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  1. Does anyone in the US have experience with a prescription from your doctor indicating that you needed your animals for emotional support? I recently purchased I condo - dutifully read the HOA and while they limit the type of pets, they do not limit the number. All good right? Nope, I find out after it is too late to back out of the purchase that the Condo association (which I didn't know existed - and is separate from the HOA) restricts those same animal types - but they also limit the number of pets to one per unit. My doctor wrote the necessary paperwork to have in case I need it; however, I am still worried to the point I can't think of much else. Does anyone else have experience with this?
  2. PinkyOH

    Anger Spiraling Out Of Control

    Not sure if you are on any medication at the moment - but wanted to share my experience lately. My doc upped my dose of cymbalta to 120mg - about two weeks later I was just mad at everything - she immediately cut me back to 90mg - and I settled down. So if you have meds - have a talk with your pdoc.
  3. PinkyOH

    Lorazepam (Ativan) Posts

    I take the generic atavan - and it is reasonable priced (compared to some others I take!) - ask about the generic versions.
  4. For me, I would always over react to things - my feelings would be "out of normal" range for somethings. So a "dulling" of them would (for me) be bringing them back to average/normal levels. Not sure if it is the same for you - but perhaps.
  5. PinkyOH

    40+ People

  6. PinkyOH

    Panicked, Anxious And Despressed...

    Glad you are doing better today! I too find myself apologizing where I don't need to - it is just a knee jerk reaction of being told all those years that everything was my fault ;) I know now its not - but old habits die hard. I did get laid off for the first time in my life two years ago. I was fortunate to have found a job soon. Even though they are assuring you now, it can never hurt to be prepared for t he future. (not trying to sound doom and gloom!) preparedness is good - please try to sign up on LinkedIN and start your networking now before you need it. It won't help aliviate the anxiety of course - but at least let you know thta you are doing something to be prepared - just in case.
  7. PinkyOH

    40+ People

    I am not sure if I grind them as much as clench them.
  8. PinkyOH

    40+ People

    Checking in. I am having a terrible time of it with my husband. I just don't know what to do. He is controlling and I am too scared to stand up for myself. To afraid of hurting *him* and runing *his* life. I am poster child for co-dependency. Just so depressed about it.
  9. I have lost alot of weight (triple digits) I am happier with my body image then I have ever been - I do get acne - when it flares up I want to hide (yes I am in my 40's!). Over all though my self image is good. Self esteem however dosen't seem to be related in my mind - as my self esteem is horrible.
  10. PinkyOH

    Slipping A Bit And It Really Scares Me

    I am 44 and experiencing some of the same issues - my doc had to adjust my neds - she is still monitoring them. I do feel better - but still am sliding around. Yes I have personal problems at the moment - but normally I don't slide this far into a selfy pitiing and "all is my fault" mood. Other then get your meds checked, all I can offer is a hug *HUG*
  11. PinkyOH

    Good News To Share! :)

  12. Their right eye or their eye that is on your right? lol sorry have to ask
  13. I have this problem as well. Stems mostly from self esteem issues. I try but it feels so foreign since I am over 40 and have had this issue as far as I can remember. Like another DF'er I just don't know which eye to look at too. Where do you look??
  14. Welcome and max dose is 120mg (I am on it) - but doctor I think is taking me back to 90mg soon as the insurance pre-authorize it since it is over 60mg (you'd think since they approved the 120 - the 90 would be a no brainer)
  15. PinkyOH

    40+ People

    Hi all! I am over 40 too - nice to see this group. I can commiserate with alot of the things being said here - hopefully I will pipe up more when I feel more confident about posting my personal (I am afraid the SO will see it and *know it is me) and mental (which actually I am not afraid of). Pinky