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  1. Just a quick walk, but I've also been up since 9 am today which is unprecedented these days. I got a decent amount of sleep last night, I guess, and hopefully that will continue tonight.
  2. bad news: There have been 4 deaths in my county. 😞 good news: In a county of over 970,000 people, that is an infinitesimal percentage that gives me some hope. good news: Dad stopped by to help with the curtain rod that came out of the wall. bad news: I was asleep so I didn't get to spend anytime with him. Apparently he and my husband had a nice chat though. good/bad news?: There are online sales everywhere with free shipping that are tempting me. good news: I've avoided buying anymore unnecessary items for the last few days.
  3. Started two series on Netflix: Immortals and The Legacies. The latter is way more fun.
  4. I've been watching so many Youtube videos hosted by this one particular person that the other day I dreamt I was hanging out with him at the beach.
  5. Nothing last night. And as I result I got no sleep until the sun. I have to work out today because I'm sick of living like a vampire.
  6. I just had some chicken breasts my father was kind enough to drop off for us. I put them in the slow cooker for 3.5 hours on low (they were pretty big), and they came out nice and moist. I had chicken broth flavored rice on the side.
  7. Walking outside but the 80s are too hot for me when it comes to walking. I sweat like a pig when it's hot, which is why I hate the summer. Winter went by in a flash this year and I'm already missing it.
  8. I'm sick of my stupid neighbors. I'm at the point if people keep letting their kids play on my property, I'm just going to call the cops on them. I don't give a crap anymore. I can be the nicest person you ever meet or the biggest b.itch and it's up to the way you treat me.
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