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  1. I wish JJ! I just got them off the internet for a laugh
  2. Thank you winry, I spent nearly the entire day yesterday with the rest of the herd. I went for a long walk in the back on my property and found my horses standing in dense forest, seeking shade and avoiding the flies. They knew the passing of one of their own and like one of their own, they all gathered around me. First the colts made their way towards me weaving in and out of the spruce trees. How blessed I felt as I took turns petting one and then another. Scratching their neck as they nuzzled my shoulder or arm - feeling the warmth of their breath through my shirt. The mothers followed suit each allowing me to hug them and scratch their neck. It felt like I was walking around a carousel, except my horses were real and a l i v e I felt at home with the strong feeling of solace. The moment the heaviness in my heart went away It was quickly filled with love.... This sounds surreal shio... and very moving. Magnificent creatures.
  3. Hefeweizens and spicy potato wedges
  4. I like the smell of new shoes also! And paint too. I set my alarm even on weekends just so I can turn it off and go back to sleep.
  5. Els1e and Purple, thank you so much! I hope it turns out to be as interesting as it seems. Thanks for the support Freckled! Shio, I am really sorry to hear that your horse passed away. Sending you a warm hug.
  6. Oh my goodness you guys.. you put up with all my weary posts and today I have some happy news to share! Yes I used the H word I've been interested in brain sciences for a while now, and decided to apply for a master's degree in cognitive science. Despite the fact that my undergraduate course of study is unrelated, I got accepted! How about that?
  7. Porcupine Tree - Collapse the light into earth
  8. It's been 4 hours since I left the office and here I am still working, trying to prepare for tomorrow's meetings and finish up some outstanding stuff... sigh
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