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  1. Has anyone been able to hold down a high pressure job while suffering from an episode of severe depression? I can barely keep up good hygiene and eat properly and being home from work makes me feel guilty. But my job demands productivity and quality (claims examiner for health insurance). I can barely remember what happened yesterday, my short term memory is so bad. The pressure of this job will send me of the rails if i go back to early. I guess i am trying to find out if i should be working after being off 8 months. I am currently being weaned off cymbalta so i can try another course of treatment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. has anyone been able to hold down a job while suffering from severe depression? I have been in a deep depression for almost 2 years and have been on disability for 3/4 of it. I had a period of 8 months went back to work and 7 months later left work again. I don't think i was ready the first time to go back but felt pressure from my rehab /case worker. I am in my eight month on the second go round and again being pressured to return. I have just started weaning of cymbalta to try a new drug and feel no better than i did 8 months ago. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I had a interview with a psychiatrist that my insurance company provided twice as I am on my 4th disabilty claim for recurrent depression/anxiety. I did not have the best of Councillors ass they are working under the supervision by a registered psychologist. Basically working on their PHD. In Canada it can take months to see a psychiatrist who will go over your medication regime that is right for my condition. She is suggesting an increase to cymbalta dose 100 mgs supplemented by a mood stabilizer such as Lamotrigine. Other drugs she recommenced are latuda and xyprexa (zyprexa to stimulate nonexistent appetite) My diagnosis is chronic recurring depression(she said it could have the attributes of a bipolar 2) working with a wonderful psychologist to help me deal an put to rest the very bad things that got me to this place. Can all these drugs be a common drug regime for my condition?
  4. i have been on 20 mg for 5 years and went to 30mg cipralex in January along with that i have been on wellbutrin for 2 years. i did really well on cipralex but find now that i feel like i did before medication for depression. What other options do i have as far as medications. Ha anyone switched to something different when your cipralex has stopped working?
  5. I have been off work since December 15 with depression. I have short term disability insurance thru my employer. My employer is an insurance company. I will be receiving a call from my case manager next week and i am scared of the questions. Questions to find out if i am truely unable to perform my duties at work and thus qualify for my sick leave. Or am i just being lazy. I am having problems with short term memory and concentration. I feel very fragile right now and do not want to have a panic attack at work. I have difficulty expressing my feelings and thoughts and i am totally freaked about this upcoming phone call from my case manager. I am seeing a psychologist for cognitive behavioral therapy. Because of the holiday season i have had only 3 sessions thus far. I have scedualed sessions for once a week. I take 20mg cipralex once per day. Has anyone had problems with their disability insurance claims? Any suggestions on how i can convey my symptoms? Thank you
  6. i have been on 20mgs of cipralex for the last 3 years. Does anyone take any additional drugs to supplement the cipralex? I ask as i now find the cipralex has become less effective. I could really need advice as i am seeing my doctor tomorrow.
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