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  1. Hi, I'm at the very start of pickup up the pieces. I'd like to start by investigating my anxiety which I feel is a good place to start. I saw a video recently about using metaphors to help unlock repetative damaging thought patterns. Any advice or general guidance on how to practise to get me started if any of you have experience? tt
  2. Lots of rain here in the west of england
  3. Hi FerryJerry, just wanted to add my support to a fellow sufferer. Hope you can get the help you need soon. Meanwhile try to add something small to your day, however little that at the moment you can manage, a few wise people have given that advice to me in the past (here) and I have to re read it to remind myself. Thinking of you, hang on in there fella.
  4. Thank you @anxiousE, hugs to you too, I know how dabilitating anxiety can be and wouldn't wish that on anyone. My experience is that anxiety and depression are two sides of a coin to me, usually kicked off by anxiety with life events. If this becomes too intense, depression can follow and has done cyclically in my life. The anxiety stays during depression. Going back to ancient history, I was brouht up by v. anxious parents, so maybe that's learnt behaviour? In between, I've had a relativly normal life and I can really relate to @adamrparr comment . I remember someone at work asking me what depression was like, I was well and couldnt really describe it to them.
  5. Hi yes, could say that a good day is when I don't feel under attack, you know, when the relentless pressure is off 😎. I guess feeling more normal maybe. I'm on about day 40 odd off starting prozac so I guess early days yet. Currently some evenings are a little less pressured that mornings. My sleep pattern is bed early at 10;30, probably wake up with anxiety 2 or 3 times in the night, try to get out of bed before 9, and yes feel like I've run a marathon in the morning so wake up tired. tt
  6. Yes, reading has been part of my recoveries in the past. No matter how Ill I've been, not really taking in or understanding plot lines, characters etc of a novel, the act of reading the words has some therapeutic value. Deep breathing techniques have also helped me. The technique s I use were passed to me. Can be found by Google 'nimetu antidepressant' My breathing gets really shallow in depression, especially at the panic stage and daily breathing exercises can sort that out. tt
  7. Good luck with passing it to your family, mine dont want to know, too scary and might be infectious!
  8. definetly not OK, I remember many times arranging to meet friends and getting a no show from them. That gave me that pit of stomoch feeling which seemed to evaporate next time I saw them.. Hope your sister makes it up to you soon.
  9. Well worth the effort, thanks for introducing the band to me, great sound and video. yeah 'give me something, to take me far away from here' If I could ping one back? How about Sonny knight and the lakers, help me? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4ZRTRPf00ZU" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. Thought I'd pass on an article in The UK Guardian which has helped me to make some sense in what I experience when in depression. He's a writer and describes lucidly how it is for him. It actually made me cry to read the words and feel yes, I can firmly identify with. You've no idea how many times I've tried to articulate 'it' only to stare at a blank piece of paper (or maybe you can?) Anyhow, do give your thoughts on how you identify with the things he writes about Dont think links are alowed, so google the title should find it. ttx
  11. Went to a fitness class in town, first outing since breakdown.
  12. Hi @thecolorgreen and welcome. My story is similar to yours, I've had relapses into depression at key points in my life each one unspeakably brutal. I've had cbt and therapy and currently starting new meds. My destructive habit is not shopping but isolating when ill. find . It's so hard to find the words at the moment, but wish you kindeness. thanks for sharing something so difficult
  13. Great thread, all methods Ramsey mentioned are important steps to recovery. I use meditation before bed using breathing and body scanning technique. All with a view to getting better sleep. I use an app called insight timer but others are available.10 to 20 mins of meditation usually calms me down enough to get at least a couple of hours sleep, well mostly.
  14. Thank you for encouraging post. I've been taking fluoxetine for about 3 weeks now on 20mg dose, so far no effect to ease anxiety or depression. Sleep is still poor. I've switched from taking paroxatine intermittantly, last time maybe a couple of years ago. I found the side effects interesting. sweats and constant agitation at night. I'm glad that its had great benifit for you and I take encouragement from this
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