little hard to walk outside when there is snow on the ground but maybe I could go to a gym and walk around a track or something.
  2. Im a 17 year old female who has been on Wellbutrin (an anti-depressant) since Nov. 2011. I too had all those thoughts about suicide but never really fell through with them. I think it's because subconciously you know you don't want to die... it's just those thoughts that keep coming back which makes you believe you don't want to live, and you want to end it all. Nov. 1 2011 I finally opened up about how I have been feeling for the past 5-6 years and about my self-harm and so on, I was sent to the hospital by a teacher at my school. I was scared that my parents wouldn't believe me, or that they were going to be mad, because I have hid it pretty well from them... or so I thought. it surprised me that when we were in the hospital they had said that some days they would have never known but others, I was isolating myself, irritable, and they have tried asking whats wrong but my answer would always be "I'm just tired". After the hospital they didn't admit me because I "wasn't a danger to myself at that time" just because I didn't have a plan at that moment. The next day I had to go see a social worker across the street from the hospital which didn't make me feel any better so I told the teacher before I told my mom that I was actually starting to feel more hopeless then what I did when I went to the hospital. in the end I ended up going to my doctor the next day and got prescribed an anti-depressant. I had to promise her that I was not going to give up in the middle. When I started taking my Wellbutrin to be honest, I still felt suicidal, and depressed. My self-harm got worse and so on. Nov. 30 2011 they started to kick in, I could tell because, I could focus on my school work more, and I started to play guitar again ... I had more enthusiasm and motivation like I have felt once or twice before, for about days or a week at a time here and there. trust me, I have thought that I was maybe making it up, or I was over exaggerating it, and so on. but you aren't, You wouldn't do that to yourself, no one would want that as far as I know. I had a bleak outlook on life too for a while there, but weeks after i started my medication I started to feel better, of course at first I thought it was a fake feeling because I wasn't used to it at all, but you soon come to realize that that's just who you are. If you don't start feeling better but start feeling worse after a couple weeks I suggest going back to the person who prescribed them to you and try a different medication, because that one might not be working for you. also remember that you may still have the thoughts about suicide or so on, but you will be able to cope with them more, and they wouldn't be an everyday thought type thing. I think that you should tell the doctor who is prescribing you medication not everything, but enough so they know exactly what to prescribe to you and have a better understanding of what may work and what not. I know it's hard to open up, I am one of those people, and still am, but you will find that once you do tell people a bit (don't have to say all) of how you feel, it gets easier. and concerning your mother, I think she is having a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that her son has suicidal thoughts here and there, and is on anti-depressants. I say give her time, and I'm sure she will come around. Wish you luck and if you ever need to chat just message me because we both think or have thought a lot of the same things, Mir. oh and it isn't just your personality...
  3. Me personally has not been through a lot that you have mentioned above because I am only 17 and haven't really had a job yet and stuff. But my older sister has. she is stressed all the time about money because she will just go out and spend it all one day. She has done drugs, got into the wrong crowd with gangs and stuff. She can be pretty aggressive and irritable..my sister can't hold a job and sometimes can't even keep friends. Her boyfriend gets pretty snappy with her because she always needs reasurrance and because she doesn't think before she just goes out and gets a loan or spends a good $200 on a hair straightner when they are trying to save their money, then there are the times when she thinks she looks great and everything is about her (thinks she is the center of attention), then other times she will eat and cry and so on when she isn't in that great of a mood. She hasn't been diagnosed with Bipolar but I believe she needs to go see the family doctor about it... She is 20 years old so my mom can't really force her to go unfortunatly. I'm pretty sure someone out there has been through similar events like you, so your not alone in that... I wish you the best and good luck :) Mir
  4. You'll like it here, I just joined recently as well and I have had my questions answered and everything. The people here are all very nice I'm sure you'll enjoy it here and find yourself logging in everyday like I do.
  5. ----- Nevermind I got an answer on another board... I just want to know who has been on wellbutrin and Zyprexa together and how it worked for them.
  6. it just raises your apppetite? so basically you just have to watch what you eat and so forth... okay I think I'll try it, but I really don't want to gain weight. thank you for your reply (:
  7. 17 year old female... not 100% sure what I am diagnosed with... just Depression or bipolar. I am currently taking; Wellbutrin 300mg daily and Just got a prescription for Zyprexa Zydis 5 mg daily <- I am reluctant to go and pick the prescription up due to I found out it may cause weight gain and i don't want that. I have my ups and downs. You'll probably see that in this blog when I add more entries later on ...
  8. well I went to my doctor and she prescribed me Zyprexa Zydis 5 mg (a mood stabilizer) I heard that a side effect is weight gain so I'm reluctant to even go and pick up the prescription... anyone know about it? I know wellbutrin helps with weight loss... but what if it's combined with a weight gain prescription drug? I couldn't find any information on that...
  9. Today I had went to my doctor and got a prescription for Zyprexa Zydis 5 mg ... I am currently on Wellbutrin 300 mg. I have done a bit of research to find that Zyprexa causes weight gain... is that true? I don't want to even bother picking up the prescription if it causes weight gain... I'm a 17 year old Female and not really wanting to gain weight. please help?
  10. Thanks for both of your answers... I'll let my mom know that I need to go and figure some things out with my doctor... Hopefully I feel better soon...
  11. I've missed a dose before... All throughout the day I was agitated and just not pleasent to be around either... for me a week later I started going downhill again, but it could just be the way I am reacting to Wellbutrin, I'm not quite sure yet. I hope you start feeling better soon (:
  12. I'm 17 years old and I have been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg daily since November 4rth. It worked great at first! I was in a much better mood and was more motivated than anything. I was starting to play music again and actually thought I was doing great. I started doing my homework again and could actually carry on conversations with my friends and family... but now, for the past week I have been depressed again... suicidal thoughts worse than before... after months of not self harming I did it again... I have been spacing out, not wanting to talk to anyone, not doing my school work, my room is a mess but I don't want to clean it... I just don't care... I am still on my medication though... is this normal? another thing is I have been agitated, and snappy with people even when I was in a better mood... I have taken books out on bipolar disorder... Sounds like me... but I'm not 100% sure... I don't really want to bring this up to my mother because she might think that I'm "just saying this" plus, I don't want her to have to worry again... but I really want to know whats going on... so I can stop feeling so depressed...
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