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  1. Thank you for the responses! Yes is it is very true that music helps! I have also been looking for a part time job and have one interview this monday so far. I have been focusing on surrounding myself with positives when I start to feel overwhelmed by the negative. This whole thing just feels like a conflicting situation, I really love and care about the people here but at the same time I feel like there is a lot of control and misunderstanding going on... So I guess I care about the people just not parts of the relationship! Also I'm aware that not the whole situation is everyone else's fault, because it has to be true that in order to be hurt I am in some way allowing them to hurt me. Obviously it hasn't worked out yet, but right now am trying to find a way of being unaffected by unnecessary negativity. I am hopeful though that this will work out, and in the end I will only be stronger!
  2. After some self reflection I have come down to a few basic points on why things feel so off balance... To sum it up mostly I'm stuck in a cycle of being surrounded by negative relationships w/ family members, but not having the money to move out yet. I'm aware that my internal self partly what puts me at where I am, but at the same time externally the only real option to move out is in August, so I still have two months of this!! I guess the point of this post was to ask, when stuck in a negative situation how do you find purpose in it? I always believed that God is working to help make good things come out of even negative situations. But right now I am stuck to even find anything good in this! What is your opinion and how do you deal with things like this in your life?
  3. I have tried the herb St. Johns Wort but I don't notice any differences, has anyone had any success with anything?
  4. Happy people? Tell me where to find those! I'm serious too
  5. In a way I feel the same thing. For me I feel guilty because I tend to emotionally eat to distract myself from things that are important... Moving away from that is something that I'm slowly working on. Fortunately day by day I'm getting better at just living my life rather than focusing on eating or not eating.
  6. Hi, I'm 21 and I have been struggling with an eating disorder (bulimia) for a while, and I really need some support in trying to recover. It's really difficult right now because I don't live in a very supportive environment at home. Is there anyone with a similar situation? We could message pm each other.
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