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  1. I saw Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master! It. was. awesome. !!! Joaquin Phoenix is such a brilliant actor.
  2. Jeroen


    I passed the first round of my audition for acting school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeesssss!
  3. Experiencing extasy, because I passed the first round of my audition for acting school.
  4. Stressed and excited for tomorrow.
  5. Wow, you seem like you've been through a lot. I wish you and your family a wonderful 2013 and I hope things start looking up for you and your family! Looking forward to reading more of your story!
  6. I have a FB account and I do enjoy it. It's great to keep in touch with friends who are far away. It's also fun to share video clips and articles with your friends. It's also great for celebrating an achievement you made: your friends always post such nice comments. However, it can be depressing at times as well. When you're not invited for a party and you see all those pics of people having a good time, it can bring you down. However, I'm still convinced that in general Facebook is a good thing (for me at least).
  7. Well, how awful outsiders can be, you cannot control that. You can only control your own reactions (and even that's difficult when you're depressed). I've long ago realized that I can only listen to myself and to a couple of close friends when I'm depressed. That's enough for me. If people don't understand that, well then that's their problem.
  8. I saw Alex Cross in the theatre. It was entertaining, but not a good film. I had fun though.
  9. Stressed out, but excited...sort of.
  10. Still stressed, but getting more confident in my acting abilities. It is my destiny, and I will take what's mine. :ninja:
  11. Jeroen


    I feel so stressed right now. Acting school seems like such an impossible prospect to me. I'm just not good enough. I'm such a worthless actor. Yet, I so badly want to be an actor. It's the only thing I really want. I even pray to God to grant me this opportunity, to help me succeed. I love acting so much. It is the thing that centers me. It is who I am in my heart of hearts. So, I face a dilemma. On the one hand, I want to be an actor. On the other hand, I know that I will fail at my audition. I will fail big-time. It makes me so sad, that I won't be able to realize my dream. I'm so sad.
  12. I feel stressed about my upcoming audition for acting school. I feel just as if I'm not good enough. I feel like I'm gonna make a mockery out of myself at the audition. I don't feel good at all.
  13. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Maybe you could look for a hobby and meet people that way? That's what I did, and it's worked for me.
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