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  1. Kind of ashamed. I just binged out on a bunch of stuff in like a twenty minute period: chips, brownies, candied cherries, a bologna sandwich. And I'm still hungry but I made myself stop eating...for now.
  2. I feel lucky and relieved. I saw on reddit that a bunch of other neighborhoods lost power, but ours never did. I think the storm is out of Florida at this point, so we're in the clear. Phew. I hope that the people who were in its path are ok and don't have too much damage.
  3. So far, so good. The eye of the storm will not be going through my area. But we might still get lots of wind and rain. Crossing my fingers we won't lose power.
  4. I'm grateful that I don't live in an evacuation zone. I'm grateful that we got our supplies (canned soups, water bottles). I'm grateful that, if we have to, we can probably go to my dad's since he has a generator.
  5. I've been keeping up with the two laps around the neighborhood. But honestly it's not exactly pushing myself, but I am really out of shape right now.
  6. I'm freaking out about this hurricane that is coming toward us. It's supposed to land on Wednesday or Thursday and I'm not emotionally ready to deal with it. Last time we had a hurricane, we lost power for four days. Just thinking about it and the possible effects makes me feel like I'm going crazy.
  7. 1-I'm grateful for legs that take me from here to there. 2-I'm grateful that I could drive myself to a shopping center up the street in spite of being very nervous. 3-I'm grateful that my husband was home to spend the day with me.
  8. Two laps around the neighborhood, which isn't even a mile, but you know what? It's more than I've done in months AND I was really anxious to be out and worried I wouldn't be able to do it and I did. I tried the ol' "just do one" method, but once I was done with the first lap, I knew I could do a second. Now that summer is over and one day it has to cool down, I hope to get back into a regular schedule and push myself. I have a ways to go to get back to where I was, but I'm feeling optimistic right now. I can feel the blood going through my veins for the first time in a long time and it feels good.
  9. I feel like a mess. My skin has been a nightmare the last few weeks, I'm overweight but too tired/depressed to work out, I never feel like doing anything lately, and my mind has been going non-stop worrying about anything and everything. I don't feel confident in myself, and it's hard to get myself to do even the small things like self-care tasks. I kinda feel like I'm desperately trying to tread water. I don't know what I'm going to do.
  10. A little anxious, which is better than the a lot anxious I felt yesterday afternoon. It helps a lot that my husband is home. I don't necessarily want to be around people, but being home by myself all day is starting to drive me crazy. I just start getting anxious and then my freeze response kicks in and I can't even think of anything to do to fix it. The anxiety is evens stronger than the depression right now, and I'm just hoping I come up with some way to deal with it soon so I don't have to suffer.
  11. A little anxious, but before I ate I was considerably more anxious so eating apparently helped in this case.
  12. Were you ever able to get the treatment? Does anyone else have any experiences with this? My pdoc just suggested it.
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