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  1. I look back now, and see how much better I could have lived my life...especially the decisions I've made....I know you can't change the past, but d*** I'd give just about anything to be able to do a "system restore" in life
  2. you are not silly at all...in fact Freud made his name, in part, off the dreams of others. From what I learned about all of that, the occasional freaky dream is normal, but if it becomes a habit then you'd definately want to consult with a pdoc
  3. Yep that sums my kid...of course aspergers is most likely heredity, and I have Aspie tendencies. So when the doc and I figured it all out, it answers questions for me as well. I always have been depressed and dangerous to myself, but I am way higher functioning than my son. He's got a combo of several issues and will never be able to live unsupervised...but he's learning more and more each day, so who knows?
  4. Thats a terrible thing to say...what a jerk! My son is your age and he is autistic as well...he was picked on terribly in school by students and even his teacher (special ed) in 5th grad...Going through all of that myself as a teenager, I refused to send him there to be tormented any longer, so I pulled him out and have home schooled him. At times he gets mad at me because he's been so isolated, but he has no real understanding of what I rescued him from. Kids can be so cruel...not all of them, but a lot. I tend to believe they just werent raised right. Like ignorant parent, like ignorant child. If you are in college, there are a ton of different kids there. Make yourself open to friendships with some of the nice ones. Being quiet and shy doesn't equal "pathetic"! Being different doesn't equal "pathetic" either. Shame on the bullies that are picking on you. You'd think that by the time someone makes it to college that they would be grown up enough to know better than to pick on folks that are a little different You know, our university psych department has an autism specialist. Your colllege should have one too. There is a huge movement for autism awareness. Perhaps contacting him/her...there may be activities and perhaps you could hook up with other autistic kids...you would find you have a lot in common. If there is no atuism specialist, find the head of the psych department and see what services would be available to you. My son has 1 or 2 real life friends, and tons on the xbox. All of them have special needs of one sort or another, but they understand each other and no one picks on anyone.
  5. Oriol, when I quit i used freezer pops...you know, the ones in the little plastic tubes, as a substitute for cravings. So instead of having a cig after a meal, I'd grab a freezer pop. I went thru a ton of those things, but it kept the cravings away. It gave me something to hold in my hands and something to put in my mouth...it sounds silly but it worked for me
  6. I remember when I quit smoking cigerattes, 13 years ago, I was depressed for months. The physical addiction and withdrawl only lasts a few days, and after that it's purely in your mind..your habit. when I was in my struggle to quit tobacco the green actually helped me. but it sounds like your depression is much larger than the after effects of quiting smoking. The feelings you are describing could be attributed to depression, and a psych doc could really help you with the issue. Any chance you could find a theapist? Many base their fee on a sliding scale so it would probably not cost you much at all
  7. is there any way you have a problem with social cues? My son has aspergers syndrom and he misunderstands social cues all the time...that makes other people uncomfortable and then they treat you badly. There is hope though...most psych docs offer therapy to teach a person to read social cues. That may be helpful. There is always hope...there is always tomorrow
  8. wow you are in a dificult position. perhaps you could print out info about depression and treatments? maybe if he sees it in print he'll take it seriously
  9. That may really be the best way to go. I mean, you can get support from members here, but if you really want to fix this issue you should really see a doctor or therapist. Um,does your school have a counsilor. (sorry my spelling sucks) That could be a great way to start.
  10. Yep we care.....pour out your heart. There is always someone here at DF to talk to. Hang in there. Life will get better
  11. aw, sending you lots of cyber hugs...I waited 6 months earlier in the year to see my provider. It was real hell, so I think I know what you are going through with that....I only survived by taking each day at a time. It seemed to take forever to get in, and I was more worse for the wear. Please remember we are always here to talk to. Hang in there, you can get through this!
  12. Eustace, I would definately bring this up to your psych doc then. If your next appt isn't for a long time., could you perhaps make one sooner rather than later? We have a protected forum here at DF specifically for folks that have been sexually abused. You need 25 posts and a filled out profile to access it....just pm one of support/mods for the password, when you are ready, if you care to access it.
  13. i agree with onelight, you may be having symptoms of depression, and if this is the case, you could really benifit from seeing a psych doc. There are many different treatment options for depression and other mood disorders. the feelings you are describing are not normal, and with care you can make your issues better
  14. You sound just like my son....in fact i had to pull him out of public school and home school him because he was always bullied by both teacher and student. My son is autistic....he has aspergers syndrome and the hall mark of that disorder is that the person has no friends. folks with aspergers lack the ability to read social cues and understand concepts like "personal space". You sound like the poster child for Aspergers syndrom. It is treatable with help to learn social skills. Some meds to treat your adhd to treat your aspect of Aspergers. If you have a psych doc please ask him if you fit the criteria for an Aspergers diagnosis. If you don't find one and see a doc. It could change your life!
  15. 1 my son 2 my cat (sad eh?) 3 my wonderful intellect 4 my living situation 5 the wisdom that age brings
  16. I know you see a neurologist because of your tourettes, but you may want to ask him/her for a referal to see a psych doc for treatment of depression.....psych docs are specifically trained in dx-ing and treating depression, where as a neurologist may not be.
  17. I also have fibromylagia as well as suffer from other "demons" and it's the same thing as with MI. It's invisible. Even some doctors have even told me "I don't believe in fibro" and you are left with a feeling of "now what do I do" I worked with inmates in a max scurity prison for a few years, and clearly saw that a high number of inmates were MI...yet even seeing it first hand, the guards always insisted that there is nothing wrong with mentally with any of them. Any even after pointing it out to them the officers there STILL ouldn't fathom that the inmate was ill and not faking it. Unfortunately we can't make people believe MI exists unless they want to believe (sounds like I'm talking about tinkerbell or something, right?) the only thing we can do is to resolve to not let that upset us.....and find a good support group to talk to about it.
  18. Do you know that there have been studies done that show that online support groups are every bit as theraputic as "real life" groups? I think it's the non-judgemental ear thing, as well as knowing there are others that are like you. The internet is wonderful like that. I'm afraid that I too make bad decisions when it comes to choosing men...I always want the one that will be the worst for me it seems. Something to do with self loathing or something like that.... Hang in there, and talk on....there are plenty to listen you here
  19. i'm bpd. or so i' m diagnosed. I don't self harm but i am extremely anti-social
  20. I would make the physical pain I feel 24/7 go away so I could get out and work again....do the things which use to nourish my soul (like hiking up a mountain), or a walk around the lake........without this pain, I know I would still have issues, but not this dark depression which lingers around it's buddy "Mr Pain"
  21. yeah, they don't sound like friends to me....you may want to look else where for friendship
  22. i have spent my entire like truly alone even through my 2 marriages....been just e and my son the last 20 years and that's just fine with me....I really hate leaving the house
  23. i have a 19 year old high functioning kid with a good dose of aspergers, and he too hates being talked to in condescending tones. He looks like a normal kid, then he does something freaky as if it were perfectly normal. I am still trying to get him to stop turning everything upside down when he walks into the room....i am pretty OCD so that drives me nuts.....my catch phrase when he was younger was :he's autistic, whats your excuses
  24. yeah, my degree did me little.....except that because of that I can say "I climbed that mountian"
  25. any of us out there that ever felt normal.....and whats it feel like?
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