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  1. Thanks everyone. I took my 50mg of generic Zoloft last night and had insomnia. Got about 3 hrs total sleep. Hope this improves and I relate most of my issues to my sleep! Too tired to really tell if I feel better. Need to give it a few more days i guess. Anyone else have insomnia on the first evening?
  2. Hi there. I have tried very hard not to be here. But here I am. I am going back on Zoloft (generic vers) tonight after a year or two break. This is my third time returning to it. I was trying to attribute most of my depression and anxiety to sleep apnea. I was diagnosed with it a couple years ago. Got on the CPAP and prayed it would make me feel better because I read so many success stories of folks becoming new people over night. Didn't happen for me. I lost a bunch of weight, got back into shape and lived healthier a year into my machine use. I wanted to get back to me. Of course I felt better then because I was healthier. So I figured I don't need to take these silly pills anymore. Weaned off of them. And still felt okay. But even though I have maintained my healthiness and exercise quite a lot, the anxiety and depression has creeped back in on me in a big way. I can hardly keep enough focus to type out these words. Feel like I am in a dreamy fog. So very fatigued and lethargic all the time. Feel like a loser. Like I am a failure to me and my family. Like a jerk. Totally frustrated. It makes me mad that living healthy and exercising all the time won't fix it. What else can I do? It sucks. I am pretty dang sure I will feel better tomorrow morning after taking the pill tonight. But I really want to live my life free of pills. Frustrated.
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