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  1. I was wondering why I had suddenly started needing to urinate so much - it is so annoying!! I never even thought it would be a side effect from the Lexapro, I am on my 5th week now and it is subsiding somewhat - but that is because i have stopped drinking liquids after a certain time at night, otherwise I would be up 5 times during the night!!!
  2. That is actually really good advice, I would definitely say he is the "throwing his hands up in the air" area but mostly because in the relationship I am the one who can speak and portray all feeling with ease as I have a very wide vocabulary (I know this is going to sound terrible but we both know this and accept this) - that I am basically alot more articulate and intelligent in the way I can see things. So when I try explain its like hes stumped as he tries to say things back but of course Ive predicted what it is or its something I already know. I suppose Im partly to blame for that as I always assumed I knew best in the past. The other night I realised how horrible I was as I was getting so angry that he didnt know the right things to say, I had all the sentences in my head waiting on him to say them and when he didnt I would be the one who threw my hands up in the air and said I just wanted to sleep. When we first moved in together, I blamed all our arguments on his upbringing (I hadn't been diagnosed) and he even started therapy for me and to make the relationship work and get stronger (it did have a lot of benefits)! But we spoke last night and I realised how harsh I was being, thought the best thing would be to tell him he can take a break as its not fair having a gf he needs to walk on egg shells around or gets moody with him if he doesnt give her a hug but thats when he said "I never want to be away from you, I love you and the good parts for me always win over the bad parts, you just have to be positive"! When I seen how he can look on the positive side even through all this it made me want to get better for two reason's 1. for him 2. to be the person who can be optimistic in times like this. So I'm on the right track :)
  3. Hi All, I decided to start this topic as almost a relationship diary as ever since starting on my meds I have been very snappy with my partner and feel like I enjoy being away from him more than I did before - he is the nicest person ever and would do anything for me but sometimes I feel being around him puts me in a worse humour?? I know its not him I think its more I think to myself "oh he should do this and he should hug me now" but I get its hard for them to understand and is so confusing for them... are these normal thoughts??? Thanks guys!! xxx
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks so much for listening! Wow I cant even begin to imagine how hard it would be if I had a child but in some ways I can sometimes find myself falling in to the thoughts that if I had one I would have to be storinger for it and get on with life, (dont worry the thought isn't that strong to make me purposly have one) ! That's one of the factors that I think is one of the reasons to my anger and constant mood swings - its very personal but I was pregnant before but I don't have a child now so its pretty obvious. I don't want to go into details in case I upset or offend anyone so I think that's all Ill say, Again, none of my family knows so they don't know the loss I feel, again its only my boyfriend. I try to be strong for my family - I had to move home to help out, although of course didnt tell them thats why as don't want to upset them. I'm feeling pretty good today, I just feel like I always need to be there for my family and I worry alot about everyone but myself which hinders me from making plans for myself to make me happy! Someone on the forum suggested I keep a mood chart - have you guys ever done this?? Would it be more helpful to keep a mood diary?? xxxx
  5. Hi good2talk and welcome to Lexapro/Celexa Room, Initially you may experience ups and downs from starting a new meds, but should feel some improvements. Its best to keep regular appointments and keep a mood chart to help your doctor determine whether an increase in dosage is necessary. Give the med a little more time and I hope it works for you. Lindahurt Hi Lindahurt, That's a really good idea and thank you for letting me know that it is normal to experience these ups and downs!! I suppose because I never accepted that I was depressed I thought one tablet and that would be me fixed.. from reading the forum I see that it's not as straight forward as that and can come in all varieties which is very useful and doesn't make me want to just give up on the tablets all together. I will start my mood chart today :) Is this just something as simple as how I feel on a scale of 1-10 or more like a mood diary? Thanks again,
  6. Hi , I'm still in my early twenties and all my friends drink every weekend so to socialise its what needs to be done!! I loved to party as I think it was my "release" before I was diagnosed, I would always be the one wanting to party all night, find party after party not wanting to sleep! I started on lexapro 4 weeks ago and although I always suffered bad hangovers in the sense I couldn't get out of bed they were never as bad as what Ive experienced since taking the tabs!! It really upsets my stomach, I think it can lead to ulsers, and causes me to vomit all day the day after so since then I have stopped , partly cause of that and partly because I dont feel I need to anymore. I also find it either makes me get drunk very quickly or else doesn't make the alcohol have any affect on me so is really weird!! Will keep you updated on this though....
  7. hi everyone, I started lexapro 4 weeks ago and I can't really say if I have noticed a difference, one day I think I have as I can concenmtratre on work, feel motivated and then 3 hours later or the next day its gone. I know it takes 6 - 8 weeks usually so I am still hopeful. I really am glad I joined this as I cannot tell my family due to their own issues and worrys - my boyfriend knows but iI cant keep offloading on him as is a very hard thing to explain and I always fear sounding overly dramatic too . So someone to talk to would be great. Thanks
  8. Hi Askyourma, Also from Ireland Just joined today - was recently diagnosed on advice from my aunty, she is the only one who knows in my family. I think a lot contributes to me having it but I always thought I was stronger than this. Have been advised to go speak to someone but I always think I'm intelligent, I know what they are going to say so what's the point?? Do you ever think that??? I also have another half who knows but I feel like a burden as no matter how hard they try they just don't get it? Do you feel like that sometimes??? looking forward to speaking,
  9. Hi All, If you read my topic you probably think that I have recently fallen into depression, seems not - seems like I have had it for quite a while now and have always just surpressed it thinking how could someone as strong and intelligent as myself "allow" themselves to get depressed. I've always been sarcastic and pessimistic but just accepted this as being a realist and that everyone else lived in a fantasy land and I was the one who had to bring them back down to earth!! I just assumed this was me, even though this was the new me since about 5 years ago - before that I was bubbly, outgoing (not saying I am a recluse now) and generally didn't care what anybody thought about how I acted. Looking back I suppose it started when I couldn't get out of bed for college, I would sleep all day and cry all night - I put it down to my recent break up and that it would pass. It didn't and I dropped out of college - I then went on kind of a rampage, getting drunk and crashing my car, things like that! I got really drunk one night and threw everyone out of my house and injured myself - I didnt cause any damage except a mark on each which still kind of shows today. I put it down to being drunk and foolish and again a relapse of the break up! Time went on and I never got excited about ANYTHING! There is alot more to this but just wondering if anybody would like to talk about there experiences and I will go on and share mine.. Thanks, xxx
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