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  1. I've lost my uncle and my mom in the span of a few weeks. Please be safe, mask up, and tell the people you love that you love them while you have the chance.
  2. Hi evalynn! How are you doing? It's not the same here without you. Hope that everything is ok with you ❤️

  3. Are you okay Evalynn?  We miss you!  We wonder and hope are you okay?

  4. Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!
  5. We're missing you.  :nod:

  6. Two more short walks today. Probably didn't amount to much, but I got a lot of fresh air.
  7. I read an article this morning about the studies which have shown the link between sugar and depression. The more sugar you eat, the more susceptible you are to being depressed. Also, apparently getting off sugar is harder than quitting cocaine. I have a tough road ahead of me, and I'm frankly not convinced I can do it, but I've love to severely cut down my sugar intake and even my dependence on diet sodas which keeps my sweet tooth hungry.
  8. OMG, just took Etta out and it was lovely. It was a bit too hot--83 degrees--but so beautiful. The sky was so blue and the fluffy clouds so white the trees and grass were so green, and there was a pretty consistent breeze to temper the heat. We took our time meandering and sitting on benches in the shade and it was so nice. I reconnected with nature for the first timei n weeks, and I feel like it charged up my emotional battery.
  9. 15-minute dance cardio. Hopefully this is just phase one. I didn't sleep a wink last night or this morning (I fell asleep sometime after noon), so suffice is to say I don't think I'll get any sleep tonight either. Considering my legs were aching horribly this evening when I was going in and out, it feels nice to stretch them out and use them just now.
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