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    someone Else's Story Long ago In someone else's lifetime Someone with my name Who looked a lot like me Came to know A man and made a promise He only had to say And that's where she would be Lately Although the feelings run just as deep The promise she made has grown impossible to keep And yet I wish it wasn't so Will he miss me if I go?   In a way It's someone else's story I don't see myself As taking part at all Yesterday The girl that I was fond of Finally could see The writings on the wall Sadly She realized she'd left him behind And sadder than that she knew he wouldn't even mind And though there's nothing left to say Would he listen if I stay?   It's all very well to say you fool it's now or never I could be choosing No choices whatsoever.   I could be In someone else's story In someone else's life And he could be in mine I don't see A reason to be lonely I should take my chances Further down the line And if That girl I knew should ask my advice Oh I wouldn't hesitate she needn't ask me twice Go now! I'd tell her that for free Trouble is, that girl is me The story is, that girl is me.   ~ from Chess
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    Happy Belated Birthday, evalynn!!    Sorry I missed it.
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