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  1. Life on Earth is so so so so very incredibly short compared to eternity in Heaven!
  2. Hi Rhyl, A doctor being conservative can be a good thing, but not being told you're are not going to get any better! Sounds like you need a new psychiatrist along with another antidepressant. I am sorry you are having to go through this. I hope and pray you will find a new ".method to end the madness," so to speak. Take care, vbb/Deb
  3. Hi JDP, When I first switched from brand Prozac to the generic form, I could tell a difference after about 2 weeks-I began to feel depressed. Even though the phamaceutical companies claim that the active ingredient is the same as in the brand prescription, I sure do wonder about that. I have read here on DP that others have had the same experience. I am beginning to feel like the Abilify (brand name) is not even working for me at all, even after an increase in the dosage and being on it since March. I am starting to feel low again, as I did months ago. Sure do look forward to my appointment with my psychiatrist. I didn't know there was a generic for Abilify, but I am only recently familiar with the drug. I hope you can get it at a reasonable price if you need to go back to the name brand Abilify and I certainly hope it works for you. Keep me up to date. Thanks, vbb/Deb
  4. Hi mollyfin, Your post made me wonder about something I have never considered-back pain. I have had chronic back pain for many years along with many years of taking Prozac and then Fluoxetine. I didn't realize it was a rare side effect either. And every side effect has to be listed, even if it was just one person with a certain one. I have gained weight over the years so have had an increase in my breast size. But you know, who knows which might be causing the back pain. In your case it sounds like you may be having more upper back pain due to your enlarged breasts. Maybe you should consider discussing with your doctor, having an xray taken. Take care and keep me posted, vbb/Deb
  5. I have tried many different antidepressants, but Prozac has worked best for me. Weight gain over many years of taking it has been a downer for me. Then I ran into trouble when I went on the generic Prozac. My depression returned. I have had to tough it out because I have no insurance to help pay for the brand and now I get my meds from a city/state supported service, which has been a blessing. I have considered requesting Wellbutrin to go along with the Fluoxetine, because I have gained weight as well as feel contantly drowsy and tired. My psyciatrist had added Abilify to the Prozac, which worked wonders for a couple of months, but now I feel like the Abilify has pooped out on me, even after increasing the dosage. So I don't know if it is the Fluoxetine, the Abilify, or taking generic klonopin (at night, along with generic neurontin, for sleep) causing the problem. I also wonder why now doctors are prescribing more than one antidepressant-what's up with that and wonder whose idea that was?
  6. Hi Jayco, Did you stop taking it cold turkey or did you taper off of the Abilify? Just curious. I know I need my doctor 's advice. I am really beginning to think the drowsiness is caused by the Abilify. I am disappointed that the good effect I first had did not last and that increasing the dosage has not helped me. Oh well. I must carry on. I appreciate your response. Take care, vbb/Deb
  7. Hi Starr, Thanks for the input. You may be right about the Prozac. I have been on it for a long time-maybe it is time for a change. Hey Henri, Do you take an antidepressant with the abilify, if you don't mind me asking? I was prescribed ablilify to go along with Prozac, and when I firs went on it, I felt like it was a "miracle drug." But now something is making me very drowsy, so I was wondering if anyone else had this to happen, when their dosage was increased. I guess I will have to wait and discuss this issue with my psychiatrist when I see him in October. "SIGH." Thank you both for your responses! vbb/Deb
  8. Hi Trace, Thanks for your positive response and understanding. I just wish the Lord would move now, but it has also been my experience that God takes his time. Take care, vbb/Deb
  9. To me, it is quite the opposite. Scripture is written by God (JHWH). It's humananity (I don't want to offend the feminists out there, no thanks to not having a neuter gender in English) that screwed up the message. The Holy Bible is the inspired word of God, written down by men.
  10. I think that's the paradox that keeps me from understanding the idea of prayer. It is universally accepted among christians that god does have a plan and god's methods and motives are beyond our comprehension. So does this mean god anticipates prayer and his/her response is ready to go before the prayer is made? Or is the one praying hoping they can surprise god with an unforseen situation (difficult when god is all-knowing) and asking for an alteration in the Great Plan? Isn't that a bit arrogant? Yes, God's methods and motives ARE beyond our comprehension and God does know and anticipate our prayers before we pray to him because He is all knowing. The Bible also tells us these things. I personally believe in prayer and that God desires intimate fellowship with us through prayer. I also believe He speaks to us with the Holy Spirit's guidance through His Holy Word. Nothing surprises God!
  11. I am a Christian who has had depression and anxiety issues for a long time. Recently, I have been thrust into circumstances in which I have been increasingly angry and miserable, most definitely unhappy. I know God is in control and he never promised I would easily and happily sail through life. It's just that lately, I have wondered how long will this misery continue? Please don't say for as long as God needs to teach me whatever he is trying to get across to me. I pray and ask God for just a little joy but I don't detect anything. I feel the Lord does speak to me. This afternoon I had a crying spell, as I was talking to him, and and I sensed I should read my Bible. I have felt as if there has been a brick wall between myself and my Bible, like a presence preventing me from reading, so I haven't been reading it much, mostly just devotions. There is more to this anger-a person in my life that I feel is trying to compete with me for my mom's attention (her mother is deceased). This lady also lives (outside of marriage) with my brother, which is part of what bothers me, and she is unfriendly to me, but brings my mother food, and gifts for EVERY occasion (unnecessary). I am sure jealousy is in there somewhere along with lonliness (3 failed marriges, no man in my life, and few friends) She comes to visit when I am getting ready to go to work, or either I don't even know they are here, and they sure don't seek me out (I live with my mother because she is disabled). She also takes advantage of my brother in various ways, and is a very different person when she and my brother are alone. He hardly makes a move without her permission. When this lady visits my mother, it is all "sweetness and light," very fake-I can see right through her, and all she does is talk about herself. My mother seems oblivious to any of it or just doesn't care about my feelings. I am mostly bothered by all this when this lady comes over to visit or calls my mother. I guess I just wanted to vent. I just feel sad and lonely all the time, but loving God and seeking Jesus Christ does not prevent these feelings. :((
  12. Would anyone be willing to share their experience taking abilify? When I first began to take it, my psychiatrist prescribed 2 mg, which helped me greatly for a couple of months. Then it seemed the effect gradually wore off, so when I saw the doctor again in July, he increased the abilify to 5 mg which has not helped at all. The only difference is I feel more drowsy, I am overeating, and it is miserable. I did not feel any drowsiness when I first started taking the abilify at 2 mg. I also take 60 mg of generic prozac a day(in the morning), and 11/2 mg generic klonipin at night, with the abilify, and generic neurontin, 800 mg a night for sleep. The reason I was prescribed abilify because the Prozac seemed to have lost its effect. I don't see my psyciatrist again until October. I feel like I am just DRAGGING myself through each day,having no energy, and I am having a very difficult time functioning. :((
  13. I have recently returned from a week in a residential crisis stabilization program. I am back on my anti depressant, and it has been adjusted up a bit. I guess too soon to tell if it is going to help, because I am still feeling bad. It is my circumstances, which are not going to change any time soon, as far as I know, that are keeping me in this black hole.

