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  1. Hi Depression Forums Family! =), I would like to make one comment Future Depression Forums Post - As a result of changes to my commitments, I will be unavailable to reply to and post to depression forums in the future. I hope that final post on depression forums will help as many people as it can =). I wish you all well on your path to a life of compassion, love and passion! =). Kind Regards Raymond Lai Quote from H. Jackson Brown Junior - "Do not do anything that would not make your mum proud"
  2. Hi Maverick7777 =), Thank you for the reply =). In response to specific parts of your message 1. Glad for you as you look in the rear view mirror and imagine further down the road - I know when I was feeling at my worst, I would often compare myself to people who had recovered from depression and felt jealous and inadequate. I felt like I was coming last in a race. If you are feeling that way about me, I partly understand the feeling. I know for a fact, that depression is treatable. Everything is changeable and as a result, our moods can improve. There have been some inspiring stories of people who have recovered from severe depressions. You can do it, too! Everyone can do it! =). 2. I know what you say is true, whether or not it feels like it - My mum taught me to do, "what works for you". If my suggestions do not work for you, that is okay =). My post is based on psychological therapy for the treatment of depression =). I wish you well in your recovery, Maverick7777 =) Kind Regards Rainbowstar Quote from H. Jackson Brown Junior - "Understand that happiness is not based on possessions, power or prestige but on relationships with people you love and respect".
  3. Hi Moogie =), Thank you for your very kind words! I can tell you have kind heart =). In response to specific parts of your message - I dream for the day when I can write something similar and genuinely mean it - If you currently suffering from depression, you can write about your experiences now =). Sharing your experiences with a loving family such as Depression Forums, will help lift the mood of those around you, in addition to your own mood. Also, each day, you are experiencing depression, you are learning a new lesson. You can share your experiences at anytime =). - Hope - There is always hope in recovery from depression. The reason is that everything changes. Nothing lasts forever and that includes depression. When our depression lifts, and our mood improves, life feels great and wonderful! There is true story of a man named Graeme Cowan who suffered from very severe depression. He recovered and is now helping other people. There is always hope! =). - My own recovery - Thank you for your words of inspiration, Moogie! It is very humbling and heartwarming to receive =). Yes, my mood has been positive and stable for the past six months. As I am vulnerable to depression, I maintain a regular routine to keep my mood stable. The most important antidepressant for me has been helping other people. When I help other people, my mood improves. Socialising, engaging in my passion, exercise and healthy diet all help too. =). Moogie, I have a feeling you will be an inspiration to many people suffering from depression =). Take Care, Moogie! =). Kind Regards Rainbowstar Quote from H.Jackson Brown Junior - "Treat everyone you meet like you would like to be treated".
  4. Dear Members of the Depression Forum Family =), I would like to make two comments 1. Lessons learnt from my depression - I have recovered from five episodes of major depression. Each depression taught me new lessons about life. Below are some of the lessons about life that depression taught me. - Life is absolutely worth living - When we feel depressed, life feels like there is only pain, no joy. When our mood lifts, we see joy, love, beauty, fascination, excitement, fun, peace, passion and an infinite number of wonderful things in life. We notice the beauty of the sun's rays, the fascinating subject that is science, the laughter from a great joke, the sweet taste of food, the pleasure of interacting with animals and nature or the absolute joy of listening to great music. Life is absolutely worth living! =). - Self Esteem - Depression is the mind's way of telling ourselves that we need treat ourselves with self love. It is the pain of depression that encourages us to improve our self esteem. With self love, will come greater self care, which in turn, results in improvement of mood. - Anxiety - When we give into fear, we avoid. When we avoid, we isolate. When we isolate, our mood drops and as a result, depression occurs. To rise from depression, we all need to confront our fears. Confronting our fears is always possible. With other people's encouragement and with therapy, all our fears can be overcome. - Generousity - Most importantly, depression is the mind's way of saying, that we are too focused on ourselves. Self love and self care are necessary for us to live healthy lives. There becomes a problem when we spend all our time thinking about ourselves. Psychological research has shown that when we turn our focus to other people and helping other people, our mood improves, our self worth improves and our happiness levels increase. =). 2. Thank You to Depression Forums - I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone from the depression forums family who helped me during my times of suicidal thoughts. Posting on depression forums was a great distraction and also a mood lifter. I have fully recovered and I now committing my life to teaching and helping the younger generation. I would like to wish everyone at Depression Forums well =). Kind Regards Rainbowstar Quote from H Jackson Brown Junior - "Work at something you enjoy and that is worthy of your time and talent".
  5. Hi itstrevor , I have two comments 1. Thank you for creating this topic. Adhedonia is a symptom everyone on depressionforums has experienced. 2. Laughter - I am curious to know whether you experience pleasure when you laugh? If you do, this may provide some evidence that maybe you are not completely adhedonic. I wish you well, mate.
