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  1. Well, when i get depressed, i like listening to sad songs. Does anyone else get this? And could y'all suggest some plez and thnx? Some i like... Why- Rascal Flatts Cut- Plumb Hello- Evanescence My Immortal- Evanescence Comatose- Skillet Lucy- Skillet How Could This Happen To Me- Simple Plan alcohol Lullaby- Brad Paisley How Could You Get That Lonely- Blaine Larson Time After Time- John Barrowman Sissys Song- Alan Jackson Without You- Dixie Chicks When You Were Mine- Dixie Chicks Amazed- Lonestar There Goes My Life- Kenny Chesney In The Arms Of The Angels- Sarah McLaughlin Love Me- Collin Raye The Eleventh Commandment- Collin Raye Scarlet- Brooke Fraser My Skin- Natalie Merchant I Dont Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith You Can Let Go Now Daddy- Crystal Shawanda Why- Secondhand Serenade Perfect- Simple Plan Alyssa Lies-Jason Michael Carroll Not A Day Goes By- Lonestar What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts Watch Me Bleed- Scary Kids Scaring Kids (my fave!) Fuc*ing Perfect- pink I Wonder- Kellie Pickler The Last Night- Skillet The Little Girl- John Michael Montgomery Confessions Of A Broken Heart- Lindsay Lohan (normally i hate Lindsay, but this song is great) Im Already There- Lonestar Who You'd Be Today- Kenny Chesney Scream- Zoegirl I Want You To Live- George Canyon Everytime- Britney Spears I Won't Let Go- Rascal Flatts Beautiful Disaster- Kelly Clarkson Teen Angel- Mark Dinning Through The Trees- Low Shoulder :) hope you like
  2. Hello. My name is Rachael. I reside in Canada and i decided to join this forum since i suffer from depression and cant seem tell my parents or friends how i am feeling most of the time :) Hopefully i find out a lot and get help when i need it on here
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