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  1. Still having trouble with my legs when I try to take walks. I have no idea why this is happening, and it's very frustrating.
  2. I've been walking, but not very far. The last few times, my legs have started to hurt which is both frustrating and bad for my confidence. I don't know how I'll get back in shape at this rate.
  3. @NightjarThank you so much! Your words really mean a lot to me. I am trying to get back into shape, and every little bit of inspiration helps. Tonight I took another walk even though I didn't feel like it. I guess I have to just keep going into its second nature again.
  4. Last night, I went on a walk.
  5. What are your goals for this year? I want to get back into walking and, possibly, doing yoga again.
  6. I feel accomplished. I went from having no idea what to get anyone for Christmas this year to going online and finding gifts for people. I got some good deals too. Now I can relax on that front for the rest of the holiday season.
  7. A shopping dream. I was in a store and wanted a particular shirt, and a lady I was talking to grabbed the last one. Then I was having my stuff rung up and realized something was missing. I went back to get it, then could never find the original register with all my stuff again. Weirdly, one of the workers at this store was my 2nd grade teacher. She looked just the same as I remember in the 90s.
  8. My mind loves making up negative scenarios and I find myself constantly having to remind myself that they're not real. As if I don't have enough anxiety in life, my mind is creating reasons for anxiety. Why am I like this?
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