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  1. thanks add me :) I hope your feeling ok I know the feeling my mood so low today :(

  2. Oh no... I'm so sorry you're going through all of that. Did the increased dosage help at all? And have you been able to tell your doctor about the side effects? Hopefully that gets under control soon. I'll be thinking about you and sending my best wishes.

  3. Hey Xinafoate. Haven't seen you around in awhile so I just wanted to say hey and see how you were doing. =]

  4. And also... just call me Tear or Tearkou for short. :3

  5. No matter how thin that strand of hope is... no matter how fragile and delicate it may be... please cling onto it with whatever strength you can muster. Whatever you do... just don't let go. And if you fall... it's ok. All things fall in this lifetime. There's a hint that we will all have the opportunity to stand up and try again.

  6. *huggles* I hope that you're okay. Keep on breathing and hold your head up high. We'll make it through this mess... eventually. :3 I'll be your little supporter from the sidelines as I deal with my own battles in this world.

  7. Thanks for the hug - have one back. Try to love yourself and stay strong. I'm here if you want to talk xx

  8. thank you for your hug - have one back! I'm here too if you want to talk xx

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