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  1. I hope you read this. I'm in the same boat as you are. Since quitting Paxil (6 yrs of use), I've never been the same. I've lost my soul. My everything. I only took it for social anxiety but now I transformed to someone who is severely dysfunctional. Did I say I only had social anxiety before all this mess? Pdocs will tell you it's not bcuz of antidepressants. But trust me it IS. We are sensitive to drugs , There are many many people suffering from the same thing that there's a forum called surviving antidepressants! I hope we all heal from this curse.
  2. You are lucky to have these SEs. It means the med will work for you. Typically, side effects lessen after some time. My experience with paxil (btw the CR version is a lot better than the regular one as it's released slower in the body and thus has less intense SEs.), and ADs in general is a bit complex but basically I've taken Paxil for 5 years. It worked wonderful. I had social anxiety only at that time. I became confident, easygoing but also somewhat careless. The biggest mistake I made is that I quit Paxil, being without any meds for 4mos, which ended up fr me developing full blown depression. Paxil is not working as much the second time around.Do you also feel foggy, unmotivated and in a dream like state? I'm 4 weeks in and these SEs are still strong, and based on other users will not abate.
  3. My pdoc insists A LOT on me trying TMS. He keeps mentioning it every time I see him, saying that it's for people who are treatment resistant. I don't want to pay shi*t load of money only to find out it doesn't work. Actually, I don't think it will as the only one thing meds don't solve for me is anhedonia.
  4. I was diagnosed with moderate social anxiety, but developed full blown depression ever since coming off the f***ing antidepressants which was beginning 2016. I'm 26 yrs now. I just realized that I was actually feeling a bit high on Paxil. During withdrawal, I had anhedonia that's related to mood. Mood down in the dumps= no interest in anything. However, now that I'm back on an AD, my mood is good but strangely, I still feel 100% anhedonia and also depersonalization/derealization. Without meds= worse in some aspects. With meds= worse in some other aspects. Don't know what to do anymore. breaks my heart most people on here seem to have had anhedonia since what 12 yrs old. What you enjoy in childhood is completely different to what you enjoy in adulthood. I just long for teenage years.
  5. I forgot to mention I also feel difficulty breathing. P.S This study shows that Paroxetine reverses anhedonia. [edit]
  6. I'll try to make this short. I've been on Paxil and Lamictal for 5-6 years. I only have social anxiety and Paxil worked wonderful. I quit as I felt better and thought I'm not in need for meds. WD symptoms, one of them was severe anxiety, made me want to go back on meds. I was put on Brintellix. Since then, I've experienced anhedonia (loss of pleasure, interest). I quit it then went on Pristiq but it did not resolve the problem. I should note that all of these meds worked on SA but worsened the anhedonia. Now, I'm back on Paxil (2 days). I feel depressed, unmotivated, numb and depersonalized. Do you think if I stayed on Paxil for a couple more months that these effects will go away and I'll get the enjoyment back? Please tell me I will. I don't want to waste any more time. I'm very hopeless right now. I haven't experienced this s***t called anhedonia ever before.
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this. I really appreciate it. I actually asked my pdoc to prescribe me a TCA shortly after I quit both Paxil and Lamictal. He refused saying that they're very old drugs and they have a list of side effects. I'll try to convince him once again tho. The problem with MAOIs is that they're not sold where I live. I quit Lamictal because I thought it wasn't doing anything. But then I was put back on it and realized that it actually does something: stabilizes my mood and gives me a bit of energy. I'm at 300mg now.
