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  1. stressed - had to take my LO to a fun day at the park which was anything but fun for me. It was heaving with bigger kids running around not looking where they were going and my LO just wanted to play in the stream (a man-made special park stream). Couldn't take my anxiety meds because I had to drive home. Then on said drive home I was redirected because of a large accident on the main road. All the traffic (inc large vans and buses) were sent down a really small country lane and of course we kept getting stuck. Took me 1hr 40mins to do a 15min trip. Breathe - Breathe - Breathe
  2. I certainly wouldn't say you were invisible on this forum! I just came back and I noticed you straight away... and no you're not a bad person for wanting to get somethings off your chest. Surely the purpose of this place is exactly that. If you really wanted to learn German, or at least learn it further, I'm sure that when you are in college you will be able to take classes. And if the option isn't there, then there are loads of internet courses that are worth looking in to. I remember that being 18 is actually an awkward age to be. You're technically an adult, yet still thought of as a child by adults! It will definitely get better once you're out of home and away at uni. You learn to live as an adult then and we tend to respect you more ;) Unfortunately, until then, the best thing to do is just accept that at 18 you still have a long way to go in life (and that all your options are just opening up to you). When I remember myself at 18 I cringe - i'm 35 now - I thought I was automatically due respect because I was an adult, I was entitled, when really I still had to prove that I could live as an adult. I'd never had to pay rent, or budget for the month ahead, drive a car, or even take full responsibility for my actions. Now this is not to say that you haven't or that you are in any way incapable of this. I'm positive that you are. Just that in the eyes of the 'adult' world, you still have to prove this. You seem like a very intelligent and perceptive person, so I hope that you can understand what I mean by the above paragraph. I don't mean to be patronising and I'm sorry if it comes across as that. It's unfortunate that the internet doesn't allow for vocal tone. Life does go on, and often it is what we make of it that counts. I know we've been dealt a s***ty hand, we wouldn't be on here if we hadn't, but by learning early on how to manage and improve our care of ourselves and how we interpret the world around us, we can do our best to fight the flaws in our biology. I wish you the best, Lost
  3. To wake up underwater, but still be able to breathe. You can hear things, but not clearly; see things but not clearly and there's no way of being able to express yourselves coherently to others. Occasionally though, you can break the surface.
  4. INFJ-T and that's the second time I've taken the test, and I'm glad it's not changed as I agree wholeheartedly with what it said about me :)
  5. excessive rumination is a really common thing amongst depressed people. I do it all the time. I remember embarrassing stuff from 20 years ago as clear as if it was yesterday and it always creeps up on me unawares! Now, rather than just feeling the cringe factor, I try to ask myself why I think this particular memory has surfaced. What has led to it popping up again? I believe that trying to understand why my brain works the way it does is a step towards understanding how to best live with oneself in this condition!
  6. It will settle down as your body gets used to the new med.
  7. yup, it's a known side effect - it generally works one way or the other. Either you're horny as hell or your sex drive just disappears out of the window...
  8. actually feeling pretty good - it's been a while since I checked in, but I was thinking about you guys and so popped in to say hello!
  9. Ok. So Baby was taken swimming and I finished 1 of the books, so 2/3 isn't bad! This week: - finish the basics on the tree in ancestry.co.uk - finish another book - ENERGY SUPPLIER!!!
  10. Hugs to you!!! Just to let you know: even the worst year can be turned around - in April I lost my Mum to leukeamia, but in September I gave birth to beautiful little daughter. What goes up must come down, but transversely, what goes down can only go up again! And so the wheel turns... best wishes xx
  11. I love swimming lengths because it gives me mental space to either go blank and think of nothing but the number of strokes / lengths I'm doing, or the time to mull through what is bothering me without so many distractions. Plus, the obvious health benefit!
  12. I'm in 2 minds as to when to resume my weight loss program - I lost 1 stone before I got pregnant, then during the morning sickness phase lost a further 10lbs. Then put on pregnancy weight back up to 5lbs more than when I started to lose weight (so at my heaviest by 5lbs, but I was pregnant and had huge amounts of amniotic fluid). Then in the 1st month post baby I lost 2st 3lbs! :0 This was 8lbs of baby and the rest simply fluids. My dilemma is this: I have since put on 6lbs again. I don't want to put on anymore weight as I still have a further 3 stone to go to reach my target weight. However, I'm currently breastfeeding and I don't want my milk to dry up by not eating enough fats / calories or reduce the quality of what I am producing. Does anyone have any advice for me???
  13. Try to take baby swimming for the first time! This also means getting up the courage to get into the swimming costume for the first time post baby... Also, to finish one of the 3 books I'm reading at the moment. Flippin sort out changing energy supplier (which I've been putting off for weeks).
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