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  1. Hello everyone, long time no see :) I haven't been here in about 2 years and for good reason. As you may remember I had successfully stopped taking Zoloft after 2 years. Meanwhile I started having severe pain in my arms and hands. I will make this story very short. I developed chronic debilitating pain due to a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Very rare and not many specialists. I finally found a surgeon and had 2 surgeries for this condition. I am still recovering but I'm struggling, still have pain, unable to work, etc. Needless to say...I believe this is making me depressed again. Unsure if I should start some medication or what to do. Thanks for listening :)
  2. Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing good. I thought I'd share some news about my health. Since my hand was not getting any better after the surgery and the left hand was hurting pretty bad too, I decided to see another surgeon for a second opinion. Shocker news: apparently it was not the cyst that was causing me all this pain but something else. I was diagnosed with Thoracic outlet syndrome ( still to be confirmed by all tests) which basically is a constriction of the nerves in the neck. This is way scarier than a couple of cysts, I've read a lot of bad stories. So basically I had a surgery for no reason and wasted 3 months pursuing the wrong treatment. Anxious, angry and depressed!
  3. The Birth Lottery is also a great documentary to watch, describes the manipulation very well.
  4. Yes, I have been checked and it wasn't my thyroid. In fact it was the other way around, my thyroid was starting to be affected because I was depressed and I wasn't taking medication. Both got better after I started taking antidepressants.
  5. Yes, you are definitely welcome and nobody here will judge you for feeling depressed.
  6. Oh and I must add something: I had a hand surgery 2 months ago and obviously been very depressed and stressed. Not a single "friend" has come to visit me, they know I'm not feeling good and are afraid to catch it. I can guarantee you that as soon as I feel better, they will be more than happy to see me. That is, if I will be in the mood to see them.
  7. Could not have said it better...everyone runs away from people who experience negative emotions. I personally find it depressing how much pressure there is to be happy all the time to please others. In fact I think everyone is miserable and they are scared to show it and put on fake smiles. It's like being sad is a contagious disease and we must never experience such emotions. Reminds me of that movie Equilibrium.
  8. Thank you Bug, It does sound like a good idea to get back on the meds and I will call my doctor tomorrow. Meanwhile they pushed my hand a little too hard in therapy and I had swelling and tendon pain. So the wrist is technically "better" but now I have tendon problems. I will probably be at home for another month at least. How long did it take you before you started working? I did some chores around the house and had horrible pain and swelling in the my fingers.
  9. I had the surgery 5 weeks ago and the recovery is exhausting, both physically and medically. My surgeon said I should have been healed by now but it looks like I'm having complications. Started physical therapy which makes my hand hurt even more. No idea how long it will take, meanwhile I am at home unpaid and PT is $70 a session. I am so depressed, it is beyond words. I also have a cyst on my left wrist which may require surgery but I do not even want to think about another surgery yet. Should I get back on meds?
  10. So I found out what I have. It's a ganglion cyst which is causing me all this pain which I have developed from typing. They gave me a cortisone injection but I still have pain so I think I will need the surgery. 2 problems now: I applied for workmans comp and have to see if I get approved to have the surgery and second, are they going to let me have time off rom my new job. Needless to say I called my pdoc for anxiety pills as I am losing my mind. My husband said maybe I need to get back on medication.
  11. I have an app with a hand specialist on Tuesday and my new job does not start until the 23rd. So there is still time I guess. Meanwhile I am taking meds that my family doc gave me, cold wraps, hot wraps, etc. I will not be going back to my old job anymore. Anyone have a similar experience with typing?
  12. Technically not but who knows? I am really paranoid right now so in my head anything is possible.
  13. Ok, not sure if you guys remember but at one point I mentioned switching jobs. So I finally decided to do it and I put in my notice. Meanwhile I developed severe wrist and arm pain from being so overworked at my old job. Took PTO, i've been at home for 5 days but my hand still hurts when I type and I have numbness. I'm worried sick I won't be able to perform at my new job and my OCD is going crazy. What if I'll get fired from my new job because of medical issues, etc? Any thoughts?
  14. Trying to play the counselor for other people, like my friend who is now getting divorced and put a ton of her emotions on my lap which sent me spiraling. News about ******s or how the world is collapsing financially.
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