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  1. I will always feel like I did because of plans made that turned out to depend on too rosy a view of what the future held. I guessed wrong. It bothers me to see others maybe having to suffer some because of me. I still have my job, but am certainly under-employed right now. It appears that it may work out best to have a complete career change, anyway. I'm 52. If I can switch over to public service work, work in a 501c3, etc., then it should take a little over 10 years to make what just about put me under go away. The medicines the doctor has put me on seems to be helping, too. They at least seem to be helping my mind to quit racing so much that I can calmly and rationally put together a plan to deal with what seemed like a complete disaster two months ago. But you are right about gaining a broader perspective. My mother used to tell me that if money can fix it, it isn't a REAL problem. That's been driven home since the impending financial disaster came to light. A friend of mine from church and college died a month ago with bile duct cancer. Another friend from church is in the VA Hospice dying with esophageal cancer. Another friend at church let us all know that he must have a bone marrow transplant to live. Thanks for listening.
  2. I think it's a different drug but in our area it seems Wal-Mart and some others are in a generic drug price war. If I understood my doctor correctly it seems most all of the anti-depressants are now available in generic so you might want to check your local Wal-Mart as well as competitors.
  3. Thank you all. I hope I am not alone here as Lindahurt says that I am. Surely a typo! The precipitating event for me was the realization a couple of months ago that the economic downturn is just about to ruin us financially. We made life plans regarding the house we live in, college for our kids, etc all based upon a far rosier outlook than what we have actually experienced, to say the least. I've looked a bit and haven't found any threads with folks talking about financial-related anxiety and stress and how they are dealing with it. My wife has been a saint, btw. So have the kids. Such a comfort considering what bothers me most is that I feel like I have failed them all and let them down.
  4. Fwiw, I bought a three montth supply of Citalopram for $10 at Walmart. You might check there or at a competitor for the generic of whatever you have been prescribed.
  5. hi. I'm just starting to figure the forum out.

  6. After my steady downhill slide into massive anxiety and depression, my wife hauled me to the emergency room. I'm now being treated and the doctor told me it appears right now it will always be a part of my life. I would like to tell more later if there are folks interested in hearing it and/or can offer help or advice. There may be others going what I'm going through with what appear to be the same precipitating events in their life.
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