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  1. Yeah, just severely disappointed. For a while now my dad has wanted to meet my mom's family halfway (they're in CT and MD, we're in FL) so my mom can see her only sister before she gets too sick to go anywhere. My mom's family said don't worry about it, we'll come to you, we're going to fly down there and stay for five days in April. My aunt even specifically said they bought their tickets already and quoted a bogus sales number. Well now they're not coming. My great uncle, who didn't know they had made up the flights, had my dad book him a real flight so he's still coming alone. I'm just disappointed by the rest of them who always have the time and money to do the stuff they actually care about (ironically, gospel conventions all over the country every year) but when it comes to us their plans always seem to fall through last minute.
  2. Lying liars who LIE. Especially when they're relatives who make things up just to make themselves sound better, only to disappoint you.
  3. Warmer today--around 70F--but the breeze was spectacular. We had the deck over the creek to ourselves, and leaned back into the corner the farthest over the water and felt the wind hit me from all sides.
  4. "Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody." Mark Twain
  5. clean, 🛁 shaven, 🔪 deodorized 🥀
  6. Good. I just did zumba in my living room and now I'm drinking cold water and feeling the endorphins. Once I cool down, I'll take a shower and try to get some sleep tonight.
  7. 2.26 miles + 29 minute "Global Burst" zumba DVD. I really need to do more zumba. It's fun when I don't feel like I'm dying. It reminds me of when I used to take dance classes. These walks are getting boring and I've been unmotivated, so I need to switch it up.
  8. Looks like we're out of k-cups. Lady Grey tea it is!
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