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  1. Thankyou so much for your replies. I know that Anxiety is not uncommon but i feel so much warmer knowing that i am not alone and there are people who know what im going through. I am able to hide my anxiety very well in social situations i have almost become the master of excuses and people wont know what im going through unless i tell them. It just makes me feel awkward telling people. Im glad i have found a place where people understand and make me feel like there is hope so i have to thank you guys once again. I appreciate it. Just an update, i have an appointment at an anxiety clinic at my local hopsital which was highly recommended to me by a few different people. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hey Guys My name is Kate, im new to this forum i spent an hour or so reading through some of the topics and thought it would be good to join. Im 23 years old and suffer from GAD. My mum and my sister both suffer from Anxiety and Panic however they are able to go through their day to day life. It started with me when i was 17. I was selected to play for a soccer team that travelled to the USA. It was not a good experience for me. Couldnt sleep, had to force myself to eat, would hide from the team and cry and i felt like the walls were closing in on me. I can pin point some of those things down to home sickness as well. Despite all that i still managed to play soccer and i got offered a college scholarship to return to the US to study and play soccer. Upon hearing the offer i had an anxiety attack. Since that trip i have never been able to stay a night away from home. I, however, ignored what was going on in my head and continued with my life. I would start a job and quit immediately and i have tried to study twice and have also quit with in the first week. I basically havent been doing anything for the past 5 years. It was only after i turned 23 in April this year that i decided enough is enough. I spoke to my GP and he referred me to a psychologist. I saw her for a while and although she helped me alot in the first few weeks the same feelings would come back. Its got to the point where i am scared to go out and have a coffee with my friends incase something happens to my mum while im out. When im out having dinner i order food take one bite and immediately think there is something wrong and start to feel sick to the point where i get hot flashes. I cant let anybody else drive me, even if i know we are only going down the road for 10 minutes because if something happens to me or my family or i feel sick i dont have an easy exit so instead i take my own car. If i have a headache or stomach cramps i deal with it naturally. I dont get sick very often so i very rarely take tablets. My GP prescribed me Efexor-xr 75mg. I was stubborn about taking meds for a few months but came to terms with the fact that there is a very strong possibilty that these may help me. I still havent started taking them yet because im scared to. Im scared that they wont help me to get back on my feet and im scared that im gonna get addicted and will take them for the rest of my life but most of all im scared that i may never get over this feeling of constant anxiety with or without medication. I am generally a positive and happy person but lately i just feel down and out. I really, really want to get over this and get back to the person i used to be. I want to work, play soccer, go away for the weekend etc. I dont know if i have a specific question for you guys i just thought i would share my experience and maybe hear a little about yours and get some advice from you. Thankyou :) Kate
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