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  1. Starting putting up Christmas decorations. So far, I have an angel, two stuffed snowmen, a Santa, a deer, a menorah snow globe, a light-up small tree and a light-up house. I plan to put up the tree, ornaments, , and wreath sometime this week, and my husband can put up his menorah for Channukah.
  2. Funny YOUisms

    I like to eat dinner foods for breakfast and breakfast foods for dinner. I'm shy to the point of social phobia but I majored in Spanish (and my Spanish sucks because I get too nervous to practice it with native speakers).
  3. What Really Bugs You (7)

    bigotry and ignorance, my own obsessiveness...
  4. Last One Wins

    I am the champion AGAIN. I am the champion, I am the CHAMPION...of the wooooooooooooorld!
  5. What Are You Reading?

    I've started so many books and then lost interest. I did fulfill my book challenge goal for the year, but I need to introduce more literature into my book diet. Next year I want to up the anti to 30-36 books. I wish I belonged to a book club. Anyway, I actually think I may do a reread of the Harry Potter books, as I've gotten back into the online fandom lately.
  6. Depression Haiku Thread

    I long for true peace. Where can I find love that heals my dark, hidden wounds ?
  7. Questions!

    Rainy, cold days are perfect for putting on warm, comfy clothes, drinking tea or cocoa, and reading a good book. You get a free trip to go anywhere in the world. Where do you go and why?
  8. Saw two good movies recently. M***** on the Orient Express was a fun who-dun-it with a conclusion I didn't see coming. Wonder was really moving and even exceeded my expectations; I encourage everyone to see it!
  9. Random Thoughts 2

    Is it human nature to be ignorant and hateful?
  10. What's On Your Mind Right Now?

    Sometimes the world seems like a really horrible place filled with s***ty people. I wonder if I'm too sensitive for this world.
  11. Questions!

    shop online What are some of your favorite things to give away as gifts?
  12. Boys Vs Girls

  13. Boys Vs Girls