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    singer,songwriter,and musician since the age of 3...play 4 instruments,played in many bands...i write poetry,love to cook...and i have a understanding ear to listen with...and very intuitive......i also love to draw.

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  1. Happy Birthday! : )

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you are doing well :)

  3. Hi Bear,

    How are you doing? Hope you have a good day!

  4. Trace

    I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  5. Hey Bear, how are you? Hope things are going well. Just checking in.

    Missy xo

  6. bear


    since i'm a Cowboy's fan,and i dont like the "Steelers" i was going for the Cardinals,but at least it was a close game,and NOT a blow out
  7. Good to see you too Bear! ^-^

  8. it's good to see You again

  9. i've always gone by "bear" actually since i was 27 and now i'm 48. A ex G/F of mine gave me the nickname of "teddybear" so "bear" just stuck with me,and has ever since.....that's pretty much what i go by now
  10. i used to watch "Dark Shadow's" when i was a kid i also loved "Charlie's Angels" all of the "CSI's" Ghost Whisperer Ghost Hunter's worlds Haunted Houses Criminal Minds and alot others sorry All i haven't been around like i used to be..been going thru alot..have missed You All..
  11. everyone,sorry i haven't been about lately,been going thru some RT stuff...but i'm glad All of You new Members have made it here to this site.....i hope the threads that You read will help,and always know that You have lots of support here...
  12. thanks BurgyMeister it's always good to see You too.....it's just after She died,i didn't want to do anything,talk to anyone,even go out singing..that's how devestating it was to me...i can always count on Your Happy Face......and thanks about the av.... :bear_wub:
  13. welcome to the site*s*

  14. Hey EveryOne,sorry i haven't been about lately,been going thru something's,and RT has had a hold of me too. Just wanted to say Hello to You All,and You have been in my thoughts. I am also up in MSN alot as well.. I've been dealing with a major blow,a G/F of mine lost Her Battle with "Terminal Cancer" the 1st of Aug. She lived up in Canada,i believe i wrote about Her in one of my threads here. It's been pretty devestating to me,as Her and i were More then Just Friends,but i know She isn't suffering anymore. I'll try to be on here more again.... You All
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