  6. Hi to all Depression Forum Members , I hope you are all well =), My name is Raymond Lai. When I was experiencing suicidal depression three years ago, I visited the Depression Forums website and I contributed to the discussions. Every time I posted and replied to other posters, my mood lifted. Three years later, life is wonderful. I have learnt that the purpose of life is love and life is a school in which we learn the lessons of love namely how to give without expectations and how to receive without expectations. I have become focused on giving to other people and my moods have been excellent =). I would like to say a heart felt thank you to the creators of depression forum and to people who kindly replied to my posts. All of you were there during one of the darkest times in my life. You helped me in my life and hope that whereever you go, keep in mind that you have had a positive impact on my life. Good hearted people like yourself deserve a life full of love and joy. I wish all of you a life of love, fun, laughter, excitement, joy, pleasant surprises, passion, games and most importantly practising kindness to everything around you. Raymond Lai (Former Depression Forum Member).
  7. Hi Davey118, That is great news! The fact, that you have moments of clarity and good moods means that when you feel down, you can recall the times, when you felt good and that it is possible to be in a good mood =).
  8. Hi TacitBlue, That is interesting. Do you generally have a pessimistic view of life?
  9. Hi everyone, I have noticed that when I am depressed, my view of life is very negative and I am suicidal. When I am in a positive mood, my view of life is very different and life becomes positive, pleasant and worth living. I am curious to know whether this happens to other members? If it does happen to other members, this provides hope to suicidal people who believe completely that life is not worth living. Thank you for contributing to the discussion. I appreciate it!
  10. Hi Lustforlike, Welcome to Depression Forums! I hope the forum will be useful in your journey to recover from depression
  11. Hi everyone, One of the worst aspects of major depression is the pessimism about life that accompanies it. When I am depressed, my view of life is very negative. I only see the negatives of life such as the suffering in life (poverty, long list of human diseases, natural disasters, humans fighting with other humans, suffering etc). This inevitably makes the depression worse. We can look at the positives of life however, the negatives seem to overwhelmingly outnumber of positives. How do we keep a hopeful positive view of life in light of all the harsh negative realities of life?
  12. Hi alltoohuman, Thank you for sharing this music video with us =). The lyrics, which caught my attention, were, when life is hard, we gotta change. This is true. When we are all suffering and life feels challenging, that is a signal for us to change the way we live our life, because our current way of living our lives is creating suffering.
  13. Hi numb2stuff, I am sorry if my post was insensitive. It was my fault. I can tell from your reply post that finding a woman who loves and cares for you and whom you love and care for is very important to you. My insensitivity was definitely unintentional. I agree with you how about how married couples or couples with children can be at times be unintentionally insensitive to people who are single or childless. It is an interesting issue you have raised. I hope you do find that special someone. Praying to GOD for assistance, may assist you in your journey to find that special someone. Best Wishes.
  14. Hi StaticInMyHead, I am really glad you found Sheepwoman's and my post of assistance to you :holiday: . I am impressed by your determination to get better and to rise from the illness. I believe that people who make a commitment to get better have already overcome one of the greatest obstacles to recovery which is lack of motivation. - It is wonderful to know that your significant other is beginning to acknowledge the suffering that people with mental illness experience. You may find that during your journey to recovery, your significant other will also learn, mature and develop even greater levels of empathy and care. When I experienced major depression, my mum who was a nurse was unfamiliar with mental illness. But my illness, gave her the opportunity to understand mental illness. You may also discover, that during your recovery, you will empathesize with people who have suffered like you and assist them during their recovery. Empathy is one of the gifts that we as humans can learn. - Please Keep in Mind that I am a not a mental health professional and that the things I say could be wrong. It is essential that you question and scrutinize the things I say, and clarify my statements with a mental health expert - My view of hypomania is that because everyone is unique. What mental health practitioners consider as mania in one person may in fact, just be a person's inherent personality. Extroverts are people who love social stimulation and are outgoing and energetic. I believe, that sometimes these personality characteristics may in fact, be mislabelled as mania by mental health professionals because there are similarities between the behaviour of extroverts and the behaviour of people experiencing mania. However, in your case, I could well be wrong, and I strongly recommend that you seek the opinion of a qualified and experienced mental health professional who specializes in bipolar disorder. It is important to consult an experienced mental health professional, because I am more confident that experienced mental health professionals who specialize in bipolar disorder are more likely to take into consideration normal, healthy personality differences when making a diagnosis. Best Wishes in Your Recovery! We look forward to hearing about your progress and keep in mind, that setbacks and obstacles are perfectly normal during your recovery. Lots of Hugs, Rainbowstar! -
  15. Hi LauraSA87, It is lovely to have you with us :holiday: . I join in with you, in praising the generosity of the people who created and manage depression forums. We are so fortunate to have such generous people in the world. Interestingly, you will discover, that the more you use internet forums, such as this one, you will begin to feel more confident in person to person social interactions because you learn specific phrases that are utilized in person to person social interactions, such as "It is lovely to have you with us", "That is wonderful news" etc. I learnt the phrase, "Lots of Hugs" from another depression forum member. Lots of Hugs, Rainbowstar .
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