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  1. Hi..just found this site again after a long while. I've been taking Celexa for several years now...mostly at 10mg but am now finding I need more. Depression back. I read that you were at 10 mg and am now are taking 20 mg. How long have you been at 20mg and have you had any side effects going from 10 to 20mgs?  I'm very sensitive to meds so even little change will affect me however need to stop feeling the depression and anxiety I've been feeling for quite a while now. Thanks


    1. Floor2017


      I feel you and it's nothing like getting everything back in control again

  2. I took Wellbutrin with Celexa for quite awhile and the combination did work well for me. Eventually I found the combination a bit too stimulating so stopped the Wellbutrin but continued on with Celexa which I'm still taking. However, I wouldn't hesitate to add Wellbutrin again if needed.
  3. Hi...I've been on Celexa for at least 8 yrs. Decided to get off meds about 3 yrs ago so tapered very, very slowly and still was very difficult. Withdrawal from this med so difficult. Stayed off meds for quite awhile but depression being what it is...I went back on it as it did work somewhat. I've read a lot about how difficult it is to taper off Celexa and yes it is.
  4. When I started Prozac the first time it was wonderful! It made me feel alive and clear headed. It probably made me a bit hyper too but I was so relieved to actually feel my depression lifting. It worked very well for me for about 5 yrs or so. It definitely made me gain weight. Everyone is so different and meds work differently on every individual in my opinion. Good luck.
  5. Prozac was first antidepressant I tried and it worked wonderfully at the time...however I gained 22 lbs in a few months. Everyone is so different.
  6. I took Prozac many years ago and it was like a miracle drug for me!! Really. After about 5 yrs it stopped working so I went on to something else. Now about 8 yrs later Im trying it again. Starting at 10mg for 2 wks then going up to 20 mg daily. I'll post and let people know how its working for me the second time around. I was using Wellbutrin but it makes me too hyper and doesn't help the depression much.
  7. I realize how old this post is but hopefully you will see this. I am about to switch to Cymbalta after being on Celexa for about 3 yrs. So I'm wondering if you did stay on Cymbalta or if you switched back to Prozac. I was on Prozac for about 8 yrs many years ago and it certainly helped me at first but I gained 40lbs while I was on it. Prozac also stopped working for me eventually.
  8. I realize this is an old post but wondering if you did successfully switch from wellbutrin to cymbalta and if so how are you doing on the cymbalta. Thanks
  9. Brand name. Thanks for the comments! I realize this is old post but hoping you'll respond. Were you able to get right off the Celexa? Did you then take just Wellbutrin? How well did the Wellbutrin work for you on its own? Thanks for sharing any information. I'm on Celexa and Wellbutrin and not doing well on combination so and thinking of getting off Celexa and just trying Wellbutrin on its own.
  10. I've been on Celexa for several years and although it worked at first it has pretty well stopped working. Does help a bit with anxiety but doesn't help depression much at all. So my dr added wellbutrin sr 100 mg daily with 20mg Celexa. Been taking the combo for 5 wks and don't feel any better at all. He now has me on wellbutrin xl 150mg daily with the celexa. I've been on this for 2 wks and still don't feel any better at all. Depression is bad as well as anxiety. Just wondering if its the Celexa that is the problem because it never did much for depression. Anyone had a similar experience with Celexa or with Celexa and Wellbutrin. Thanks
  11. I do realize how old this post is but thought I'd try and see if you would respond. Interested to know if you are still on the combo of wellbutrin and prozac.
  12. Has anyone had problems sleeping when taking clonazepam? I switched from ativan to clonazepam 3 months ago but after several wks had to start taking 1mg ativan at night to get to sleep and stay asleep. With clonazepam I was waking up every 2-3 hrs and felt very tired the next day because of not getting good night sleep. However, I don't want to continue taking both benzos. Right now I take 0.5mg clonazepam in a.m. and 1mg ativan at night. But about 5pm I can feel anxiety coming back and don't know whether to take clonazepam or ativan??? Very confused. My pdoc says take whatever works. Any advice appreciated. Karen
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