  8. Wellbutrin causes anger? If that is so, I'm not gonna try it :(
  9. I’m considering this combo to help with my anhedonia. I have been suffering from this since being on Brintellix. Before Brintellix, I was on Paxil + Lamictal for 5 years. Just like my pre-med self, I was enjoying my life. I had interest in just about everything esp music. I have social anxiety (situational) only. No depression. I did not even know the word anhedonia, let alone what it means and how it feels like. Last year, I tapered off both Paxil and Lamictal, as I felt fine and also because I loathed the idea of being on medications for life (regret it). Unfortunately, after a month or so off, my anxiety became 10 times worse than before. So, I decided I should go back on meds. I started Brintellix. This med worked good for SA, but it made me lose all the feelings of pleasure in life. Zero interest in music, sex, relationships, work, hobbies. It’s like I’m a body without a soul. I can’t even recognize myself anymore, and I still don’t believe such state (anhedonia) even exists. It is scary. I told my doc about it and he suggested Pristiq 50mg. I took it for about two months. It did not help at all. Actually, it worsened my anhedonia, and caused me to have suicidal thoughts. I was constantly thinking about killling myself and the ways to do it. I quit Pristiq and got back on Paxil, thinking that it’d work fine just like the first time. It did not. There were new symptoms this time: demotivation, and complete emotional blunting. My last option is this combo: Prozac and Wellbutrin. It is sad that I have to depend on dopamine meds from now on. I’m wondering tho if I should choose Prozac or any other SSRI/SNRI? Which one do you think would be best combined with WB? And will Wellbutrin compensate for the sexual dysfunction caused by Prozac? P.S I know WB gives you motivation and energy, but does it also give you back the interest in music?
  10. Btw, anyone who did not go through WD, will not understand or empathize with you that includes normal people, patients and doctors. You'll find that they'll ignore what you say or think you're lying, exaggerating.
  11. Wow! I've experienced the exact same thing you did. Anhedonia for me was caused by discontinuing Paxil (took it when I was 18). Like you, I only have social anxiety. No depression. I've never experienced anhedonia before quitting Paxil. Since then, my personality has changed for the worst. I'm very quick to anger, extremely irritable, have cognitive deficit, sensitivity to stress, depersonalization, clumsiness, severe anxiety, severe sexual dysfunction. These symp have not abated. Paxil definitely damaged my brain for good. Doctors are certainly wrong in believing that it's depression, or a relapse of original illness or any other crap excuse. Why? Because believe it or not, the symptoms I listed above are also experienced by those quitting benzos, street drugs, alcohol, etc. Clearly, anything that changes brain's chemistry results in addiction. The person experiences PAWS (Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome). These 2 sites describe what it is beautifully: http://www.pbinstitute.com/signs-paws/ http://drugabuse.com/library/post-acute-withdrawal-syndrome/ After staying off meds for more than 3 months with no resolution of PAWS, I decided to go back on meds again. Unfortunately, I found out that there are some (few) meds treat anhedonia , some don't, and some make it a lot worse. I feel like I'm forced to go to docs and find myself argue with them alot. This whole WD experience made me lose trust for docs. They hand out meds like candy. It seems I'll be on meds for life. Op, are you taking medications now or still off?
  12. I have been taking Brintellix for a week now. I started at 10mg. There was no improvements maybe little. After about 3 days I couldn't take it anymore. My situation was pretty bad so I upped it to 20mg without my doc knowing and I actually felt much better since then. Anxiety is much less. However, I've experienced some nasty side effects such as, tiredness, sleepiness, itching(mostly on my scalp), and some cognitive issue. English is my second language but I've never had problem speaking and expressing my ideas in English. On 20 mg, I started to talk like a 12 yr old barely able to hold up intelligent conversations. Quite embarrassing. Has anyone experienced this?
  13. ***! I was going to suggest taking this med to my pdoc mainly becuz it increases sex drive. Aging skin? No thanks. What a disappointment!
  14. I'm still very bitter about this too. I don't know about you but the fact that my condition which is mild anxiety, stuff that doesn't really require a strong AD like Paxil or any ssri even added to my anger. Anger at the medical community. The stupid doctors not only deny PSSD but also the possibility of acquiring protracted withdrawal syndrome. Now its very hard for me to trust a psychiatrist. As you can imagine I extremely regret starting this useless crap.
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