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  1. Hi, I am new too. I have tried many times to come off the meds in the last 12 years, last time i suceeded for a year using the natural supplement 5 htp. But then in May this year i found myself getting more and more angry as you said and for 10 days of the month my pmt was uncontrollable. I was horrible to live with and i worried about my marriage. I talked to someone ( a lady connected to my son who has adhd and aspergers) and said that i felt going back on medication was a failure. She asked me if i had diabetes and needed insulin would i feel injecting myself was failure? She told me that taking the medication was not a failure but a brave thing to do, to acknowledge i needed the help and no one was going to give me a medal for staying off it! My depression seems to be situational and my doctor gave me a great explanation which i hope will help you too. He explained how I don't have enough serotonin in my brain to 'carry me over' the rough bits.When something 'bad' happens, the serotonin kicks in to make you feel better but then your body needs to produce more, if another 'bad' thing happens before your body has done this, you will feel bad or low or can't cope etc. Sometimes it can be a run of seemingly trivial things that just rob your brain of serotonin and leave you feeling down, then you may think why do i feel this way when i have nothing to be depressed about? And the truth is that you may not have anything specific to feel depressed about but you do because your brain chemistry just isnt quite as as it should be. He also told me that childbirth takes all your serotonin and levels are very low in the following months, some women never recover sufficient levels. Please don't feel that taking medication is a failure. I have a lot going on now i accept that until there comes a day that my situation changes, i need to take the medication and i no longer beat myself up about that. I am going through a really rough patch right now, i changed from citalopram to lofepramine cos of night sweats but i have got really bad since, I am hoping that it's just the medication cos this time as well as the anger i can't stop crying and feel so low. Usually i can cope when my son has tantrums, but at the moment i am pretty much falling apart. Today the doctor prescribed me sertraline, I really hope that it will be a good medication for me and get me back on track. I hope you feel better soon. x
  2. Hi I have just joined today as i found the site looking up details of yet another medication, i have been depressed on and off for years. Went onto citalapram in may after a year off meds, got very bad night sweats so went on lofepramine 2 months ago. I have got worse and worse and have hardly stopped crying for days, can't sleep even with zoplicone and having some bad episodes where i feel i am losing it. I have a son with severe adhd and aspergers and 3 other children, last friday he pushed me into a road and hit me repeatedly infront of people and it feels like it was the start of the end for me. Husband took me to doctors today and he has stopped lofepramine and prescribed sertraline. He is worried that i have lost a lot of weight and look ill, my head hurts so much. I don't want to **** myself cos i couldn't make my children without a mother but i wish someone would bang me over the head so that i can just sleep until all this is better. I feel so gulity, I don't even want my dogs, they are stressing me out and want more than i have left. Probably none of this makes sense cos even i can't describe or explain. Sorry. Thankyou for reading this
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