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  1. I had a couple chocolate chip cookies.
  2. I went to work. I didn't want to, but I did. I brought my anxiety meds with me just in case.
  3. I haven't done much today since I had a 7 hour nap yesterday that screwed up my day today. But I'm going for dinner with some friends later so that's a positive .
  4. Diet Pepsi. Probably not the best drink when you're on lithium, but whatever.
  5. My cats, especially Bruce since he cuddled up with me this morning. Harley is hanging around making sure everything is okay. She's a good girl.
  6. I love my husband and our 2 cats.
  7. I honestly am not doing well. I've missed work over the past few weeks due to depression. That is not like me. I have a p-doc, but it's hard to get into see her since she only works on Thursdays.
  8. I went to work. I didn't want to, but I did it. The problem with my job is that I have to be an extrovert when I am a complete introvert.
  9. Some potato chips. Nothing else to munch on.
  10. Went and got groceries and finished season 9 of Ink Masters. Pretty boring day.
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