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  1. Good news: Stabilized mood, for now. Bad news: Woke up way too early and I haven't been back to sleep yet. So I'm going to crash sometime, hopefully way before my family gets here today.
  2. In a good mood right now, reading through old threads and reminiscing. My sister, bro-in-law, niece, and parents are coming over tomorrow for belated birthday dinner and (hopefully) cheese cake. I have to decide what we're going to order in! My husband is getting more days off lately. He likes to pick up shifts because we could use the extra money, but I also enjoy having him for more than one full day a week, where we can hang out and also accomplish chores and errands without having to rush. Also, this time of year I start to get over my hermit phase so maybe we can start going out places again.
  3. Which store had the bag of autumn leaves?
  4. Actually, after doing a quick search, they think that sitting up stick straight is bad for you too. So I don't even know. Guess it's one less thing to worry about.
  5. They thought I had scoliosis at one point. My back curves in more on one side, and my doctor was concerned until she had me sit and it disappeared. Which means I just have one leg slightly longer than the other. 🤣
  6. Sometimes I wish I could jump in a time machine and slap my 12- and 13-year-old self for purposely slouching, because now I sit up straight for maybe 5 minutes at a time before I forget or my back gets tired. But everytime I see a picture of myself hunched over, it's so cringey.
  7. Hot. Go away, Summer, you're dismissed!
  8. How awkward it is to talk on the phone. I really, really hate it. But if I go too long without calling my aunt or my mother-in-law, they get mad at me. I just don't do well with speaking to someone I can't see or making awkward "what's new?" talk or struggling to listen and adding the appropriate "uh huh"s and "yeah"s and fake laughs and noises of sympathy. I'd rather text or speak face to face, but NOT speak over the phone!
  9. I just realized I was up around 3 on Friday the 13th with a full harvest moon...dun dun DUN! 🌝 💀
  10. The past 24 hours or so have been zig-zaggy. Woke up at 3 am and couldn't fall back asleep. I got a lot of great birthday greetings via text and Facebook and here that made me smile. But by the time we went out for lunch I was exhausted, but I was determined to enjoy the day. We went up the street to Carrabas, and I had delicious prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, Italian salad, and shrimp fettuccine. Then we came home and I got a nap in before my hair appointment. Now at the salon, the stylist at the register said she checked me in but apparently she never told my stylist I was there. 28 minutes passed and I was gearing up to say something when my stylist came up front and saw me. She was shocked and pissed that no one had informed her! She kept apologizing, but it wasn't her fault; I should have been more assertive and had the receptionist check in the back but she saw me sitting there and never offered to. Anyway, the rest of the appointment went fine and now my hair is nice and smooth and straight and trimmed. (Oh! Turns out the put me down for color treatment too, which is NOT what I said on the phone. What is up with these receptionists? 🙄) My husband met me at the salon and we went to the bar afterward for a couple drinks and snacks (Midori Sour and Pineapple Sangria for me, and mediocre crab cakes) and then back to the house. I fell asleep at a decent hour, but now I've been up again since 3 something again. I guess this is my new schedule.
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