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  1. I think maybe we are all k1llers inside. We don't mean to be. Most off us don't want to be, but we are. If we're not k1lling others we're k1lling ourselves. But today there's a break in the clouds. A stillness. I hear a howl that's congregating out there somewhere. A muffled siren that sounds like a whisper, for now
  2. tonight i am gambling with my sentiment tonight i am gambling with my repentance deny i am losing in a crowded room to a gambler in a crown of thorns tonight i am down to my soultonight i am gambling with my sentiment tongiht i am gambling with my salvation deny i am losing in a crowded room to a gambler in a crown of thorns tonight i am damned to my soul Jason Molina
  3. out of the ruins blood grown heavy from his past his wings stripped by thunder but those storms keep coming back singing birds in sickness sing the same blues songs when they fell out of the emptiness they must have brought along space's loneliness space's loneliness gotten so good at hiding it even he does not admit it that glittering flash in his eyes makes it look like he might be alright if the blues are you hunter then you will come face to face with that darkness and desolation and the endless depression but you are not helpless and you are not helpless try to beat it try to beat it and live through space's loneliness and live through space's loneliness you are not helpless you are not helpless I'll help you to try to beat it Jason Molina
  4. Alone with the owls howling "pain, pain, pain"Alone with the owls howling "pain"Alone with the owls howling "pain, pain, pain"You don’t have to live this wayWhile I lived was I a stray black dogWhile I lived was I a stray black dogWhile I lived was I anything at allDid I have to live this way I stood beside the ocean not a single waveBeside the ocean not a single wave Beside the ocean not a single wave Not a single thing left to sayWith the owl howling “pain, pain, pain”With the ocean howling the sameWith my life howling the sameDid I have to live this way Jason Molina
  5. @lonelyforeigner. Here's a different view on human evolution in the future. From the movie Waking Life. If we're looking at the highlights of human development, you have to look at the evolution of the organism and then at the development of its interaction with the environment. Evolution of the organism will begin with the evolution of life perceived through the hominid coming to the evolution of mankind. Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man. Now, interestingly, what you're looking at here are three strings: biological, anthropological -- development of the cities -- and cultural, which is human expression. Now, what you've seen here is the evolution of populations, not so much the evolution of individuals. And in addition, if you look at the time scales that are involved here -- two billion years for life, six million years for the hominid, 100,000 years for mankind as we know it -- you're beginning to see the telescoping nature of the evolutionary paradigm. And then when you get to agricultural, when you get to scientific revolution and industrial revolution, you're looking at 10,000 years, 400 years, 150 years. You're seeing a further telescoping of this evolutionary time. What that means is that as we go through the new evolution, it's gonna telescope to the point we should be able to see it manifest itself within our lifetime, within this generation. The new evolution stems from information, and it stems from two types of information: digital and analog. The digital is artificial intelligence. The analog results from molecular biology, the cloning of the organism. And you knit the two together with neurobiology. Before on the old evolutionary paradigm, one would die and the other would grow and dominate. But under the new paradigm, they would exist as a mutually supportive, noncompetitive grouping. Okay, independent from the external. And what is interesting here is that evolution now becomes an individually centered process, emanating from the needs and desires of the individual, and not an external process, a passive process where the individual is just at the whim of the collective. So, you produce a neo-human, okay, with a new individuality and a new consciousness. But that's only the beginning of the evolutionary cycle because as the next cycle proceeds, the input is now this new intelligence. As intelligence piles on intelligence, as ability piles on ability, the speed changes. Until what? Until we reach a crescendo in a way could be imagined as an enormous instantaneous fulfillment of human? human and neo-human potential. It could be something totally different. It could be the amplification of the individual, the multiplication of individual existences. Parallel existences now with the individual no longer restricted by time and space. And the manifestations of this neo-human-type evolution, manifestations could be dramatically counter-intuitive. That's the interesting part. The old evolution is cold. It's sterile. It's efficient, okay? And its manifestations of those social adaptations. We're talking about parasitism, dominance, morality, okay? Uh, war, predation, these would be subject to de-emphasis. These will be subject to de-evolution. The new evolutionary paradigm will give us the human traits of truth, of loyalty, of justice, of freedom. These will be the manifestations of the new evolution. And that is what we would hope to see from this. That would be nice.
  6. Friday afternoons. To be exact , the moment I punch out of work.
  7. It's Sunday evening again. The gloom has set in. Celine said it best when he wrote : “The worst part is wondering how you’ll find the strength tomorrow to go on doing what you did today and have been doing for much too long, where you’ll find the strength for all that stupid running around, those projects that come to nothing, those attempts to escape from crushing necessity, which always founder and serve only to convince you one more time that destiny is implacable, that every night will find you down and out, crushed by the dread of more and more sordid and insecure tomorrows."
  8. This evening is one of those times that I feel the need to take a break from myself. I've been hanging out with myself for far too long. It would be a different story if I was a person more to my liking, but I'm not. So this evening I feel that it would be okay to slowly fade away and die. Not that I will be that lucky., but one can hope. Right ?
  9. indifference, apathy, and perfunctory.
  10. I'm alone too. By choice though . But I'm not lonely. What you wrote made me think of a poem by Charles Bukowski. Oh Yes. there are worse things than being alone but it often takes decades to realize this and most often when you do it's too late and there's nothing worse than too late.
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