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    avid gamer. i read some and watch movies. mostly comedies other movie genres seem to have given up on being good

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  1. I'm on sertraline for anxiety it helps but being emotionless causes my anxiety too because I feel so unreal makes me feel like I'm crazy LOL I know it sounds silly... but I used to be full of emotion and I mean I got super excited about things like can't sleep kind of excited.. and if a song I liked was on the radio I felt it Ans now good or bad I just don't seen to care no emotion for me. Sorry about the lack of punctuation I'm using my cell phone
  2. I've talked to my doctor but this doesn't seem to be one of his strong points and I can't just go to someone else due to insurance figured I'd ask here for first hand experience
  3. I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for going on 2 years now.. My anxiety is betterish but I'm still completely emotionless Ans have been for 16 months or so.. apart from anger now and worry I feel nothing... I've read that Wellbutrin can help get me feeling again and was curious if anyone had this issue and if Wellbutrin helped .. I'm on sertraline for anxiety also Any input appreciated Thanks Lemon
  4. i use zoloft for mostly for anxiety which it works ok for so far. but does nothing for my depression but i suppose that any difference is good at this point. I have been able to sleep a bit better nothing to greagt but a little bit
  5. So far the switch has been ok no real side effects and im much less edgy than i was on fluoxetin. havent noticed much improvement on depression but anxiety is doing a bit better. its been a month now so ill stick with it another month and see what happens... I learned that bipolar disorder runs in my family so i may look into that. who knows maybe im treating the wrong thing :)
  6. I wonder if this is what is up with me then. Ive been taking meds for anxiety and depression but the meds barely help at all. And bipolar does run in my moms side of my family. Has anyone been diagnosed with anxiety depression and had it actually be bipolar? And did the new meds help? any info would be great. I'd love to feel better again
  7. I haven't posted here in a while so I figured I would give an update... I still see the chasers when i wake up but only if i wake up in the middle of the night (which i find strange as all get out) ... they don't bother me as much i've kind of gotten used to it... I talked to my doctor who just kind of shrugged and said "thats new to me" I have to admit i love paying money to not get any answers lol. Ive also been looking into psychiatrists if figure it wont hurt to get a professional out look on all of this.. and hopefully it can shed some light on the situation. the zoloft has seemed to help with the anxiety some but not so much with the depression and im nearing 1 month on it. i thinjk i have 4 left before i have to refill... but for the most part no big changes... ill post more at a later time gotta start on supper
  8. Spoke too soon, woke up after about an hour of sleep seeing chasers again the bazaar thoughts followed.. Talked to my doc about it and he just scratched his head and said that he didn't know. I really wish I could find some answers on this.
  9. Ya I worry about getting enough sleep then can't fall asleep its a vicious circle
  10. Ya I'm the worst before bed the waking up anxiety was new... but I know what you mean by sleep being the only time you feel normal.
  11. So I think the chasers and vision blur were causing the anxiety attacks... and I believe they were caused by the prozac I was on, I've switched to a generic zoloft and the chasers stopped a few days later... and my anxiety is better, well the feeling anyways not so much the racing thoughts but hey its a start... I feel less like I might be schizophrenic which was my biggest anxiety kicker...
  12. The motion blur and tracers don't happen everyday and i cant find anything on it for the meds i am taking. I do know that during the times i have these blurs and tracers my mind races also with some pretty absurd thoughts.. although all in all the zoloft is helping i can tell... I'm setting up an appointment with my doc to ask a few questions about it.... just wondering if it sounded like cause for concern
  13. Ill have to look upvwhat follows with that and if its connected to taking serentine... like I said my anxiety is worst at night when fringe to sleep, which I rarely can anymore. My mind wont shut off I just think about everything and usually none of it even matters. There are even times when I'm lie playing a story in my head like a day dream almost. It never seems to matter how tired I am.. when my head huts the pillow I'm wide awake.... unless I don't have to work then i can usually snag an hour or two. I think I've had 3 hours of sleep the last 4 days, pretty much since my last attack that landed me in the ER. by far worst one yet.
  14. Hello everyone, I have an anxiety disorder and was wondering if anyone else struggled more at night near bedtime than during the day? I've even had times where I woke up and felt burning in my head intense anxiety stomach issues and even motion blur and tracers behind moving objects... basically I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms.
  15. I just started zoloft today, i switched from prozac due to the fact that the third day on prozac i had a panic attack and felt like my head was on fire. I ended up in the ER where they gave me some xanax to help with the side effects and symptoms and told me to talk to my doctor the next day so i did. He switched me to zoloft and today i have had no real side effects like i did on prozac. When i took the prozac i was fidgety and on edge it did help with my mood though. I'll let you know more as i continue taking it but so far no ill side effects.
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