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  1. A pressure cooker, though I don't really need one. A phone charger for the car.
  2. What haven't I done the last few days (it all kind of blends together). Let's see...got a call from my husband two days ago now during his shift to pick him up and take him to the doctor. Tried to get there ASAP in rush hour and I'm already nervous with the crazy drivers lately, and then I get him and we have to find the med place where his appointment was scheduled. We were there forever, because they kept leaving us in the exam room like they were forgetting about him but eventually he got his x-rays and everything and turns out he fractured his foot at work. It all has to go through workman's comp so we have to wait til he's referred to a specific specialist--a podiatrist or orthopedist--and I'm just crossing my fingers that he doesn't need surgery. He's been hobbling around on crutches at work (yes, they're making him work in SALES in a SHOE department on CRUTCHES with a FRACTURED foot because workers comp and Florida) and around our two story house (he has to scoot up the stairs). Keep in mind he works on commission and this is his busiest time of year when he makes the most money so this is the absolute worst time for him to be injured. I have to take him to and from work through the busy parking lot to make sure he's ok, and on hardly any sleep. Then I had a hair appointment yesterday at the mall so I just stayed around for three hours after making sure he was ok at work and I got overcharged. I realized that before I went to sleep last night so I was up all night worrying because I lost the receipt (the ONLY one I've lost this month). So I had to talk to three managers and they had to call the person who rang me up to get is straightened out since it was a split payment, partly in cash (and again I lost the receipt). But it got sorted out eventually so that was a Christmas miracle I guess, and I got my cash back. Now I'm home. Took Etta out so she's good for the next several hours. I still want to catch up on sleep because I have to pick up my husband later and OH WAIT there's a tornado/severe thunderstorm watch for later and as a policy I don't drive in inclement weather because I have panic attacks on the road. I hate to make him have to call an Uber but I don't know what the hell I'm going to do if it's storming. At least my dad got back from Connecticut ok. He wants us to come over tomorrow but I don't want to do anything tomorrow as my husband is off and I can finally not have to drive anywhere. I'm so tired. We have nonrefundable Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets on Sunday and I don't know how he's going to hobble around the arena and I don't want to go without him. This week is a clusterf*ck.
  3. That I have a hard time self-soothing. It's getting harder and harder it feels like. I've finally accepted that worrying doesn't help any, but I can't stop doing it once I get going. And when my mind's racing, I can't concentrate on anything else to distract myself. I need to learn some better techniques.
  4. Anxiety. It kept me up all last night. Then when I fell asleep, my husband woke me up. Then when I went back to bed, my dad called. I need my own room and to turn off my cell because I'm useful to nobody when my whole body is aching and I can't think.
  5. How is it possible to save every receipt from every transaction all month and lose the one that I need to prove I was charged twice for the same transaction? How can I really not have it? Sometimes I really hate myself.
  6. Just got home after running around to the doc and pharmacy. I picked up two frozen pizzas so that's dinner.
  7. Where's my package? (USPS tracking's deceitful).
  8. Short 1.08 mile walk with Etta. I wasn't in the mood to walk to begin with, and it's hotter than I want to deal with today. The consolation was having a monarch butterfly cross my path, then passing a small black cat in the park (I actually hope it's alright; I've never seen a cat just chilling in the park before), and then a possibly Scottish(?) couple came over to pet my dog and chat for a minute.
  9. When you look at the nutrition informations on a single serve item, and realize they only gave you information for half or less of the item. No, no one is going to drink that can of soda or eat that individual bag of chips in 2.5 sittings! Just give us the info for the whole item instead of trying to trick us, please and thank-you!
  10. frozen meal of spaghetti and meatballs
  11. Beat Shazam holiday themed episode. I didn't even know they were doing this.
  12. Only parents left (to buy presents)
  13. How the heck did I lose weight? This intermittent fasting thing must really work; but now I regret eating a donut yesterday and candy the day before. I was going to write this month off, but I'm back in the game! I really close to going down into the next "10s" if that makes sense. I wasn't going to work out today but now I think I should while I'm on a natural high. I still have 22 days this year to lose another few pounds and start the new year on a positive note. Either way, I'm going to try to be kind to myself and just be happy if I just don't gain any after all the cookies and such.
  14. @hocico What's it say? I can't wait to wear my Christmas sweater. Once it gets cold enough, I'll wear it out--although it may annoy people because it has jingle bells on it that jingle when I walk. πŸ˜† My (possibly last? Eh, who am I kidding?) ornament arrived today. It's a plush bunnny wearing a sparkly tutu and toe shoes and holding a wreath. I also got my small command hooks to put up my dollar store Christmas signs and I put up my red and silver garland by wrapping it around the bottom of the staircase. I think I'll get one more to drape across the TV stand.
  15. rotisserie chicken with jerk seasoning, rice
  16. Yesterday I took a sweaty walk with Etta, got in and took a shower, got dressed and met my husband at the mall. I picked out two more gifts for people, and waited for my husband to get off work. We went to my sister's for dinner. She made really good chicken chilli with shredded chicken, corn, and celery. Then we made Gingerbread houses with these kits she got. It was pretty fun. Then we headed home, walked Etta again, and watched some TV until bedtime. I decided to go up early with my husband, but lying in bed was a nightmare. I couldn't sleep and my bad leg kept hurting worse and worse until I finally stood up on it for a half hour and then laid on my belly. Then I finally got some sleep but not for long enough. Now I'm up waiting for the pizza my husband ordered to arrive, so looks like today is going to be another cheat day. I think I can just write off this month and stop stressing myself unnecessarily.
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