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  1. Hey Scuba Steve I have been on paxil for 7 days now, It wa sthe very first AD i had ever been put on for my severe GAD panic disorder and depression 6 years ago, and it worked amazingly! then i went off it stupidly thinking i was better but it was just the meds and i had to continue to take it. I also have tried Effexor XR and it didnt do anything for for anxirty or depression. Ive been on other ssri/ssnri however i have decised to go back onto paxil as this was teh first SSRI that i was ever on and it worked first time around. Hope the switch goes well for ya.
  2. I guess that it would take a good couple of weeks for the main weight i gained from overeating to come off while i was on my bipolar meds, lithium, respondal e.t.c I was just looking for it to come straight off the moment i stopped the meds, i lost like 1 or 2 kg but not back to my normal weight. i guess it needs time.
  3. Thanks martin for your support, just an update i am still feeling my severe GAD and im getting depressed to over ther persistent worry, ive just moved houses and even that has set of the GAD very bad, my partner is excited and so is eberyone else who is moving, but for me its all about worry, worry, worry! today is day 5 on paxil 20mg so i think it still hasn't kicked in yet. i have to wait 2 weeks and i will increase it to 40mg, i really hope it works.
  4. Hey mattisim78 This drug did wonders for me 5 years ago it was the first SSRI i was ever put on for my severe GAD and panic disorder, i went off it and everything came back and untill now ive been on ebery other med, lexapro, cybbalta,effexer XR, zoloft, non which worked as much as paxil did 5 years ago, so know i am back on paxil my 4th day on 20mg i will be on that dose for 2 weeks then increasing to 40mg which is what i was on the first time i was put on it. I just really hope it works again like it did the first time around. what dose is your doc looking at putting you on? hope this med worls well for both of us. keep us posted.
  5. Hey LibaryLady, you sound just like me lol! worry about everything, i have to get reeasurance for people all the tome and ask them "am i ok are you sure, really sure" non stop! i also worry which is my number one worry is about my heath i notstop cannot controll my heath worries and the slighest cough or cold i have i think its something serious and i will go to the Dr's i have seen that many Dr's its not funny! I hope that you get better with your headachs and that maybe a med change would help, i have just come off cymbalta 60mg as it didnt do notthing for my GAD so im on my 4th day of Paxil which was teh first SSRI i was put on for severe panic disorder and GAD and it worked wonders, many people say paxil is one of the most potent SSRIs out there for anxiety and one of the most studed, so i decided to go back on it and see how i go its only day 4 so i gotta give it at lease 4 weeks. Anyway LIbaryLady take care and hope all goes welll with your GAD and allergies today, pleasde keep me informed. cheers
  6. How long will it take if you have come off weight gaining bipilar medication to get back to your weight before you started? I know not all people have side affects with weight gain but i had with my bipolar med combo which i am coming off now becasue we have ruled out bipolar. My condition is severe GAD and panic disorder. Does it take a little bit of time or would the punds just shred off in a matter of days after stopping? Anyone been through this that could share some insight? cheers
  7. darcness thank you so much for you supportive reply, it makes such a difference to have the support from other people who do genrally care. Thats great that the Zoloft is working for you again and you also stopped it in the past and re-started. I was gonna go on zoloft but paxil worked before for me. Is it true that paxil is really good for anxiety? ive been heraing people being on zoloft alot however i have heared that paxil is one of the most potent SSRIs out there. Has anyone heared about this? thanks again Darcness
  8. Jimbow and sleepless thank you so much for your kind support. i am currently on a disabilty pention because fo my severe GAD and im only 26 which makes me depressed. the GAD was interfering with my work and i just kept leaving jobs ): Im walking everyday which is good and now im just really worried about my SSRI medication and hope that is works agiain (paxil) i hope its not true that if you tried a SSRI once before it doesent work again, i mean whats the point on going on the medictaion then if thats the case??
  9. I continually seek reeasurance from the internet family and other sourses and if i find something reeasuring it quells the worry for a it but then it comes back if i find something that i didnt like to find on the internet and i worry non stop!!! Yes i am currently on SSRI medication i have tried 4 of them and i have just gone back to my original first one which is an old one but helped me the most 6 years ago, while the other newier ones did not help as much as my first ever SSRI i tried. im worried now that becasue i have had sucsess in this SSRI 6 years ao will it work this time around i saw on the internet that people were saying that it if you go back to a SSRI after trying it once it doesent work the same. please i hope thats not the case, im worrying so much about that. Im on day 3 on taking this SSRI which will be increased after a week. I walk 1 hour every day which i just finshed now and all i was thinkning about was if the medication was going to wrok second time around. I have only 1 cup of coffee a day, and i am a born again Christaian (baptist) Thanks for ypour reply, aymore comments would be much apprictated.
  10. I have been a long time sufferer of GAD and are prone to panic attacks. i know i have GAD but im always in doubt (might be the illness) I worry that much that it is ridiculas. My main worry is about my heath, I obsessivily worry and cannot control worries about my heath and if something is wrong with me.i continually see Drs on a regular basis over notthing. I just worry worry worry. Now i dont worry much about family members exesivily like i do with my heath which i have read about gad symptoms saying you can worry about heath family fianacess. Does it have to be all 3 of them to fit the criteria for GAD or could it be exessive worry about one of them that inteferes with your day to day life. Im even worrying about what replies i will get on this topic lol any comments will be appriciated
  11. I have asked Drs about this issuie and also another. if i tried an AD 6 years ago and it worked wonders then i went off and tried others that didnt work then went back to the one i had 6 years ago, will it still work?? the Dr said yes. I wanted to hear from experencies from other people that if you tried something a while back and it worked would you try it second time around? I dont want to be scared of by people that dont understand and say "oh no it wont work the second time" and i have that put in my head and i feel like im taking my AD for nottthing, and im just popping a placebo everyday. But anyway im taking this AD again which i only took 6 years ago and never tried it since 2006. i hope i can find some sucsess stories in people going back on something the tried a whole back and worked? cheers
  12. I was not taking lamictail for seziers, i was taking it for bipolar which i found out i might not even have. the only side affect from stopping sudenly would be a relapse of your bipolar illness and if you are taking it for seziers you could relapse into a seziere. Howeveryou dont have epilepsy and suffer from sezuires you dont get a sezuire from stopping lamictai.
  13. I guess all SSRI'S have a potential to gain some weight some more than others, however i wanted to ask if there are sucsess stories out there about people who have been on paxil and have not had the major weight gain issuies? i mean maybe just gained the odd kg or 2 but not bad weight gain? i would love to hear your experiences? i know there are some people who dont gain weight and i dont believe in the saying if your on an ssri or paxil you will blow up, everyone is different. cheers
  14. Is paxil one of the more potent SSRI'S? i was told by my doc that paxil is one of the strongest in treating anxiety, even though its old its been one of the most studied for GAD and is still Dr's like to prescribe it. Does anyone out there know if this is true and if paxil is a potent SSRI?
  15. Once you stop taking your lithium does that mean your levels can't rise and become toxic anymore becasue you have stoped taking the tablets everyday? I guess its just washing out of your system slowly?
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