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  1. i have been on 30 meds. medical marjahnna. just fiinishing tms(made my depression worse) . been doing this for 30 years. there is no answer.
  2. it is a supplement. like a prenatal vitiamin
  3. anyone heard of this or tried this. my therapist recommended this
  4. i am now 73. i have tried 25 different meds. i have had depression for 27 years. i have lately been going to a psy nurse practictioner. i am ready to quite them all. i did get a good laugh last time. she suggested i use medical cannibis. thats funny because it is iligal in my state and i would have to break the law to get it. never broke the law in my life. should i do it? does anyone know if it works? am i to old for this sh-- ?
  5. what is it? how does it work?
  6. has anyone tried clinical trails for depression? I have tried all the drugs and therapy. how does this work?


  7. my depression is a chemical imbalance and medications don't help and thrapy doesnt help what well? 25 years is a long time to find an answer
  8. I am the 70 something. does she have the life experience ? when your 70 you know the end is near.. most people think they have forever and don't give much thought to it
  9. can anyone relate to a life that has been lived when they only have a life that is beginning?
  10. can a very young 20 something know how to help a very old 70 something depressed patient?
  11. cancer is in remission. I wish my depression was. I am suppose to feel better. not
  12. iam unhappy because after having chemo and being told i am in remission no one told me what is next. i still feel awful and very tired. the drs are through with me . but what comes next? i am told to exercise(the answer to everything) and i cant do dishes without taking a nap.
  13. ihave one chemo left. i dont recomenned this to anyone. each one is worse. the last one has realy kicked my butt. am not looking forward to the last one.chemo is like taking drano. the depression has been realy bad. anziety meds only make me more tired. therapy cannot help depression. u cant talk it awy. my family is the only reason on go on. thanks for caring
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