    1. vabredbabe


      I have been working since the end of March, and started Abilify a few months ago. At first, I felt like a new person, but now even though my psychiatrist increased the dosage from 2 mg to 5 mg, I don't feel as well as I did, and I feel very drowsy most of the time. I just struggle to function, one day at a time.

  14. "WELL SAID!" Mirthless, darcness, and Rainbowstar. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Believe you can and you're halfway there. Theodore Roosevelt Dave, I will be remembering you in my prayers. Hugs.......
  15. Hi Dave, After reading your post, I felt compelled to write to you. You said you have now moved back to your hometown in Massachusetts. Do you have family there and do you live with them or someone else? Are they supportive of you? Do they know how you are feeling right now? I think you should start by getting some treatment for your depression, whether it be counseling, medication, or both. Even if you are low on money, there are places you can go that the fee is based on a sliding scale and a lot of the time they will give you free samples of medicine. There are also support groups where you could meet people. I myself, feel like I only have one or two friends that I can talk to, and I do have some supportive and caring family members. I hope you can pick just one person that you feel like you can trust, to talk to and confide in. It can be so helpful. You can even find that here on this forum. You are only 26-you have your whole life in front of you. I am sure there is a very special young lady coming your way when the time is right! Are you interested in going back to college? It is possible to get grant money to help with the cost of tuition and books. If you decide to take a class or two, the school's financial aid department can help you with that. You could always work a part time job while taking a class or two. You would meet people that way, and probably a lot in the same predicament as you are in. It may appeal to you someday when you are feeling better. I think you could work up a resume with the jobs that you have had. There are ways to get help doing resumes as well such as your state department of unemployment assistance, and lots of internet websites. Try to take one day at a time, one step at a time. I know I just threw a lot of suggestions at you and I am sorry if it sounded overwhelming. Sometimes, even when you feel horrible, you have to MAKE yourself do things, one at a time. You are one of a kind and a very special person, uniquely and wonderfully created by God. You are of great value, and you matter. Please do not think of ending a life that matters so much. Things can and will get better. It will just take some time, and some effort. Please keep me and all of us updated because I care and I am sure that there are many others that can relate to what you are going through and care and understand. Hugs-TAKE CARE!
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