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  1. never had a Therapist use a timer, but I have had a few clock watchers and 1 that seemed to talk more about herself and her life then talk about my issues/life didn't see her for very long! as for paying after session I have always payed my co-pay before we start, then its in my mind as I'm trying to talk that I JUST payed you to listen to me and ACT like you care. so paying either before or after stinks.
  2. he is trained, he teaches at a college in the Phyc dept. his wife is a LMSW. if not them then who is suppose to reach out to those in the congregation with MI? he has the training as does his wife.
  3. every AD I have been on has caused me to be very tired. sucks.
  4. I just wanted to add get your b12 level checked too, my dad was just on AD's and had to go off b/c of med combo issues and being dizzy fainting alot(not good for a 70yo guy) and then the doc tested his b-12 level and it was very low he started taking a sup. and man has he improved, his mood, his tiredness, etc is so much better. I just added a b-12 sup to my vitamins and it is helping!
  5. said thing is for me, my Pastors wife is a MSW, and he teaches at a college in the phyc dept. so he should understand and at least reach out to those in the congregation with MI.
  6. I did improve while on stimulant meds in combo with my AD. I always thought I had ADHD like my brothers but wasn't dxed until I was hospitalized the 4th time and the new Pdoc talked with me for over an hour and said yup sounds like you do, so he added the stimulant med to my combo and I saw great improvement! in most if not all of my depression and adhd symptoms.
  7. I know it sucks! the clinics around here that have therapists you HAVE to see their Pdocs for meds and vice versa. so you can't see 1 without seeing the other, that eats up 20 visit max a yr really fast.
  8. I tried and was told being I have been outa work 10yrs (I didn't know about SSDI for mental issues) and didn't apply sooner I do not have enough work credits in the last 8yrs to qualify but if I divorced my hubby then I could reaplly and easily get it. so ya I'm suppose to dump my hubby and live on the street so I can re-apply and maybe get help.
  9. 10 yrs, I quit due to my depression but I didn't know I could get disability, so I waited to long and now don't have enough work credits to get it so I'm s*** outa luck getting any help
  10. just need to say some of us in relationships HATE v-day too. b/c even though I'm married with kids it will be ignored while those around me will be spoiled by their Significant others. I will buy my dh chocolate or something and I won't even get a happy valentines day from him. while other wives/girlfriends I know will get flowers, candy jewlery the works, just reminds me how unappreciated and taken for granted I am.
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